13.01. 2003 Munich  Kl. Elserhalle
Wishbone Ash

Somehow, Wishbone Ash belong to the cathegory of rockbands, who give us the impression, that they are exisiting for a long time, they are appearing from time to time, but they still belong to very past  without present acceptance. I mean, that there's only one original member, Andy Powell, left is nothing unusual within this kind of oldiebands. However, Wishbone Ash aren't those Wishbone Ash what they used to be 10 years ago. And I can't really tell ya' why that's the case. No, what's up to their playing, there's no criticism against that. The musicians are all brilliant players and they make an effort to bring back the old spirit. But the spirit ain't around anymore. No classic hits or 20 minute solos can help to bring it back. Wishbone Ash 2003 are burying a legend and stand for their own. Anyway, gentlemen.... at least it was entertainment.....

21.12. 2002 Munich  Muffathalle
Manfred Mann

So what should we say?! Without Chris Thompson it's not that easy, is it?! Even when the venue is sold out. Okay you can substidude every single of us, but in that case it's senseless like sunglasses in the rain. Alright the band really trys to do their best and play their asses of. It's not that bad what Manfred and his men offer us there even it's the same old thing for the past 5 or 6 years. The repertoire seems to have gone a bit down, #cause of the endlessly long solos, and after the 15 minutes keyboard improvisation my feet hurt like I've run a 20 miles marathon. And my watch seem to have gone on strike. The only sunshine is an interesting version of "Oh Carol", the legendary "Blinded By The Light" and the not beeing left out "Mighty Quinn". Okay it could have been worse what's up to the monotony. But one thing's for sure. With Chris Thompson it woul have been much better. And one more thing Manfred:
please, don't sing again....



16.12. 2002 Munich  Backstage

Yes, the hellacopters from Sweden have got speed. No eye stays dry. Without dot and comma, they head through their program.- Not a second rest. It rock's like a turbo engine. A madhouse seems like a nice peacful backyard compared to what's going on here. Suicides pleas move to first center row funeral not included. But the hellacopters don't care. Not even an earthquake on level 12 would drive the four swedish guys out of rhythm. They rather watch from up there on stage down to the last querulants, who give themselves the exodus. It's not getting boring at all, I'm telling ya' - if it's the battle of waterloo or the own concentration not to get involved in it which actually keeps you so busy, that you tend to miss out some of the music. The impression which finally sticks in your head is the fact, that actually somehow their songs all sound the same. But even this we accept gratefully  because we got outta there alive. And the only thought which sticks on our mind in the end is....
hurrah we are still alive. - Oh Dolce Vita.....


12.12. 2002 Munich  Nightclub Hotel Bayr.Hof
Cindy Blackman Group

Yes, she's the drummer of Lenny Kravitz. But it doesn't mean, that she does the same kind of sound, when she heads of for a solo effort. Blackman is top on drums, and the fact she's a woman makes it even more spectacular, 'cause there aren't many women playin' drums around. Cindy is cool, and she shows it. The rhythm is in her blood, no matter if it's freejazz, funk or Rock'n'Roll. No matter, she beats her instrument the hell out, and doesn't even sweat. Guitar and bass try to keep up with her, but can't handle it quite. The improvisations don't work out really exspecially what's up to the bass. Clearly expressed, you can overdo it. However, musically it's quite challenging but it charging high standards. 


9.12. 2002 Munich  Deutsches Theatre
Santana Showcase

Santana is an experience indeed. But to few it in front of only 500 invited special guests is something special. He really loves understatement. Without much huzzle he comes in and he goes out. No, he doesn't wanna be a superstar. He keeps himself in the back and let his joung singers do the frontman-job. He only plays guitar. But Carlos can't help, that exactly this guitar sounds so unique, just like Santana for the past 20 years. No, he doesn't play "Samba Pa Ti" and no "Black Magic Woman". Carlos goes for the now and here. Michelle Branch is here tonight as well. And also "Smooth" the big hit from the last album ain't missing. Apart from that, names like Dennis Chambers on drums do their bit to complete the performance perfectly. The drumsolo starts quietly and turns into a hurricane and ends in a grand finale. Which proves once more, that Chambers belongs to the best drummers in the world. Carlos still keeps back, but he can't help, he's still the hero of the night. More popular than ever, he receives a gold and a platin disc and bows towards the audiance with the simple words: "hope to see ya all soon again. "
Alright, I assume, there's no doubt about that, is there?!!


7.12. 2002 Munich  Colosseum
Alice Cooper

The horror has got a name - Alice Cooper. He's back again, better, younger and more energetic than ever. He sticked to his way - the music as well as the visual aspect. The guilotine  belongs to his furniture and the plastic sceletons are dancing tango with artifical bones with lots of ketchup- Musically Alice Cooper has changed a few times direction indeed. Last time it happened on the album before the last. But still, the highlights are "School's Out", "No More Mr. Nice Guy" and "Welcome To My Nightmare". And honestly anything else fans wouldn't wanna hear, would they?! That's Alice Cooper truely himself. And if he doesn't die before, he's still beheading himself in the next 20 years on stage. Long live Rock'n'Roll....

see also .....  open letter to Alice Cooper



3.12. 2002 Munich  Gr. & Kl. Elserhalle
Danzig / Slade

Danzig and the old dudes of Slade playin' a show each at the same building in two different venues. It couldn't be more diverse. On one side the dark gothic rocker , who's got a phobia against every photographer beeing around and he screams as he's got a very bad stomachache. On the other hand five elderly gentlemen, who's age varies between 50 and 60, but you can see from miles away they love to play. Danzig is fighting an image, he hasn't really got, and the pale faces in the audiance are not really enthusiastic. But I guess that belongs to the whole attidude. Slade in the othe hall just partying the time away. No matter, that there are only two  members of the original line-up left, no matter, that one or the other tune doesn't sound 100% perfect.- It rocks, and that's it. 
In the end we've got a surprise... what the hell are the guys of Danzig doing at the Slade gig?......