Name: Eva Bubek-Louis

Birthdate:  June 8. 1962

Birth place:   Innsbruck / Austria

                                   Occupation   Musikjournalist for 29 years so far  
                                                   attending aprox. 150 concerts every year....                                        

                                     About me:   tell me....                                           

   biggest rumour about me:   are there any?  

Things I dislike:  I'm telling ya' when they come along...

My best friend:          

Favorite Food:    - depending on the mood

                  Favorite drink:                  

First purchased Record:  "Tommy" - The Rockopera  ( The Who)

First concert: "Manfred Mann"   1976 in Innsbruck

                       Favorite Movie:                          
because it's so true..- Click cover for trailer

'Don't Look Now'... 
 'Remo', '
Nosferatu', The Descent, Flesh & Blood etc.

Favorite Actor/tress
Klaus Kinski, Rutger Hauer, Donald Sutherland a.m. - because they are (were) great 
 Jose' Luis Vidal - because he's so beautiful

Favorite Book:                 
because it's almost unbelievable
Other Books: everything about photography, travelling and science, Newspaper,

 Favorite TV-Channel:  "Discovery Channel"  - "Travel Channel"

Favorite Tv program: "Startrek" (The  Original) 'The Peruaders', 'BBC - The Rock'n'Roll Years'   News etc.

Favorite Song of all times: "Sex & Drugs & Rock'n'Roll"   by Ian Dury -  there's the whole sense of  Rock'n'Roll included

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favorite musicians:  everybody who's playing well no matter what style, 'cause there is only 2 kinds of music - good and bad

Once special concert always to remember:  AC/DC at the Circus Krone in Munich in front of only. 1000 fans on june. 17. 2003....

Best concerts 2007

it takes a lot to make me jump nowadays - They did....

There ain't no higher musical standard than this....

Best Interview ever: Klaus Kinski

One day without music:........ can be sometimes relaxing....

Biggest myth in the musicbusiness:  Trends ! - Because everything is depending on the right or wrong Promotion. 

Heroes:  are there any out there?

Other  Hobbies:   photographing

Wendepunkt im Leben 1986:

Worst moment in life : to be thrown out of England after  4 Years in 1991

Most feared Moment:  didn't happen yet.....

Most impressing Moment:        

Things to get crazy about it: it depends what.....

What's better than Sex: chocolate

what's awful:   1 pound more on the scale

what makes me happy:   chocolate and.....

last time I wanted something and didn't get it:  I still want it.. 

those 3 odd things for a journey to another planet:  only a returnticket

Most beautiful place on earth:  Little Macena Beach  Maui/Hawai'i

Highpoint in life:   Highpoints are mysterious. Either they were already here or they never come along... 

Most important meeting in life: ....with my selfconfidence

Life philosophy:   I don't promise anything, but I keep it...

Wish for the future: health


One thing I wanna take ahead. This ain't supposed to be one of all these many music pages in the net.
There are too many anyway informing us about new releases, studioreports and tourdates. So we've got a multiple overview about the so called scene, a scene existing purely in a figurative sense. The first view describes one side, while the sixt, seventh and eight view mentions the opposition. But ways of contrasts are usually drawn to each other. We bent backwards in praises on one hand, but do not leave any nice word on the other side. Everybody acts cool to remark his strict conservative statement at the same time. But showbiz has got a wide range and consists of tempting appearances and stone cold business. Everybody loves to take a sunbath within this circus and mournes about the decline of the empire. Euphoria exchanges with the panic of existence. Anyway, this page here, shall not documente the business in first place. It'll rather throw a light on the fun aspect, which starts with gossips, - for instance if the drummer of a soapy pop band goes to jail because of rapping a cockcafer, or if the vocalist of a thrashmetal band convents to christian confession. Further you will find funny anecdotes and snapshots, leading to not so seriously taken point of views, subjective reviews and double edged nemories.
The rest of it, speak - release-dates, tour-dates, etc. you will find at the News and the link-section which leads you to the requested information.
Musicmirror shall still mainly entertain, and like the title says - reflect the scene with a smiling eyeglimpse following the motto: Take it easy, - it's only Rock'nRoll, - let's have fun, - and most of all - forget the business.