07.05. 2006 Munich,  Backstage

okay, let's get it on, boys, and I would love to write this review now in deepest bavarian slang, 'cause it would suit so well to it. But first of all, we got readers here, who don't catch this dialect, like we don't understand any word in papua new guinee language. And second I'm not bavarian myself but tyrolean, who do speak a bit of a different and stronger kind of this accent. So I won't be able anyway to write in bavarian. With this fact I get confronted from the big boss of the band, Mr. Lessmann himself nicely each time, when we meet anyway. Yeah of course I know, I come from south of the Weisswurscht border. But because our bavarian houseband is a multiculti club   (so what Uwe) , I will put down this review in the clearest language I got. - (in english we do not have this problem anyway) 

Okay, one thing is for sure. Either you luv 'em or you don't. There is no inbetween, a little or perhaps - for the past 20 or more years. I'm still not sure, whether these sympathies or aversions go only back to the music itself, or more or less to false opinion about their characters. And Bonfire do certainly have character. They push it, provoke and say what they think, no matter it's positive or more in a critical sense. 'Rap Is Dead' is the new slogan, and the battle of existence has just started, though this hip hop clown in the closest neighbourhood next door, does his stuborn thing not caring about anything. Never mind, the hall here is burning. And I wished, our boys would have got a few more than just those aprox. 200 fans here tonight, listening to the monolog of Clausi Boy & sons,..... sorry, friends of course. And inbetween all these perls of bavarian Rock'n'Roll culture, we get our lection against these other musical failures, The FC Bayern soccerclub gets honoured, and the TSV 1860 club gets taken the micky out. Apart from that, - let's rock 'till we drop.  

Okidok, let's make it quick, it's nice to see Bonfire playing live on stage with full energy again, though it's certainly not their best performance tonight. But therefor, it's fresh and amusing, inkluding BamBams Highspeed drive, the naked chest of Apollo, pardon me - I mean Yps of course, (so we girlies got something to look at :-) And there is Uwe's new fanclub, who demand with very loud voices for their new idol. Fact is, the land needs bassists, to jump as icons into the history of the Bonfire Hardrock philosophy. The rest is dominated by the bavarian coolness of guitarist Hans Ziller, and also of our still - FC Bayern Fan singer Claus Lessmann, who dominates the scenery with his charming catholic humour.
‚Double X’ is celebrated with a blessing from above, mixed with some stroke, and Sweet Obsession and last but not least gets finished off with 'Hard On Me'. That's the short description of the contents which of course includes some more colourful flowers. (Shit I've forgotten to get me a setlist)
No honestly, you can think whatever about Bonfire, what's up to Love, peace and hate... It's in your own point of view. But these guys surely know how to produce strong and good old rock, with a lot of spirit. Let's hope, that the party will continue and defend their position against the hip hop invasion. And also fact is, we tyroleans are related to you bavarians - in whatever way. But who cares - Rock'n'Roll is universal, ain't it. 
Your's Eva 

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