Pat 'The Professor' McManus
has time stood still???
He is telling us in some little Small talk

(via WMP starting with s short musical intro)

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Munich, Nov 4  2010

...still going, still youthful, and still brilliant.... - just a little different

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Mama's Boys back in 1990 at London's Marquee Club in Wardour Street
Pat, Tommy+   &  John McManus
thank you for those days and for the memory

Gordon Sheridan (Bass)
great stage presence - und auch so nicht ohne...
Where is your hat?

Paul Falcon (Drums)
alles roger....

Sally McManus (wife,manager,merch & Girl for everything
very smart and very beautiful

Unser Peter in der Mitte - örtlicher Tontechniker & Szene Animal (war mal bei Amon Düül)

it's been so nice to meet again after all those years
John will also find his way one day to Munich again