Hey fans, I'm telling ya'. This here is my all time favorite of all the stars I have met so far. Meat Loaf is his name. I luv' those loafes normally. But I assume, He'd be to big and too vicous. No wonder, as he ain't the freshest juice on this planet. But honestly, I'd love to be dog at his house. There was turkey, sweet chicken, bisquits and a 1000 more goodies. The table did actually bent because of so much sweeties. Okay, secretly I tried to catch some from up there, but unfortunately the grapes did hang to high above me. Never mind, Mr. Meat Loaf has given me enough of his plate. It was heavenly. And then he did play with me a bit. My mummy had absolutely nothing to say anymore. - Hey, I like that, 'cause normally she orders me around like a bloody dog. What a shame our date didn't last longer. But I swear, one day, I'm flying over to America to visit. It just can't get any better ! 
Always Look on The Bright Side Of Life.....
April 2003

This young man over here is named Ray Wilson who used to be in a rockband named "Stiltskin" and was the singer of Geneses for a while. A real Scotsman, I'm telling ya'. Actually I was hoping he would turn up dressed in a cilt and with a backpipe. But unfortunately he was'nt. Only his funny accent proved, he is scottish. Of course I was interested, if he'd ever met Nessie, the famous monster of Loch Ness. But he didn't, he said. Many people say, that this monster never existed, but I think it does. Ray didn't go swimming yet in Loch Ness. And he's probably right, if he doesn't. Who knows, what's down there in the deep. Just image, I swim there, and suddenly something is biting in my posthorn, sorry my tail, I mean. Jesus wept, I'd be scared to death. No, I think, I rather stick with the land underneath my paws.  Water ain't my thing anyway. But however, at least I can bark with a scottisch accent now..

mac wauw mac wauw.....
 March 2003




You all know this gentleman, don't ya'?! His name is Slash, and he used to be in a band called Guns'n'Roses. He's a real nice chap, I'm telling you. He dedicated his attention to me from the start and sometimes forgot during the interview what actually the question was first. Wauww, - he can drink!!! Jesus wept, I've never seen something like that. For the interview Slash ordered a bottle of vodka and some cranberry juice. He mixed it together. And at the end of the interview he killed almost the whole thing. He didn't even seem drunk, by the way. If this was me, I'd be lieing underneath the table not knowing what is in front or behind me or up and down. He's got lots of funny cartoons on his skin and looks like a living advert. Between us, I tasted his arm with my tongue. In opposite to my mummy who'd make a fool out of herself,  I can allow myself doing this. Nobody bothers. However, a cartoon arm does not taste differently compared to one without pictures. And Slash did like it, didn't he?!!
One thing's for sure, the boy is, despite of his love for booze quite clear wihin his head, not too  intellegent though.But next time we meet up with him, I'll recognize him from 5 yards away because of his vodka-cloud surrounding him.
My comment on him :  .
NASTROVJE + wauw wauw....
Slash 2000

Ain't that a nice snapshot for my fan album?!! You've gotta say yes. Honestly, who's the one, who's more attractive? I mean, I don't wanna praise myself, but I'm a little vain as well. Exspecially my hairstyle is very elegant on this pics, don't you think so? Much better than Doro's. But she's a sweetie too. I can't state her image as a hard rocker's bride. Oh, not that you think, I'm from the other side (I still prefer boys) You know what I mean. But don't worry, that's not the case. I just like cuddeling, and Doro is just right for this. I wish, I could wear all these nice costumes and put on glitter make-up. But for that, I've got more hair. And that's the ultimate must and image care in Heavy Metal, ain't it?! I have to confess though, that sometimes mummy is swearing the hell out, when I leave too much of my fur around the house. She says, mostly it's enough, to knit a jumper.- 
Anyway, I'd really love to rock with Doro one day on stage and put on the message:
Women unite. Together we are strong.

Doro 2001

Bonfire 2002

You recognize these chaps?! Bet so. They are named "Bonfire" and they are from Bavaria as well. I was at their recording studio, and Claus (Lessmann) and Hans (Ziller) showed me around and all the secrets of session work. You should have seen Hans at first glimpse. H was scared to death, when he spotted me first and almost wet his pants. Do I look so frightning? But however it can't be that bad, when people first got a certain respect in front of me. The other boy loved me from the beginning. There's only one thing I really don't like on him. He's a red one. That's a disaster. And I come along with my pretty blue scarf to show I'm a 1860 Munich (soccer) fan, and then I meet someone from the enemy... My short comment on this is: blast the FC Bayern

