Concert-Part 1 - Theme "Old Hollywood Glamour"
1.Never Gonna Give Up (played as opening movie for concert-part 1) 
2.Get Right 
3.Love Don't Cost a Thing 
4.I'm Into You 
5.Waiting for Tonight  
Concert-Part 2 - Theme "Back to the Bronx"
7.Goin' In Play  
8.I'm Real / All I Have / Ain't It Funny 
9.Jenny from the Block
Concert-Part 3 - Theme "Funky & Love"
10.Baby I Love You (played as video segue between part 2 and 3) 
11.Hold It Don't Drop It 
12.Medley: I'm Glad / Brave / Secretly 
13.If You Had My Love 
14.Until It Beats No More 
Concert-Part 4 - Theme "Party Section"
15.Let's Get Loud 
17.On the Floor 
18.Dance Again

unter den Zuschauern auch FC Bayerns  Franck Riberý nebst Gattin
(Celebrities spotted Franck Riberý of FC Bayern & his wife)

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