25. 5. 2003 Munich  Babylon
Paul Carrack

Many of us friends of 'good' music, still don't know the name Paul Carrack. What a shame. First when they hear the track "How Long", a knowing face expression is turning up like wanting to say, - oh I know that song. "How Long" ain't even one of Pauls solo records. It's an oldie from the era with Ace. Ace is pasttense, Squeeze as well, and he hasn't done anything with Mike & The Mechanics recently. But never mind. Paul Carrack is very much able to convince us 100 percent. He is a true multitalent, what's up to the vocals, as well as the keyboarding and guitarring. This little man knows exactly how to get himself noticed, though he never trys to play the lead within his band. That's not his character anyway. His program includes the whole history, - almost. Ace is included as well as Squeeze and the Mechanics, but also he's promoting his new record "It Ain't Over" very well. "How Long" is the ace in his sleeve, and he throws it out in the very end. No surprise, people want one more song. And they get it anyway. It's a nice mixture between pleasant atmosphere, with sentimental bits and smashy pieces and sometimes even rocking. No boredome at all. That's for sure, and we all ask ourselves, - how long will this be still going on..... hope still very long, Paul.....


19.05. 2003 München  Atomic Cafe

No, no, no, I knew it!!! Punk ain't dead. At least I know it since this evening. The Buzzcocks take care about this fact, that your big toe hurts in your five-gear-engine. Leave the Seventies in peace, but head forwards with the speed of light through a black hole in punkhistory. Visually have come into the years, but condionwise fit like a sportsshoe, the english guys show us  a dance down on this stage floor, that all Sid Viscous look alikes  in the audiance are exchanging an x for an u. And those mainly are not half as old as the spirituell daddies up there ...
The Buzzcocks don't show any mercy and beat the hell outta a high C and a deep G with sadistic brutality. But they do it with such a neat perfection, that the musical violence rather seems like a whole huge love-attention. There's no sentimentality no boredom. And there's no time for studying the anatomy of punk.... Just take it, eat it and forget everything else.




05.05.2003,  Munich  Olympiahalle
Peter Gabriel

Peter Gabriel
what a nice backside, exspecially for us photographers

Alrighty, there we go again, good old Peter.Gabriel took a long time to turn up again, didn't it? Exactly ten years he showed us his backside. But despite the fact, that his newest album "Up" didn't become exactly what we call a bestseller, so at least his cultstatus sells out the venues all over the place. Jes...!  He really took an effort, what's up to the stage effects and the show itself. Bombastic lightshows  exchanges with special trickeffects, thanx to a glasbaloon, within he rolls round the stage. A little trip on his bike is quite unspectacular compared to his walk upside down on a kind of strange ceiling. Musically the excentric artist leads us through his whole history not forgetting to promoting his new record and introducing his bandmates including master-bassist Tony Levin. You can't really make out the bands  faces, because the seem to play for each other and not for an audiance - by constantly turning their backs to the exiting fans. At least thats my impression. And if there weren't all these monitors showing samples playing up and down, then we could talk about a 100% perfect performance. But in that case, I don't know, what's played live and what not. Gotta ask Tony, who's actually known as one of the best bassists in the world. However. Mr. Gabriel shows that he can still do it in each way, and we go home satisfied. Me too, but with a little bitter taste on my tongue... But this has nothing to do with the gig...... 

                  Tony Levin


04.05. 2003  Wörgl/Austria  Komma
Al Di Meola

For christ sake! Why does every average music lover think, Al Di Meola belongs to the Flamenco-genre? Because - what Al does up there on stage has got as much in common with flamenco as a vienna waltz with a tschatschatscha. And be honest, a spanish surename doesn't make a flamcenco, does it?! By the way, Al is american throughout. More than three decades this man is on the way, he is above his Fivtie-something, but looks like fourty. His spectrum includes jazzy fusion interpretations 'till poprock artmusic. The problem with all these guitar heroes is more or less the fact, that they can't hold back themselves to get lost in endless experimental improvisations. For  every specialist an extrodanary goodie of course. But for us normal consumers it's a questionmark, and we are trying to hide our helpless face expressions. Inbetween, god thanx for that, we can make out some familiar tunes, and we take a deep breath in relief, beeing aware, that we still got a certain knowledge about Al. And also we know, that the concert fee was worth it's value. Now let's see, what Al offers us on his next tour. Maybe a little bit hip hop with a touch "Mediterrian Sundance"? - Which is, by the way the epilog of this evening. - Time to go boy!!!!       


20. 4. 2003 Munich  Garage
Tony Carey

yes, he's still alive, - our all unforgettable Tony Carey, who actually caught quite a bit poplularity in the Eighties exspeciall here in munich. With soft melodic rock songs like "A Fine Fine Day", "We Wanna Live" and "Burning Bridges" he conquered our hearts at once. For a very long time we hadn't heard anything of the californian chap with this faithful dachshound look. But this easter sunday he proved to us, that he's still able to do it. There are quite a few things broke that night, including the keyboard, but nevermind. It started a bit hesitating as a slowfox on the Garage-floor, but wihtin the shortest time the club turnes into a breakdance what's up to the mood. Tony himself is the happiest guy of all. Yeahh, that's Rock'n'Roll, even it's just performed accoustically. But by playing like this, you can really see and hear, who can play and who not. Even a fan has travelled from the US to celebrate Tony's Comeback. And it should be a hint to him not to vanish again for another decade or so. 
Hey Tony!!! "We wann live" ...- with you!


17. 04. 2003 Munich Garage

The difference couldn't be more diverse. This was like "Right Said Fred" supporting AC/DC. German punkrockers "Lustfinger" are a mixture between the "Tote Hosen" and bavarian "Exploited". The other band "Shameless" seem  like Alice Cooper, at least what's up to the decent make-up. Dressed up in Eighties Glamrock Outfit with a little touch of modern Ice-T-rap(caps) ambitions, - alright Stevie?!. But let's start from the beginning. Jesus, it's a pics for gods. First band Lustfinger represent the Ramones of the alps at their best and pay tribute to the Sex Pistols and the local soccer team 1860 Munich. It'll be perfect in the sense of Campino (singer of Toten Hosen) and the average punk philosophy. There's only one little weak spot within the performance. The band still seems like the vienna choirboyswith a holy spirit up their on stage. And believe me, I know the Sex Pistols better than you all think I would. But that's it reallyl. Good luck and ALOHA - see ya' next time.

                     Glen Matlock is waving hello>>>>

The other delegation  gives us the impression  of nightowls beeing mixed up with the Adams Family, at least what's up to this glitter-seaze-glam,.... oh fuck  the stupid clichee's. He's professionell, the tiny sod with his funny hat named Stevie Summers, who the band had borrowed from their californian collegues of Pretty Boy Floyd. Strangely enough he looks like the twinbrother of the former Shameless singer Stevie Rachelle, who's also singing in another californian band normally. But this one here is good as well what's up to his voice and performance. He drives at least away the attention from the rest of the band, if you understand what I'm saying. Although he seems like, he needs a toilet all the time making permanent X-legs. And he demands concsequentely for Jägermeister. What the hell americans do like so much about this bloody  booze. It's horrible. But I presume for them it's as exotic, as hawaiian glacier water from Mauna Loa. Anyway, thanx to jägermeisteric brainwash Stevie starts getting even more enthusiastic. Only the fact, that Pretty Boy Floyd is his first ambition he puts out once too often by singing some of their hits. the show ends with a tribute to Kiss - "I Wanna Rock'n'Roll All Night" ...and party every day.... Hey, didn't we hear that before this evening??? Or am I too drunk already....?