9. 5. 2004 Munich

don't worry be happy

uahuah... here I am

yes my darling...

They are crawling again on four legs and with on sting. And it is poisoning. The Scorpions prove it with the release of their new album “Unbreakable” and the coinciding show here at the Circus Krone in Munich. Was ist the Rolling Stones and AC/DC last year to play that place as a club gig, so this now so called tradition is continued by the Scorpions now. There’s one big adavantage at this place. Band in this category don’t have to worry about not selling out thanx to only 1000 seaters. Alright, fans don’t cue this time, like at the AC/DC stint, and there are not that many famous faces in the audience like it was at the Stones gig, but publicity ain’t missing as well. Right at the start still a little bit fighting with the soundsystems, they got it right quickly.

look, I still can manage

european comunity
Poland meets Germany


The Scorpions are famous for their brilliant sound conditions at concerts, so they have to defend a reputation, don’t they. Yes, and they still can manage. I mean… rockin’ the world away. German perfection comes first, and the press doesn’t have to worry about a setlist, ‘cause we get nice leavelets printed properly in the right order just before the beginning of the show. The band themselves… oh yes, a pictures for gods. Klaus Meine in a Hells Angels meets Rockabilly outfit, with sunglasses for a cool look and of course his famous hat. The best kept secret, which ain’t one really. However, it was the idea of the Scorpions to wear hats, when sunshine creates men’s hairstyle. Also guitarist Matthias Jabs does it this way, only with the difference, that he rather prefers the pirate-baseball cap style. I mean, long hair belongs to heavy metal image, even it’s just showing a little from under a hat. Okay, the sound and the performance is the most important thing, I know. But in this case, the image is as well part of the Scorps as the music. Our buddy Rudi, looking at least 10 years younger, shows us, that he’s still a brillant guitarplayer and that time has stood still for him in the Seventees… at least what’s up to his outfit. Perfectly fitting in the first song called “New Generation” followed by “Love Em Or Leave Em” and “Bad Boys” etc. But despite the convinced performance the real rocket shoots first off with “The Zoo” – alltime fave of the Scorps, which is gonna follow them into their grave. The hips are shaking, the but is shaking, at least the one of Rudi. And the rhythm is overwhelming the 2 generation audiance Poland is part of the EU now, and so it is in the Scorpions. And bassplayer Pawel belongs certainly to the new generation. Visa no problem anymore.

my god, is this nice




The sting



let's rock

Rock’n’Roll doesn’t know any age and no rheumatism, so don’t give a damn and show them how to rock. And James, yes James is beyound competition. He’s an american first, he’s still terribly cool and he’s a brilliant drummer. Jimmy Boy show you goals. Unfortunately the cheek sod I ain’t aloud to act like he wants to… It’s better anyway, ‘cause otherwise the stage would be a battlefield and the questions would come up, who’s the frontman… So seen in the past at a Warrant gig. Jes…. Beware, when he’s on the loose. Like mentioned before, he’s only aloud to spread a few drops of poison and not the whole juice to give it a little spicey touch. Focus of the set is of course the new piece, because the goal is to enter the charts as soon as possible and get a gold record. Which ain’t very difficult in Germany, as the figures to reach have dropped for getting gold or whatsoever. “Tease Me Please Me” and “Big City Nights” gives the set the sentimental touch and lets us dancing. The reactions are mixed partly like a slight summerwind, partly an autumn storm. At least the kids are wisteling for encore, and the Scorpions are pleased to do so with “Still Loving You” – yes of course, as long, as we buy your records….. “Wind Of Change” – the most successful but most hated song by all rockers…. And last but not least “Rock You Like A Hurricane”…Yeah, okay,… let’s wait and see how many more years the condition and whatsoever….

juhuuu... come on Baby


jesus wept...what's this?






rock ya'


The blessing ain’t given yet, thanx to a mistake done while filming the set. Result is another four song encore inclusively a second go for “Remember The Good Times” Yes of course, that’s the single, and we all should remember this tune to get it in the hitlists. Don’t worry, no problem to remember it, because of the question…haven’t we heard this melody somewhere before? The magic is over, the fans are happy, the Scorpions are still the Scorpions, red but not dead, sting included, and drops of poison develop into a waterfall aftershow. Alrighty boys – let’s party and let’s die before we get old…

with the second you see better

4 chickenlegs and one poison tooth in the middle

yes, I told ya so....didn't I?!