14. 5. 2004 Munich
U.D.O. / Rebellion


Rebellion, - that's what it is right here in the truest sense of words, - most of all for our ears. Bloody Hell, not only Kilauea is spitting fire, also the old hut here (how the hell did they get this venue back on the surface again?) is shaking in it's bottom. With only about 350 noise polution admirers, they got us a photopit here, which is even bigger, than one in a sold out Olympichall. And the whole thing for the imense amount of photographers - just me! Okay, Rebellion is also the name of the second band tonight - (I missed the opener Majestic due to my notoric late coming at concerts) - has got the petential of a solid stage presence and they really catch the attention of the almost 100% U.D.O Fans. They like to play, they do it with passion and third bonus is the just mentioned loudness, however you dig that. However, Rebellion certainly have to work on themselves a bit more to stabilize their existence in the german metal scene, but n the whole, yes boys, we give you the christening and maybe sometime in the future you even win a Grammy Award, - no okay, something like it or what so ever... oh f..it...

...auf in den Kampf...


..hat's geklingelt?.

But whoever believes there ain't no increase what's up to the noise massacre, (which hasn't really got anything to do with the music itself) - that one is surely wrong. Thanx to the local toiletpaper, which is saving my ears  from becoming completey deaf. Hey, you just have to know how to help yourself. UDO himself,.... to be honest... no change at all. Still the same slim silhouette dressed up in nice Haute Couture camouflage outfit, he presents himself surrounded by well placed sunny effects on the metal olymp. And he convinces us, he's the non plus ultra within the german Heavy Metal philosophy. The movements not as enthusiastic, as it used to be, and the tenor a few tunes deeper, - but we all don't get younger, do we?! UDO follows his concept and style and presses the headbanging overtures with the seriousness of a true metal maniac out of his chest. He takes a strong effort to transfer his image to the audiance. And he does it well, because our little one is still sticking to the ryme - do what you always did and follow the line but 100% perfect. The lighteffects do a good job, but without drawing too much away from the actuall show. Main focus of the setlist is of course a new album, which needs to be promoted. But also older tunes like "Man & Machine" go down well. Accept! - Yes of course, - fans expect that, even it's only out of nostalic reasons. And to be honest, without a "Balls To The Walls" an U.D.O. gig wouldn't be a U.D.O. Gig, would it?! "I'm A Rebell" is closing down the set, adn I have to admit, that the whole event has been a solid hardrocking well done intermezzo. - Like 10, 15 and 20 years ago. Nothing really new, but still good. That's why.... "Fast As A Shark" - Rock'n'Roll is timeless and we are still young..... good Night.


11. 5. 2004 Munich
Jaded Heart

Pretty Face Expressions


is something hurting ya'?

Melodic Rock is dead, long live Melodic Rock, the good look, the Sex and the image care. So what?! Madonna has married Josepf as a virgin, Jaded Heart certainly didn't do it, but therefore surrounded by many blondes like the holy spirit. Selfconfidence is the magic word to sell the image of Mr. Superman Bormann and company. They wanna sell it to the fans and beauties of the night. Yes, we are pretty and we can do it. And somehow it seems right. At least partly. What's up to the beautie... okay the slimline has vanished a bit at Mr. Universes waiste, and the clever fitted suit is hiding the belly, which only gets sighted sometime in a wrong movement on stage. It's not done by purpose, I guess. Anyway, it does not let us explode in ecstacy, Maybe the blondes in the first row do so. However, our Bon Jovi look a like gives his best with charming smiles and melons... thanx to a 2 sizes to smal spandexpants. No they are not that bad in what they perform, apart from the ever so poor sound conditions at this place here. They are german, very german indeed. But don't lets take it as a negative aspect like media in Germany tends to treat it with. In the US Jaded heart would be quite an exotic export thanx to their accents, the  bodylanguage and the german style. I_m surprised by the performance, which is professional and can easily go hand in hand with some other international acts. Hard rockin' not many ballads lead through the set, - no boredom Mr. Bormann.

 Let's party, and we do so. Little weak points is a bassist who plays with a plec... Blondie on drums, who needs a little rest sometimes inbetween. Though I'm not sure, is this due to lack of conditions, or purely because of getting noticed  as well sometime. A guitarist which doesn't get noticed really at all and keybordist, who also plays guitar inbetween and calls himself the most handsome chap in the band. And I have to confess, he's somehow right this small town casanove. Sorry Borman-Boy... but as we all know, tastes are different everywhere. Alright, we women also go for the visual aspects and not only for the acoustic. But because both plays a big part in Jaded Heart, I shall both critisice here and now without dot and comma. Otherwise Jaded Heart wouldn't be Jaded Heart, woud it?! Time will tell, Play boy is welcome and we are ready. . Inbetween a lotta Rock'n'Roll, ready steady and electric. The treat comes later, or should I say the diet.

little rest...
of course, we are not the youngest anymore, are we?!

The most attractive man of the clan..
he said that himself, - the blonde one on the right


rockin' like hell...Hope you've got a good condition for later...-You know what I mean!!!