Okay, this little man on the left I was  really fond of. His name is Ronnie James Dio. But I call him simply Ron - sounds somehow cooler. He was exspecially nice to me. I made him really beautiful eyes, which I can do very well. And you know what?!! He actually shared half of his gulaschsoup with me and the bread. Hmmmm, it was delicious. Afterwards I intended to give him my paw and went on to my two legs, and I was almost as tall as him, - unbelievable. I could actually stare into his eyes and he got a real big wet kiss from me onto his nose - just to say thank you for the soup. Now I hope, he's coming back soon, that we can repeat all that. 
Long Live Rock'n'Roll

Dio 2001


Now look at this! I really get into a crisis. This little static overloaded ball of wool came  along and stole my show. That's unbelievable. I'm supposed to sit at this place. At least I weigh 55 pounds. But with this tiny Fujiyama flee you've got not even a handful. With me you got at least something decent in your hands. Except that, there is no place for two groupies anyway- She was a  female as well and this little something melted like vanilla ice in the sun. But don't worry, I barked the hell outta her after the photoshooting, and she disappeared immidiately and never came back  backstage fortunately.  Everybody knows, that at such occassions, there's only place for one of us. I can't even remember what the name of this angek  was. Never mind. Fact was, her daddy, Pete Way was his name from the band UFO, was so burned out,, he didn't check the problem anyway. I could have easely have tickled  his....And  he would probably not have realized. But because I have the most beautiful and largest tail of everybody around, I don't really bother with such unimportant things. 
However, what a cheek this tiny creature on the right is...That's not a dog,
that's a microscopical state!! - No okay, she's got something about her...just to be nice...

U.F.O.  2000

Now look at this!!! who I met here. You recognize him? That's Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull. You know, that's the one with the flute, who stands on one leg, when he plays. I tried this as well, but I couldn't really make it. But therefore I gave a nice paw. Ian told me, that he's got two kiddies at home. I asked him, if I may come and visit, because I love playing with cats. The problem is, most house tigers don't fancy playing with me. I don't know why, 'cause I never hurt anyone. Okay, I confess, that hunting kiddies is something special and very challenging for me. But it's only a game. the silly cats don't understand, and think I wanna play Terminator. I can asure you, that I got beaten up also a few times, honestly. 
However, here I let all my charme spread over Ian, and I was the centerfold once more. I got an autograph, and he promised me to say hello to his kiddies from a nice little german doggy. 
My comment on that -
miau miau!!!

Ian Anderson January 2003

Yeah, yeah, the swiss guys!!! No, I mean, I actually do like 'em a lot in generally. I was in Luzern a few years ago, and I made nice experiences with the humans there beeing so lovely to me. I'll never forget that. And those three boy here, are the same. Swiss happiness I call it or better Gotthard. I've already tried to bark a bit in swiss german, but that's more difficult than I thought. I just wanted to surprise these boys here, Steve, Mark and the little poison dwarfi Leo. Hey, I bet, I'm as tall as him, when I get on to my two back paws. (That's the Blondie one in the middle on the pics. right) Ain't he lovely with is nice doggy look. But I got the nicer doggy eye. And he can talk,- I tell ya. He wouldn't stop, while talking to my mummy. (or better did not manage to open his mouth) But those three mates do look funny, don't they. If I think about it,, it got something to do with a human zoo, doesn't it. (that's the title of their new record). It's only fair. Why should only we animals have got a zoo. You creatures on two legs should have one as well. As crazy as you are often, the whole world seems totally the other  way round sometimes.... Same right for everybody, I would suggest. - Okay, I'd love to jam with Gotthard on their upcoming tour, maybe as their go go girl or so. I'll ask 'em, next time I see 'em. GrŁazi and aufwiedaluaga (that's good bye in swiss!!) Yeah, -  I can do it, I can do It, I can do it...... jippyyyyy!!!!

         Gotthard Feb. 2003


Slayer 2001
last but not least, this is my absolute favorite star picture. Because that's my favorite band too - "Slayer"
And I even got all at the same time for this photograph. You can't believe how proud I was. They are known to be the heaviest band in the world. But the boys are really okay. Exspecially
Tom (just behind me) the singer, is a true cutie. He hugged me straight away and was always smiling at me. To be honest, I fell in love with him a little bit. The others were alright as well, but Kerry, the boldhead in the very back had no manners at all. He was farting and bulping all the time and quite noisy. How embarrasing it was. I mean, I do this sometimes, but first of all, you almost won't recognize it, because I'm very decent, and second, I'm a dog, and I have special privilegs. Most important is, that there's always a lillte green spot close, just in case when it gets urgent. In each case, the Chippendales of Heavy Metal have showed me how to headbang. And since then, I kill mummys nerves by making lots of noise and by playing the hard girl. I really became a true Heavy Metal fan  and love the ultra hardcore sound like - Reign In Blood (sausage) 

I'm a bavarian/tyrolean Hells Angel and Born to be wild. 


Hi Sweetie, - what's up


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