03.12. 2005 Munich,  Tonhalle - Garage
Axxis / Gotthard / Magnum


I won't write a big review of Axxis and Gotthard this time, as I've just done 'em not even six months ago on this page here. Fact is, I prefer Axxis doing a support slot much more, than playing a headliner set. Why? Because our frontman Bernie hasn't got the time to tell us his whole life philosophy within a short stint. No, don't get me wrong, he's an excellent entertainer with a lot of humour and sexy espirit, even with his saucy cap. However, thanx to  the 30 minutes performance, Axxis has to combine their music in a Best of .... package, with - not too much talking. And yes, it suits the band very well, and they get the fans into the right mood with their commercial hardrock, which sticks in everybody's ear and gets them dancing . Bernie, your sexy aura is stunning....


Jes.... what else is to say about Gotthard for the 142nd time or even more. Yes they are a great liveband, no doubt about that. And here in Munich, the band has got somehting like a home bonus anyway. The venue is packed with young and old fans. 
After Axxis have heated them up, Gotthard get the party once again boiling and over the top. And the whole secret of these five swiss guys is only their easy Rock'n'Roll with a lot fun aspect, Sound which won't get away from your braincells and get you singing and dancing with the attitude: let's have fun and Rock'n'Roll and forget the rest. And this is okay so.
Unfortunately I have to leave after the first three songs taking pictures, to move over to the Magnum gig, just minutes walking away from this venue. I can't split myself into two halfs yet....


Uihuihuih.... time has taken it's toll on Magnum, at least what's up to the visual aspect. But thanks god, thats not the important thing. Magnum war and they still are a cultband, and noone can deny this. The Garage club is a sauna. I don't even start trying to get through the crowd to the front. I just walk in the backentrance behind the stage. - Clever enough.
The atmosphere is boiling, and the heat is almost unbearable because of my cashmere jumper with nothing underneath.
Magnum are still great. What shall I say. Experience is the magic. Storyteller is the topic, which leads us through the evening. According to Bob Catley fans were demanding so much for this album, that the band decided to play the whole thing within one show including a 15 minutes break.

Bombast meets melodic tunes, and the elderly of us are listening carefully to every single tune of this so called artrock. And the group is proving, that they haven't forgotten about anything after a 10 years interruption, and they are still brilliant. The only thing making me a bit sad, it the memory of concerts of Magnum playing in front of 12.000 fans - 10 or more years ago. Nowadays, at least here in Munich, it's just about 300 souls, who have found their way to this place tonight. But every new start ain't easy, and I believe, if they take a little effort, the venues will get bigger again with the time. But it's not our problem here. The place is crowded, and yep Magnum has stand the test. You may come again.....