okay, here we go again….  and this better than ever, at least, what's up to the past few years and my visits at the Woodstock veteran gigs. But I don't mean so much the performance itselves, but rather the fact, that this time here tonight in Munich are aprox. 400 people checking out the band. Tendences increasing.
Yep, I really grant Ten Years After with all my heart all those admirers, who honestly deserve this resonance. And the best is, within the audiance there are not only old dudes, who already experienced the Woodstock era, but also youngsters, who came along partly beeing curious of  what the heard before, or thanks to parently information and advise to check 'em out.
I have said that before in earlier reviews, and I wanna repeat this again, but singer guitarist Joe Gooch beeing only 29 years of age, is at least as brilliant as Alvin Lee ever has been. No, probably even better, as some people say so. But on the other hand, he doesn't hold a cultstatus yet as Alvin Lee still does for the rest of his life. And we gotta live with it. Unfortunately there are still some people out there, who don't accept the new constillation and keep ignoring Ten Years After 2007. What a shame. Although, this group belongs to the few Oldiebands, who still consist of almost all original members, exept one. And not many other artists of the Sixties can say so. 

But never mind now. Because right now, the band is pulling and pushing the fans like bats to the moonlight shadow, thanks to legendary songs like 'Little Schoolgirl' and 'Go Home' etc. etc. (view setlist on the left) It's music, which never gets outta fashion or outta time. It's Bluesrock in it's clearest form, Music, which gets your shoes glowing. Automatically you start shaking and dancing along with it and we all get carried away by this sentimental nostalgic trip  and energetic Rock'n'Roll.
You wouldn'd think so, if you see 'em up there, apart from Joe, who was still flying with the storks, when Woodstock was happening. But as we all know Rock'n'Roll keeps us young at heart. And none other seems so young right at this very moment as Ric Lee, Leo Lyons and Chick Churchill. They get lost within an medley of all those great tunes and even play with some chords of Smoke on the Water around. The Sixties are alive again, get carried away above the Seventies, beeing touched by the new century. And everybody is singing along, when TYA start the song 'I'm Calling' . That's how a Rock'n'Roll party should be, The recepie is rather simple. All you need is an excellent rockband, a few well known tracks, well done performed with the magic sparkle beeing transfered from the stage on to the fans. And receiving all this luv and dedication from the audiance is the biggest present for the band again and the encouragement to carry on with what they do to keep this music alive for the next decade. I'm pretty sure there will be a next one......

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