Wow, respect! You have shown quite a show, haven't you?! How are you doing it actually - condition wise? I mean, in the meantime you're at the proud age of 50 something, - almost! And the rhyme - you are as old, oh sorry, young I wanted to say, as you feel like - really comes true in your case. What's up to the acrobatic exercises on stage, you easily blow off a twenty year old. Hey, and have a look at your musical companionship. They all have still played at a playground, when you already did your famous show 30 years ago. However, the current tour should once again run under the name "Welcome Back To The Seventies. 
Be honest, why did you suddenly remember those old times again a few years ago?. Not, that we mind that. Exspecially the older generation gets into a slight nostalic mood. The youth on the other hand, who just knows you from our tales and presumes to 90% that you're  some kind of relative to Marilyn Manson, - shuts up in respect. But it's Manson who copies you, and not the other way round. But tell us, how does it work, the trick with the Guillotine? Did you ask David Copperfield  for advice? No, can't be, can it? Copperfield himself was a little unknown magician- trainee. And this Guillotine trick were already exisiting then. Oh, okay, I understand, it's company secret!
Yes, I must admit, it's still working the surprise effect of the beheading, exspecially when it's Britney Spears. It gives a special note to the performance like an image-caring Helloween meets Friday the 13th.  Do ya' know, what the most impressing thing is on your psycho-thriller? It's the fact, that all this beautiful sights and acts, does'nt drive away from actual music. Unfortunately we know this problem from many other artists. It's sad but true. Not in your case though.
Like ever, you smeter your songs with wavy hair (where do you actually buy your hair-(growing) liquid?) towards the audiance with a lot of heart, lovesongs, hatesongs and socialcriticism, like the stuff from the past two records "Brutal Planet" and "Dragon Town". By the way, those two albums are a matter of taste, however. Never mind. But on stage, the old big hits still win the race, "School's Out" (not as an encore), "I'm Eighteen" ( that's a long time ago, ain't it?!) or "No More Mr. Nice Guy"
(we don't buy that, despite your costume).
 Not missing the rhythm- carried "Poison" (where have the glamrock-times gone?) and ending the set most nights with the smashing "Elected". 
No, honestly, you have convinced us, that the last 30 years have almost past you, without leaving a trace. Those few tiny wrinkles and a few hidden stops to take a deep breath, we will ignore with pleasure. 
Oh, one hint by the way! You should have your ears checked. Because what you might think is a room-sound level up there on stage, seems to us fans like a demonstration for "rescuing the bulldozers". Don't worry, also this aspect we will ignore as well, thanx to a great evening. 
Happily, deaf and pleased we go home to mummy. You're great and still first class. One thing you have to tell us? How you gonna keep your slim shape? Is it fitness, healthfood, heritage or other nice occupation, whatsoever! - With your age, - once again - respect!!!  Excuse me, but exspecially all the females wanna know about that. I mean what#s up to the shape, of course. 
Anyway, thanks Alice, for another unforgettable renezvouz with deep view, and hope for a next time and the conclusion,
that old iron can still be forged.... 
.....free of rust of course!
Your's sincerely....