29.04. 2006 Kaufbeuren,  All-Karth Halle
Rage /
Freedom Call

Hi, you can call me Bond, James...no, Charlie Bond 007. 

That's what I call myself right now, because I don't know exactly, how my bosses have christened me. They haven't told me yet, like they never communicate very much with me anyway, exept taking the piss outta me with a glued beard made of tesafilm. Very annoying indeed, that I got stuck to a microphone. I did complain, but I couldn't help it. At least I got an excellent view from up here and I show my guys what the program is, thanx to the setlist glued to my forhead. Just to take this ahead, I'm not the only one of this bunch here, who misses his hair. But that's okay. By the way, I belong to the band as well as the fourh member. But one thing doesn't get into my skull. What?! - It's as simple as this... How can a new masterpiece be entitled 'Speak Of The Dead', but on the other hand beeing so energetic on stage, that every headbanging Zombie on this planet doesn't have wet dreams underneath the vegetable zone deep in the ground, but they're shaking their heads in a 3/4 rhythm. Or is it 7/8 ... I don't care....

No, I'm just kiddin', because one thing hasn't got anything to do with the other. Everything is clichee, our title 'Speak of The Dead', and also die live performance of my old sirs here and even myself. Yes, I'm dancing Rock'n'Roll, even it's only on my stick here.
And the only focus up on stage apart from me, are those three not young but still youthfull headbangers, who still rock better and harder than many kiddies. But okay, okay, compared to me, my friends here are still youngsters compared to me. 

The good thing about the boys is, that none of them shows off the big star. Peavey our big boy within this multiculti club is dominating the stage of course with his bright shape. Victor, our russian pride is starring with his excellent guitarplaying. And I don't think, I've gotta say a lot anymore about Mike, the animal, - Terrana, , who beats his baby up, so the bassdrum is dancing a tango, and the snare is loosing it's virginity once again. What a hell of a drummer, or should I say, - animal, like I mentioned before. It is amazing, how he treats his drumkit so fast and hard with too much energy and rage, but on the other hand, every beat is perfectly played going into the tiniest details. Every time the kit is praying to get outta alive. Poor little sod. I rather prefer my spot here on the micro.

Yes it's showtime, and the Slogan ‚Speak Of The Dead’ doesn't go confirm with this  explosive Party here onstage. Our Music is sort of metal of the old school, or should I better discribe it - metal of the usual classic way. Nothing extraordinary, nothing new.  
But as we have experienced so often in the past with so many other bands, it always showed: stay with your style, and the fans stay with you. But go and try to include some new hot spices. Got me?! Okay once again.... My boys here have developed a sort of style over the years, which they follow  without taking any risks or extravaganza, but they playin' it with still so much fun and enthusiasm and some showelements (so what Mike?!) Victor let's his guitar jump up and shows us the jump overs between a deep C and a high D or cis and dis... who cares... I'm not a guitarist but only a stupid deadbone and I rely on my imaginary hearing. I swear, I got some... And when Peavey starts smettering with his powerful voice like a nitingale suffering of heyfever, the micorphone is vibrating like an explosion of the Popocatabetl (is somewhere in Mexico by the way) then I'm terrified to death, that my toothbone is getting loose.

However, we have brought you along a few very new Mon Cherie  but also some old juweniles like’ ‚Baby I’m Your Nightmare’. And I repeat myself, that all this is nicely written on a piece of paper clued to my forhead. So everything is under my control as we say so, and off we go.Listen to my commando and the bear is dancing tscha tscha tscha. 

Unfortunately I dismissed to pass on the setlist after the show for an exact review, so I try to get everything fairly well together here with maybe some slight mistakings. Sorry, but as you realized, I'm not that young anymore, and my missing grey braincells , and also the potential exhaustian don't help much to keep me alive. But here we go - and I have a good try:

Speak Of The Dead
No Fear
Turn The Page
Drum Solo
Enough Is Enough
Baby, I’m Your Nightmare
Suite Lingua Mortis
Guitar Solo
War Of Worlds
Human Metal
Don’t Fear The Winter

Full Moon
Higher Than The Sky

Okidok, I hope, I didn't mix up too much now. But to get it straight, short and painless, the whole thing is dedicated to me - of course. 
 ‚No Fear’ is the slogan, which I can't always agree with. Because sometimes  I really wet myself because of beeing frightened, when the microphone is shaking.  ‚Down’ – ha ha…. doesn't work, I sit up there ‚Turn The Page’ – not possible either, it's clued to my bone. 

‚Drum Solo’ – stop Mike, don't be so crazy, and please don't knock me over, when you're doing your march of triumph round the stage. Otherwise the next song title becomes bitter truth -  ‚Baby I’m Your Nightmare’. Be careful   Mikey Boy. Next chapter: ‚Suite Lingua Mortis’ – sounds somehow sophisticated, don't you think so....`?!
Okay Victor – go for it and show #em the six string magic touch, so that it can provoke the upcoming   ‚War of The Worlds’.Don't worry, everything is just ‚Human Metal’, with some kind of mild temperature so you – ‚Don’t Fear The Winter’ anymore.....  ‚Full Moon’ we got here anyway despite the cloudy sky, and everyone within this holy Suite of All-Karth flys ‚Higher Than The Sky’. Wasn't tha a nice discription?!!

Anyway, we all are professionalls what's up to  traditional Heavy Metal , and no goddamned Headbanger on this globe can give us an easter bunny for an australien bush kanguruu. Yep dear friends of the night and stuts juwelery, we have won the battle once more, - and now it's party time ..... yiiippiieehhh. Hold on, what's that?! Stop it! What the hell are you doing with me, you unholy nutcase son of a b..... get off.... bloody hell... no I don't want in my box yet, I wanna party as well, - got the right to - yes yes yes..... and I wanna nip a bavarian beer, some blondes and... nooooooo, f...off.....you... you bastard, you...... for f...sake - please heeellllllpppppppp !!!!!!! 

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Okay, just to take this ahead, when our Freedom angels entered the stage here, our charlie deadbone, deadringer and true boss of the headliner Rage, was still sleeping in his transportcoffin. So according to this fact, he ain't able to comment on this here with his metal wisdom. So it's up to me, to loose a few words for this support act here tonight. And yep, it's worth it.

So, okay, what shall I say. Young Siegfried is sending his regards, - nice boys to look at. And the eyes of the few female Hard rock fetichists start sparkling  like under a christmas tree. And be honest, the visual aspect also belongs to the whole thing, doesn'it?!
The generell slogan is - Sex & Drugs & Rock'n'Roll, ain't it?!
And those beauties are fighting in the first row a true battle for the best spot, to catch one or the other glimpse of Mr. Universum & Co. Hairmetal in the truest sense of the word. What Rage are missing a bit , - these guys here got almost too much of it. Hello from the eighties eh?!!

Musically, Freedom Call follow the rather light commercial way of Hard Rock, which can be put in the so called melodic rock draw. Oh, how do I hate this stylistic dividing. Music is music, either good or bad. It's as simple as that. They are pretty decent in their performance and certainly got a healthy potential , which is searching for it's place in the church choir. Only the little handycap of a bit too straight line within the huge genre jungle will risk, that this band is gonna drown one day. So be carefull, that no poison snake bites you in your big toe. The danger to get lost inbetween this melodic rock  amazonas is huge, very huge indeed. 

But with a little luck and feeling for details and the business and maybe some more individuality, the german export will definately defight their position. You got our blessings for sure, - with or without Mr. Universum ambitions, but definately from all those Heavy Metal brides out there in the world...... okay of Germany for now.... 

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