26.11. 2005 Kaufbeuern Germany,   All-Karth Halle
Hammerfall / Stratovarius / Shakra

Each time a concert of this band is a trip into the past , and within seconds puts me back to the future. These swedish guys are practicing a kind of Heavy Metal, like it happened in the midst eighties, a time, when Grunge, Thrash or even new metal was unknown. The era was great, when the word clichee stood on top.
But like everything in the world, also the classical 'true' heavy metal with all it's stuts and equipment said good bye for a while from the international scene. Although this kind a music has never been away completely, but flew smoothly in the underground. 'Till.... yes till five swedish boys came along and got this style back to live. Who knows, where they got the spirit from, but Hammerfall took the challenge again, went for it, and yes there it was again and very much up to date - the classic 'True' Bombast Heavy Metal. (I still don't like this 'true' expression, and ask myself who invented it) 

However, Hammerfall take every clichee again and put out an image which can't be more metal than this. Everything is on it's place, the pyro show, the flash effects, long hair and black leather with tons of stuts. The noiselevel is critical, and even the serious dark face expressions suit in the concept and are put in scene. Yep, the metal heart is beating with the rhythm. It's almost sold out the new venue here in Kaufbeuren, South Germany. No other 'true' Metal Band can do that.

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Bloodbound is the slogan of Hammerfall, and they are able to transfer the message to those many fans tonight. Everything is right. The sound is mixed well, the music itself does good. And of course the five swedes, who ain't that young anymore. They did experience the first decade of their kind of music in the eighties as well and now continue with their chapter  towards to a unsteady future. Even some people do not like the new album that much, like the ones before, so it's the general impression of the live set, which sticks in people's heads. And this is last but not least the most important aspect. The album is bought by fans anyway, whether it's better or not as good as the older stuff. 
Over all it's a solid performance with a hot show, which probably made most of the freak happy in here. And this is good, because to be honest, this kinda music is still a drop on a hot stone (as we say so in german) within the worldwide musicscene. So yes Hammerfall you're doing well with a constant 1.500 to 2.000 visitors at shows on your tour. 

Setlist: Secrets,  Riders Of The Storm,  Renegade,  Let The Hammer Fall,  Hammerfall,  Drum Solo (Run To The Hills),  Fury Of The Wild,  Glory To The Brave, A Legend Reborn,  At The End Of The Rainbow,  Blood Bound,  Heeding The Call,  Templars Of Steel,  Hammer Of Justice,  Hearts on Fire


They've been supported by the swiss band Shakra, who rather go for the melodic style of Rock'n'Roll. But beeing the first of two supporters, they don't get their full potential transfered to the audiance because of lack of energy and light. 

No. 2 is Stratuvarious from Finland. They do a little better. But as a matter of fact it is rather interesting , that fans of Shakra don't like the two other bands, and the other way round. Christ, don't be so ignorant. Music is music. And you should give everybody a chance and have an open ear and deny it, before you even got along with it. Those three pioneers of Rock'n'Roll do suit together very well stylistically only with a ffew varieties. But that's good, otherwise it'll be boring. It's a well done picture of the Heavy Metal clichee'. Shakra - nice to look at them with their average melodic rock. Stratovarius - Bombast Heavy metal with a classical touch and some more demand, not everybody catches up with, and Hammerfall, sparkling, full power, hard but heartly including Oskar the aspagerus tarzan and a lot of smoke on the metal horizon. 
It was worth it indeed, and my personal longings for 'True' Heavy Metal is pleased once more. Long live the clichee' - it's only rock'n'Roll. 

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