22. 12. 2004 Munich  Freudenhaus
Mother's Finest

...and they're getting better and better... - hard - funkin' Rock'n'Roll. It's like old vine, which is tasting even more brilliant, the older it gets. Jes...!!! No leg stays on it's place and all bodies in this room are moving to the rhythm of Baby Love and all Mother's Finest juweniles which are still exiting the fans of R&B, but also the Heavy Metal Freaks, - so seen in the audiance tonight. Wizzard is tuning the rhythm, Joyce is getting most of the attention and Moses-Mo with his electrifying wipe-mob hairstyle the rest of it. maybe also thanks to his virtuosity and to the circumstance, to be the only real pale face in the band, and this cheak smile on his face. But however, within Mother's Finest there are no differences existing or should I rather say - borders in musical styles and attitudes. But exactly this is the secret recepy of the group. A group who is following their own individual strategy for more than 30 years now.
A strategy, which doesn't go for any rules.

Aprox. 900 souls have found their way into this venue here tonight. Not quite as many, as last year, but still more, than at some  other events of this kinda music. Okay, Mother's Finest are cult. And cult always is some sort of garantie. And maybe christmas is the only reason, that this audithorium ain't crowded. Oh, - forget it and send Santa Claus to Nirvana. We've got two angels with blonde curly hair (okay, one of them has got dreadlocks, - but it's locks - however) owning great voices . A black Santa Claus with a funny hat, Jesus from Jamaica, or from wheresoever. And last but not  least - our little Rod Stewart hairstyle lookalike (only the hair) up to date image flair. Yep, that's the right mixture round the clock, not only at christmas.And what's up to the music - just let's funk and jump and rock'n'roll. And yes, we're doing it. Oh, before I forget, - we're getting four encoures, because it's Xmas. And we wouldn't mind a fifth one. But I guess, there have to be an end in the end. One thing is for sure, Mother's Finest know exactly, that good old Germany is their most stable empire for their stuff. And they say thank you with an overlenght performance and an autograph-session aftershow. The fans are grateful, and will definately be there next time in a not too far away future, - hopefully. Only our little electrifying cobolt is invisible 'till.... yes 'till he runs straight into my arms at the very last minute somewhere outside in the cold. And yes, I promise, you'll never catch me snapping for air again during a gig (like last time) Mo, - you know, what I mean....
See ya' hopefully soon  on the Carl Carlton tour over here again....









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13. 12. 2004 Munich  Carl Orff Saal
Uriah Heep (Accoustic Set)

It's not easy 'rockin' livin' but therefore there are enough Ladies in Black in the audiance within the posh athmosphere of the Carl Orff venue at the Gasteig cultural center here in munich. Quite unusual in the truest sense of the word, starting from the just mentioned unusal surrounding, over the conservative attitude of the fans tonight 'till Bernie Shaw's suit. The high society is waving hello. No not really! But you can't discribe this here as a pretty normal rock concert indeed. And exactly because of this, "Easy Livin' " is missing. The energetic evergreen wouldn't fit in this here. Believe it or not, but nobody is missing it anyway. We are sitting on our seats downstairs and sitting upstairs round the balconies. And Mick Box and Trevor Bolder are sitting on stage. Not dressed up in smokings, but who cares. Heep is Heep. Whether they are sitting or standing or jumping around, reminding us on past times. One thing is for sure, it's flowing. Stay at your seats is the order. The answer is standing ovations. Yes right, with this kinda performance a musician is actually proving his talents. And to be honest, Uriah Heep don't have to prove anything anymore after all these decades. They did everything, you can do as an artist. And an acousticshow is definately no challenge anymore for these oldies.They taking it with this certain coolness, which is swapping over to the audiance. And the art sticks purely to the music. Yep, - exactly, take it easy. Only then, an acousticgig is also a Rock'n'Roll gig. And the circle is completed.
Got me?!