20. 11. 2004 Munich  Metropolis

Okay, here we are again and are curious, if Wasp are gonna be present this time. Because we - the Munich audiance  have become actually pretty sensitive about things like last minute cancellations. - So happened at the 30th of may this year for whatever for reasons. And some of the fans, who were standing in front of closed doors, had to think of some other occupation that very night. Now, - today the band's back again for a second try, and hopefully they are gonna make it this time. Otherwise I assume, there's no need to come back for a third time. And they are, - thanx god for that. Of course, during the whole show I draw a constant comparison to my flashaction, when I went  to Salzburg/Austria to get a review and some pics. after the cancelled Munich show. (in Salzburg one day later, at least  no interruption disturbed the gig) But back to now and here, where I can't feel the energy of Salzurg anymore, though the set is exactly the same (see setlist on the left) That's why I won't discribe single parts of the show anymore. Mastro Blacky Lawless still looks like he's just jumped out of the eighties. His figure would be suitable for a double picture with the famous 5 little differences. One of them certainly is his somehow rounder shape underneith the guitar instrument, probably caused from aging. Another little hint is the fact, that apparently some of the vocalparts came from  tape playback (so I am  told by insiders) But fortunately a mistake which stays undiscovered by most of the fans. The reactions are great, because however or whatever, - it's Blacky Lawless standing up there on stage including his scull-rockin'chair. And the rest... well... nice necessary outfit. But god damn, - Blacky Lawless is Wasp, and the other way round. And If you had seen Wasp playing live in the eighties, than you knew, what I'm talking about. Anyway, - it's literatually the same like ever, well served with those 5 little differences. The third one is the - now missing blood and splattershow, the fourth the rather poor lenght of the show and the fifth - Chris Holmes. But one individual is enough for Wasp, Blacky must have thougt. Who knows and atually the message still is: I wanna be somebody, be somebody me....

The Salzburg review from may 31. you find  h e r e


16. 11. 2004  Munich  Metropolis
Pretty Things

yiiippppiieeehhh!!! Here we got the prove again, that age doesn't protect you from Rock'n'Roll. And here it's even a very well done one. Bloody hell, it's unbelievable. There they are, - the badest, the meanest, the dirtest and the wildest Rock'n'Roll and in the world. Only with the difference, that they left their image back in the Sixties. but at those times, the Pretty Things really were what the were, - a mad bunch of Rockers, who fullfilled all chichees. 
And now and today, they stand up there on stage, look like aging but fit oldies, and still getting a bit crazy. Okay, okay, that thing about getting wild and dirty is maybe a little ancient and antique, which is due to the grown up adult fact. But at least Dick Taylor, Phil May, John Povey, Skip Alan and Wally Allen didn't forget anything, - I mean, what's up to the music. We leave out guitarist Frank Holland. He's the only new guy in the band, coming in about 3 years ago and rather belongs to the next generation agewise. 
However, they are still pretty, and they still know how to play the psychodelic rhythm. And it's very well performed indeed. The set of the Pretty Things is a coloured potporree of their whole entire back catalogue including the very new record as well. The most impressing thing is the fact, that somehow everybody seems to play not only his instrument but also the ones of the others. Sometimes the guitarist changes over to the bass, and the bassplayer plays the leadguitar. it doesn't get boring for a single second. The audiance, which contains mainly of people in their midfifties are getting swept away in nostalgic waves. Not that energetic like a twenty year old one, but this is rather the age and not missing enthusiasm. Everybody in here is at least moving a little bit with the rhythm. At least there are lots of demanding calls for an encore and for another one. And our handsome oldies love doing it. hey man, what's the problem? They are not wild anymore, but still very fit. they are not bad but great. And they are not dirty anymore but very cool. (I mean, what's up to the music. Everything else, I wouldn't know, would I ?!) And last but not least the Pretty Things are very loveable. However you call 'em Oldieband, this performance, what they do tonight, some youngsters won't be able to repeat. Sometimes I ask myself, if there is any secret recepy or is it just due to the fact, that that the new generation just misses this certain amount of creativity and motivation. I don'tknow. 

However, at least we have the believe, that we got the fact , like I mentioned it before, age doesn't protect you from Rock'n'Roll, if it's the Rolling Stones or like here, the Pretty Things. And we pray to Allah, that we will have you still around for a long time. Pension is a unknown word in this business anyway. And for this special aura you don't need a Robert Redford look or a Valentino flair. This special something can be very interesting, even beyond sixtieone. What's up to the music and the experience of course... I mean.... Hey, why is everybody always getting me wrong, when I say something?

11. 11. 2004 Munich Elserhalle

Yep and god bless ya'. And I feel like Claudia Schiffer, at least what's up to my slim shape. And today I don't waste any thoughts about my  bum seeming to fat in one or the other pants, or people watching me  suspiciously, while I'm in the photopit waiting for the band to come out and start playing. Because as long as there is nothing else catching the attention of the audiances eye, you often feel like the - not wanted  there - centerpoint as a female photographer, . But our old buddy Henning Wehland, who's the handsome frontman of his flagship H-Blockx, and hasn't got  exactly the shape of the one and only god Apollo, what's up to his slimline, takes all our breaths, and I am forgotten  in the photopit within a second. No, he doesn't suffer  any lack of physical conditions or voice input, - no way. Henning is a proffessional for many years. And he knows very well, how to win the fans for himself like a politician talking in front of the parlament. Only it's  not about paragraphs here  and empty promises. It's all about the overwhelming beat of the H-Blockx.
No our little polarbear doesn't go that far this time to practice stagediving, like in the past. He leaves it  up to the youngsters this time. Though The crowd still loves him, no matter what, and is probably quite grateful, that the little one hasn't planned another jump from stage to flatten some admirers.
The Best of... with new Songs CD is worked throughly, because of marketing reasons. But the highpoints will always be "How Do You Feel", "Step Back", "Move" and Johnny Cash's "Ring Of Fire" as an encore. I guess, even in 10 years time, the german cross over rockers will take the most profit out of these pieces. No, this time, the show ain't that powerful, like the gigs before I've seen in the past. Maybe, they've got older, or just have a bad day tonight. Who knows. Nevertheless, the venue is well visited and the echo is reflecting. And that's the non plus ultra. - I only ask myself, how Henning does it, to work at least 3.000 calories off each evening, but catch on to them again for the next night to start it all over again.
However, the result of this evening is a nicely tasting dinner, where only the pepper is a little missing. It's still okay and doesn't let you put any weight on. And my weak selfconfidence because of my figure is shooting up to the stars, thanx to the fact, that it doesn't need a model shape to seem sexy including his Haute Couture stripey shirt. And what is better than on stage as good sound and a lot of sexappeal.
Johnny Cash would have told ya'