SEX & SLUDGE & Rock'nRoll


Moral in Rock´n´Roll is a continuing battle against the rebellion of hormons.But the protest against moralism is the halo of the hypocrisy and it´s worry about having missed out on something.

I am one of eight children of eight different mothers. I never got to know my father, who was married five times. Why not? Of course, he was a musician, and actually still is. It happened in the beginning of the wild Sixties when I was born, the year in which the sexual revolution started and the Beatles became the first Boygroup in the world. Since this time nothing has changed what´s up to the magical attraction of musicians towards females. Daddy told me once, when you´re a famous musician, you don´t have to worry about your look. You can always have ten women at the same time. Meanwhile Daddy is earning his pension. There´s not much left from the youthful stardom. And his respect towards women is still not the best. In his opinion,they have linked him anyway all together. Now I am 20 years in the business myself. I haven´t got married five times, nor do I have eight kids, but those things weren´t necessary to find out all sides of the business, also the dark ones, at least seeing ém, and some to have experienced as well.

Rock´n´Roll life is like a theatre play. The point is not the length. It´s more the sparkle.

Let´s start with the biggest injustice in life. A guy who snacks lots of girls is called sort of a superman, but the other way round it´s called a bitch, exspecially in the musicbiz. where these women are called groupies.But who are they? Prostitudes for Rockstars without the payment, writing lists to show off with whom the had sex with ? In the middle of the Eighties, when the wave of hairspray-rockers like Cinderella overrolled the genre or macho rockers like Manowar came along, those spezies of girls boomed like never before. The impression of beeing depended on each other, musicians and groupies, developed stronger and stronger. Not only because of endless touring circumstances of many bands and their naturally needs. But also these special women wanted to stand in the shadow of a big rockstar. Times have changed though. The before mentioned rocker have become older, with less hair and beerbelly and a few wrinkles still showing the wild past, which they love to remember, - or not. Drugs have influenced their male potency, though nobody ever would confess this. And the groupies of the past have become upright and good housewifes or they are still single and dream of their personal superstar coming up like a fairytale prince on day to take ém home.

The only difference between a mood and a passion is the fact, that the mood usually survives the passion.

There´aint many groupies left from the old days. Okay, as we say, exceptions state the rule. But because of the fact, that our musicbusiness (at least here in Germany) is as konservative as a golfclub of ordinary bankers, it´s rather a rare thing. Long talk, short sense, the scene is dead. Twelve year old teenies screaming after milky faced boybands are beyond discussions, and those very few lost souls, who are still appearing at concerts of bands like Manowar or Type O Negative are only a drop on a hot stone, as we say. The Wild life of Rock´n´Roll here in Germany has changed because of Aids, prudery, maybe because of an affluent consume within the erotic branche or simply of Tiredness. Anyway, all this doesn´t seem to be the case in America, specifically in Los Angeles, California. We discovered this revelation in the internet under

Nobody knows, who Donna is, if she really exists or if she´s just a pseudonym. Those three beauties shown on the pics of the link are totally representing the american beauty idol, platinblond, bra size F and tons of make-up. Oh yes, may I introduce. One is Donna D´Erico, once a groupie, nowadays wife of Mötley Crüe guitarist Nikki Six, second one we all know as Pamela Anderson and third one is model Bobby Brown. Only Donna is not shown on any pictures, - what a surprise!!! Maybe she´s old or fat or wears thick spectacles. Never mind, she´s the psycho doctor for groupies. She seems to talk out of experience, gives answers and tells advises. Groupies of this world come and gather, together we are strong is her motto. If you have a look on her page, you´ll find a lively exchange of experiences between many Rock´n´Roll girls with such close inside details that you might be surprised. For instance, there´s a report of Bruce Dickinson, who apparently acted much too fast and had left an unsatisfied impression on the woman he was with. He´s an exception within all these rockers, because most of the guys, mentioned on Donna´s page are americans like Tom Bettini from Jackyl, who supposedly prefered a different sex position and made this girl, writing here, really happy. Dave Mustaine of Megadeth loves to be romantic, but only until he´s finished. And Marilyn Manson is described as average built, but with a speed record of only two seconds what´s up to generel- Orgasm-matters. On Donna´s sixth chapter, called Ho Pag 6 you can find a very saucy story about Peter Steele from Type O Negative, who seemed to find most satisfaction in burning his lovers underwear and prefered quite some unusual games. Let´s put it that way – greetings from a vampire.

Some people mistake the tuning of the instruments with the actually playing.

Donna takes it cool and you´ll get all the answers about sizes, or length of different splendid specimen in Rock´n´Roll. But it gets even better on Donna´s page by viewing the-so-called penis-charts. No musician escapes, and no eye stays dry. Hey girls, if you ever have the intention to snack Chris Caffery of Savatage, there´s enough information on that link.

Oh, by the way, of course every one is warmly welcome to write to Donna about her or even his personal experiences. You could do that under I´m sure, she would have been  be delighted to receive your mail. Surely some musicians wouldn´t be very fond about this. And an interesting aspect would certainly also be their opinion on this subject. Maybe we should take care about it in the up coming press interviews in print-magazines.

So let´s put it together once more. Donna Anderson, or whoever this may be, has filled successfully a hole within the market with her page. She once made a statement in a musicmagazine: "I remember, when I first decided to make this page for groupies, and I never thought to become so successful. I had no expectations. Rockradios are reading stuff of my page in their programs, and I give many interviews. And believe me, I have no intention to stop this for a long time." Many people were pretty surprised about so much openess and border crossing of good taste. But let´s face it. Even we all honestly say about ourselves we are behaved people with sober moralism and a good behaviour, so despite of this fact, deep inside of us there sleeps this curiosity and longing for adventure about the Rock´n´Roll life, and most of all the seeking for selfstatement. Only the Bewareness of our good reputation holds us back, and we women keep on screaming for fairness up against men. And this fairness is not only bound on the Rock´n´Roll genre, it´s also ment for every single day in our life. That´s what Donna really wants to impress with her page. She and all these women on the website are trying to defend the female discrimination in their own way by telling piquant stories in return. The groupie-topic is only placed second behind the deeper sense. Here are gathering many girls, who are thinking the same way, partly to show off, but also to comfort and animate each other. By the way, Donna has also five golden rules for groupies, or girls who want to become one:

1) Don´t Eat any garlic before you go to a concert

2) Don´t take a bothering friend with you, who even looks fat and ugly

3) Don´t get to close to the roadcrew

4) Don´t ever say, you´re the daughter of the promoter

5) Don´t be a bitch

I bet, everybody who made the effort to read this article is going to click on to Donna´s page, even it´s only of beeing curious.

Some people have only ‘sex’ in their heads….. but some have Sex ‘only’ in their heads.

However, my Daddy, who´s now 70, and who´s fifth wife is not much older than I am right now, keeps on telling saucy stories and excesses from the past. He’s still spreading his charming charism or better, what´s left of it. And he still likes to play on his keyboard "Sex & Drugs & Rock´n´Roll", ‘the’ hymn by Ian Dury, who´s not with us anymore unfortunately. Daddy´s motto is still – once a musician – always a musician and last but not least he wants to give a little maxim…

Moral is 1/3 Idealism, - 1/3 a lack of opportunities and 1/3 not getting caught.