26. 04. 2005  A / Spektrum
Molly Hatchet

Once again the Southern Rock flag is put up in Bavaria, like very often in the past. We're not in Louisiana or South Dakota, but therefore here at the Weisswurst equator, just around the corner on the other side of the globe. Never mind, Rock'n'Roll is universal all over the world, ain't i`?! And Once again Bobby Ingram and his mates have a new album out, which carries the rather middle century age name "Warriors of The Rainbow Bridge". To be honest, when I hear this title, I rather think abut vikings and knights from the ancient centuries as for Damn Yankees and colonial periode. But at least they have brought the flag and Cowboy Boots with them. No really, musically Hatchet haven't changed at all since the last stint over here. Ingram is still doing his perfect solos up and down the octaves, still ver y activ, or should I say activ again, - and no boredom comes up. He's a real genius what's up to improvising, mixed up with the classical Molly Hatchet tunes. - So, still the same but somehow advanced in music, he himself did go underchanges personally, - jes.... Bobby must have lost at least half of his former weight and looks 10 years younger than he is. Well done.I always did like you very much as a person, but thanks to the aditional phantastic sexy look, you got quite a few bonus points at the female audiance as well I presume. Even the man did not go through the best time of his life in the recent past.That's why he's changed, personally and musically advanced,like I said before. Yep of course, there's still Phil McCormack handling the lead vocals. I actually forgot, how long are ya' with Hatchet yet? - Anyway, the rest of the band has been renewed - once again! On keyboards - John Galvin, the drums are played by exhibitionist (just kidding, but view Diary) Shawn Beamer, on bass Tom Lindsey and the second guitar is played for the past two weeks by Jimbo (forgotten his full name sorry) Never mind. Fact is, there are six americans up there, with a passion for the southern rock philosophy. Adn they keep coming back to Europe again and again and again. I just ask myself, why can they do it, and Lynyrd Skynyrd can't make it? Any reasons for that? Oky forget it. The set contains once again a whole retrospective of the band's music, at least back 'till the year 1989. Because in this year Bobby Ingram came into the group, to continue what original members started already in the seventees at the southern rock horizon. But at least Hatchet now aday do pay a hommage to the late Danny Joe Brown.
And what's up to me?.... yeah.... alright, I'm still waiting to get my two favorite Molly Hatchet songs played live one more time which is "Satisfied Man" and "Stone In Your Heart" from the album "the Deed Is Done". Unfortunately this piece came out before Bobby Ingram's era. So maybe this is the reason for the ignorance. And I will have to continue listening to the record only. (this was a little  hint, if you know what I mean, Bobby) But don't worry, I'll be there again, when you come back next time, I'm sure you will. And If it's only to enjoy the charming aura of the southern rocker on stage and off stage. So lets praise the biker philosophy, Jacksonville/Florida, Joe Cocker (eh...Bobby!!!) and a bottle Jack Daniels - Cheers.

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Yes I know, I'm tending to ingore supportacts a little bit. But the one, who played ahead of Molly Hatchet is really worth to mention. Dave Evans from Australia is the lucky guy. Beyond his fivetees and the very first singer of legendary rockband AC/DC he's presenting us a great mixture of straight to the bone honest Rock'n'Roll, -  heavy and exhausting and sweating. Not for him as it seems so, who probably got more physical condition than some 20 year olds. Jesus, I didn't think, he was that good!!! Yes of course, he's still taking a little bit advantage out of  his very past. But nevertheless, you've got to check him out and you won't regret it. Playing a lot of his latest record "Sinner", he's is, like we say so, playing his ass off. Congratulation and we don't even mind his final of the AC/DC classic tune "whole Lotta Rosie". However, let's hope, Dave is coming back soon again. Long live Aussie Rock'n'Roll - pure - straight without coplains and how we really like it. Yep, and I'm dead - at 4 in the morning....

Dave Evans

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24. 04. 2005 Munich
James La Brie

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By all my love for rockmusic witch a complicated structure.. But my tolerance for this kinda tunes has always been a bit limited. Yes of course, these are all first class musicians, who really know their instruments, who put the most pressure on themselves. Perfectionsts, who treat their guitar strings like raw eggs balancing on top of a pin, or push their voices up to not only two but three octaves. James LaBrie is one of those vocal artists. Jesus wept, a glass of champagne would dance a swanlake ballet on stage to burst into 1000 pieces at the same time. But it is indeed a pretty individuell voice , the franco-canadian owns and does look after it by nipping water and tea every 3 minutes inbetween. - However, it's not everybody's cup a tea - this voice I mean.

No, this solo stint has got absolutely nothing to do with his band Dream Theater, he told me just before the gig. It's something complete different, so he could make his own individual dreams become true. I don't know, but either I haven't got enough fine feeling for graving differences, or I haven't got enough into Dream Theater's philosophy. But to be honest, lads, - this here,- what James LaBrie is offering us tonight, - at least to me, it sounds similar to the DT style. Surely, these are complete different songs, - tracks from his three solostints so far. Because of course James wants to keep distance to his usual band. But noone in the world can deny his natural roots. And so the circle is closing round again, and we finally get the impression, the Dream Theater has spillt it's influence over all in the end. But because the crowd here did presume this circumstances anyway, they consist of 100% Dream Theater fans. With a little difference by not counting aprox. 1.500 - 2000 units like usually, but only a 150 fans of the 12 tune acrobatic here tonight. The audiance here show their affection and are grateful to Mr. LaBrie, who gives a 100% like usuals, always with a nip of tea and water inbetween. I just ask myself, how does this work, when he finally appears on broadway within a theatre play, as this is his future dream, he has told me as well before the concert. Musicals usually don't contain the time for something like this. But we didn't get there yet, did we?! First of all our Rock'n'Roll Caruso still acts on Rock concert stages all over the world.

Fact is, he does like it himself, and he feels well under the rather poor spotlight in our little Elserhalle here in Munich. Almost  2 1/2 hours he pleases us with his  single trips into experimental musical stratospheres and cares about our acoustic enjoyment.
Oh yes, - not to forget the rest of the band, which contains four - still no name talents, who really let us believe into the future of good Rock'n'Roll performances. The only real weak point about this evening is the lenght of the set, after Evergrey did already a one hour set supporting LaBrie. My legs are longing for a little rest and are doing a prayer to finally be able to sit down for a while. Or am I getting old? Over all, it was a solid performance for individual tastes - next time with a possibility to sit down inbetween - pleeeaaassseee !