Inbetween I really had some hope, that the situation had changed over the years what's up to the amount of audiance at hardrock gigs here in Munich. But probably it's only been a weak little flame  out of a certain kinda mood. Because whether recently at the concert of the reformed Winger or today's stint of sweden rockers Evergrey, I've got to change my opinion again. While the small echo at the Winger gig is due to the short notice of the event, the small Evergrey audiance is due to a lack of promotion of the tour booker. Nobody really knows, that this band is gonna play tonight, except some fans and myself. The result is a real empty venue  with jus about 70 souls when the headliner shows up. Sad but true. And under this circumstances are four bands - three too many. That's for sure. On the other hand, three hopefull new talents have got the chance to present their music to the publik, so what?! The question is only whether it's worth it or not. 
The first of this threesome I missed out anyway and just caught the last middle age sounding tunes on the front door.


Emergency Gate’  Act Nr. 2, who are a sort of local heroes, most of all our teddybear Mario on bass, the boss of the ligue. They're trying  hard and show, that they've got some good outputs within the melodies of their hardrock. But the boys still miss 1) experience, 2) a certain stage presence and 3) selfconfidence. But the good will is there. And this is already quite a lot. If you think about the fact, that supportbands only get half the power on stage, so it's not exactly lifting up their rockstar myth. But everybody has to start from the bottom, doesn't he?! And if  Emergency Gate carry on with their lust to play and their good will, they have shown tonight, then I'm pretty sure, their name will climb up the ladder of success for a bit... Good Luck Boys !


Part 3 tonight are  ‘Avatar’ from Sweden. I confess, I've never heard from them before. And I'm not sure, whether this is now a lack of musical knowledge or not. If it is, I say sorry now. But as you know, nobody is perfect. However, it's the first impression meeting the goal. And that one ain't that bad. Although I can't really relate to the frontman's voice, who seems visually a mixture between, 69 Eyes, Type'o'Negative and the Adams Family, but compared to the bnad before this one here shows a bit more professionality. Probably because they are a bit longer going. Not sure about it anyway. 
Avatar are harder and faster. The music is a mixture between average heavy metal and thrash, Mosh and doom - so called.  jes.... I still can't deal with all these expressions. And I still hate thinking in draws. over all the swedes leave a pretty valuable performance, though I doubt it as well, that they will rise up like phoenix from the ashes now from all those countless heavy metal acts. The underground of this scenery is boiling, but not often the lit is liftes for one of them... So why?!

...and they came saw and won.... Evergrey, also from Sweden, but much more known as the guys before, and also musically riding into another direction, which is way  better and more complicated. I've seem them live before, supporting James La Brie from Dream Theater on his solo trip last year. But then I didn't really take notice too much  compared to tonight. . Unfortunately I have to confess now, because this gig here is simply wonderful. Brilliant rocktunes with a lot of passion and emotions.-  It's so sad once again, to see such a first class band  with so less resonance. I just hope this is just munich, beeing so ignorant and not the rest of Germany and Europe. I'd call Evergrey the heirs of bands like Dream Theater and Spock's Beard. Don't get me wrong, those bands are also still very much alive and count to the best musicians on the horizon. Just to mention it. But while Dream Theater sometimes forget that there are an audiance as well and play themselves into trance, Evergrey go for a straighter way with more edges within the complicated structure of the music. No 20 minutes solos from each of them tempt us for a yawn, neither do last single songs longer than an average limit of about 6-7 minutes. It's more the harmonies and the melody itselves, sticking in your ear.                                                                           

However, Evergrey certainly belong to this sort of brilliant musicians, who gets a bit nicklected by the public and the media. And probably this is caused due to the before mentioned lack of promotion. Fade or is it just ignorance? I let you decide.....

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