Mick Jones (Git)
the last remaining original of Foreigner
Mit 62 noch immer fit wie ein Turnschuh
...still going, still rocking

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A great band, brilliant musicianship
an even greater performance,everything has just
been perfect........

Live Review deutsch

Kelly Hansen (Voc)
the Ex-Hurricane Singer now in for Lou Gramm
A truly difficult heritage for a great singer and performer
... aber er ist halt nicht Lou Gramm

Jeff Jacobs (Git)
...freut sich gerade auf's Futter... Die Gabel hat er schon
in der Hand
Hope he did like our bavarian food

Andreas - Tourbegleiter und Mädchen für alles
danke für die Hilfe, trotz Stress & anderer Tücken

ja ja, mit Tourmanagern muss man sich immer gut stellen, gell Tina?!
thanks also to him for making the interview possible at the very last minute....

mein Fotografen-Kollege mal selbst vor der Linse
a photographer getting photographed

this has been our fifth interview so far. Last time Lou
was sitting there as well two years ago.-
click here for the interview