Mittwoch, 15. 02. 2006 Toyco Studio in Gräfelfing b. München

         but we still rock........

über die Vorzüge & kritische Ansicht bzgl. Amerikas.....

'Day 9/11'  


tja, bei den 60ern schauts nicht so gut aus, was?!!

Ladykiller mit Talent zur Hausarbeit

Bam Bam
wie immer mit typischen Augenaufschlag

always look on the bright side of life

                     Back to the Roots & straight forward into the future                         

out: 24. April 2006

Rap is dead  - not quite yet !

Rap Is Crap

Just imagine a rock singer calling on white to kill black
I can hear the immediate outcry among all those ghetto rats
I'm just so sick and tired of all your violent and racial loaded stuff
I gotta shout it out enough is enough

What sells is violence Sex, drugs and guns and the recordcompany
doesn't give a damn shit about
Where the money comes from For promoting hate and crime
and saying my mother is a whore you get rewarded with the Grammy Award

Rap is Crap - just swallow the 'c'
Rap is Crap - ain't nothing for me
Rap is Crap - I'm just paying you back 
I'm saying Rap is Crap and that's a matter of fact

'Yo Man - No Man - I gotta say - No Respect'
You spit your words out like poison
Like a fatal overdose of crack
MTV and the radio became your sewer
Sometimes I wish I was deaf and blind
Damned by the day the first rapper was signed

Rap Is Crap - just swallow the 'C'
Rap is Crap - ain't nothing for me
Rap is Crap - I'm just paying you back
I'm saying Rap is Crap  and that's a matter of fact

Gun fascination - divided a nation 
Degeneration of mind - Bang

We have it in England, Germany, Turkey, USA, Spain, Russia, Sweden
Italy, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, China, Iraq, Israel, India, France, Finland
Austria, Greece
It spread and spread and spread - like a worldwide disease


20 Jahre Bonfire

pics. by ebl/musicmirror


... & noch ein paar Shots von den Aufnahme- Sessions in den Parkstudios - Tutzing einige Zeit vorher....

langsam wird's

gibt's auch Mineralwasser?


... BamBam gibt den Takt vor...

kurze Einstimmung


almost - Victory

......wie war das nochmal....?


halt, - da fehlt doch einer....