03. 02. 2005 Munich  Backstage
Uk Subs / Vibrators

The Vibrators

Punklegends live longer, are fitter, stay youthful and most of all - look younger. 

Yep, that's a fact - no kiddin'- Now and here and today "The Vibrators" are proving, that you can stick to a slim shape without a doubel chin and a beerbelly even in the end of your Fivetees. - And what's up to The UK Subs, - the band still manages a fitness program in a way, that some marathon athlets become jealous. And this in front of somehow 300 crazy Ramones-kids and Sex Pistols paranoids, those dinos live their punkphilosophy as good as in their best days. Yipiehhh... Achilles is forgetting his heels and hermes gets wings. Dollies are dancing, - oh sorry, I mean the freaks of course. And the exchange the furthest front in volcano crater, which spits fire. 

Ian, Eddie and Pete don't hesitate and don't save themselves and beat the hell outta themselves, so every stone within this house is is learning how to be scared. "We Vibrate" is the answer and the motto. They vibrated in the glory punkera of the midseventees. They went nuts in the shade of the Sex Pistols, they calmed down in the end of the Eightees and the Ninetees. And today Ian Knox beeing 59 of age, seems as if he had just jumped from the Seventees to the present within one single second. And this without any trace of loss of energy and quality. Back To The Future, - that's how it's called. Anyway, the man is good, very good indeed. 
The music of the Vibrators includes not only the usual punky tunes but also some real Groove. - It's groove to dance along with. And all these fans haven't forgotten about them, even most of them weren't even born, when The Vibrators started off. It's a very tasty dish with appetite for more. And the is served straight afterwards - with Punk - tonight and much more vibe.


Ian Knox talents go beyond music.
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UK Subs

Charlie Harper is the UK Subs, and this is it! - Or not? No surprise though. Because before every gig of the legendary punker, fans are asking themselves: is playing with the Subs. Or is he playing as The Subs  with whosoever, or what? And he's really coming tonight - as Subs, with Subs and 100% Subs in each way. Bloody hell with all candles on Joey Ramone's grave. But Charlie, despite 60 years of age, is proving that he still deserves the name UK Subs. With a few nostalgic teardrops spreat and all these punky hairstyles getting out of style, - the eruption of the Popokatapetl with it's entire smashing charming aura, is nothing against the performance of the Subs. 

Charlie beats the hell outta the music, offering the whole history of the band in form of Another Kind of Blues, Brand New Age, Crash Course, Dimished Responsibility, Endangered Species, Riot, Sub Mission, - just to name a few of the stopovers of the Subs. The guitar makes a jump, the bass is battling with the drumkit. There is the whole power of punkmusic included. Three cords, simple, plain, witty and just great. Shut your eyes and break through the walls, and Joey gives his blessing from above. The Punk is still alive, the old generation is also the young generation. We stay young, crazy and cheers to the holy lager beer, - right Charly???!


29. 01. 2005 Munich  Backstage Club
Reverend Rusty & The Case

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When I hear this name, I've gotta think immidiately of people like Reverend Gary Davies, Blind Willy Fulton, Robert Johnson or Big Bill Broonzy. The onnly difference is, that Reverend Rusty doesn't live in the thirtees of the last century somewhere in Louisiana on the Mississippi-Delta, but very lively here and now in Munich on the river Isar. Yes, the blues is there, and musicians like good old Rusty take care about it and let in rain on us, like tonight at the Backstage Club. Presently this musical style has of course undergone a further developement and has also been mixed up with different influences. And last but not least, brilliant musicians like Rusty have found their individual style anyway. Other talents like Mr. Al Wood on drums and Mr. C.P. on bass, contrabass and the tuba lend him a hand to make the whole sound just perfect.
Jes... J.B.Lenoir, Mississippi John Hurt and Sam 'Lightning' Hopkins would go on a general protest for recarnation, to come back one more time and play the poker again. Of course they can't make it, because of a house arrest for eternity in paradise. But St.Peter has insured them, that people like Rusty will be carrying the heritage of the blues with all their heart and soul, spiced with some boogie and huge portion of Rock'n'Roll and a fullhouse, blessed from above. -Yep, the stage is moving, the tuba is swinging, and the contrabass is doing it's own thing. And all together take care, that we do not get bored for even one single second. Straight lines exchange with straight Rock'n'Roll and heavy blues, well performed with a wooden-box rhythm and a Slideguitar touch. And I get mixed up with all my flowery description, that in the end, noone understands, what I actually wanted to say.

Okay sorry, let's get it straight to the point. Reverend Rusty & The Case are here for almost a quarter of a century (that's what I've been told) This band takes care for groovy bluesrock sound and an insurence themselves, that this music does neither gets forgotten, nor gets rotten in a sarcophag. Only the constant lack of the right marketing strategy towards the new generation is the everlasting problem in these fast living days. Damn, why has this ignorance and not-acceptance of these old classical tunes has become so radical and without any compromises? Come on, sit down and have a listen to this beautiful music - to understand it and be flexible. http://www.stone.music.com/stuff.htm
Ray Charles, god bless him, has started with the gospel, and from there has gone via the blues to the soul. And he made it with patience and strong will to become a legend. Hey, Jesus loves you and dropping eastereggs on us, - come on, give Rusty a chance and lift him up to fresh honour to become the new Blues apostle of the new century. Within insider circles he's owns this status anyway for quite a while now. But the poker game has just started. Leadbelly plays a joker  with Albert Collins on cloud 7. And for Rusty the Royal Flush is hopefully still reserved.
But next time please - without shirt...

Muddy Waters forever