Question: what does a drummer do, when his band has got a break from touring for about 9 weeks and he doesn't fancy to spend his free time in rehearsel rooms. It's simple... - He meets up with the best tribute band around and goes on stage again to play some live shows, or should I better say - does his rehearsels rather on a stage in front of audiance then in a lonely home studio. And it's a lotta fun as well, Ian Paice admits. Yep, that's how he keeps in shape and condition until he's back on the road again with Deep Purple - the mothership.

Coincidentally this best Deep Purple-Coverband comes from Germany, or more definate from Siegen, a little town just behind the moon - far away from everything. Nevertheless the group named Demon's Eye have already reached  some reputation within the musicscene and established themselves. Even Purple bassist Roger Glover  has stated one day, that those boys are so good, we couldn't do it better ourselves. I presume, you can't get a nicer compliment as the tribute act of  your heroes. 
The project Demon's Eye is going now since 1998, and the currentlich consist of Mastermind and drummer  Andree Schneider, guitarist Steve Curly, who could be easily Ritchie Blackmore's son, at least what's up to the visual aspect, Maik Keller on bass, the youngster in the club, keyboardist Florian Pritsch and singer Robby thomas Walsh, a real irish man. He is the focus in the band, and a true handsome one as well. And he's got the big advantage, that he doesn't sound german due to his english, or should I better say, irish accent. This is very conveniant in national and international ways. 

This trip now with the legendary Deep Purple drummer Ian Paice must be a real highlight for the boys and a true honour as well. And I guess, they do appreciate this very much. Four times they got the chance to share the stage with their idol, once in the Netherlands, twice in Germany and one time in Austria. And thanks god, one occassion is set for Munich - right now and after Ian has done a drum clinique first in the city's Musicshop. 
Aprox. 250 friends of classic rockmusic have found their way to this club tonight. There are Purple freaks, as well as Munich's drummer scene and some lovers of just - solid good rockmusic. The reasons, that there are not more spectators showing up might be a famous soccer match at the same time in town, or maybe another Rockmusic event in the venue around the corner, Who knows.....


However,our local heroes "Dead Means Nothing" start off with the set, while I am sitting backstage with Mr. Paice doing an interview. It's nice to see again after quite a while, and there would be so much to talk about, but there ain't that much time. The first impression of the support act is mentioned by Ian himself as he says: "this sounds like Motörhead, doesn't it?" - Yes, they are first of all - loud, very loud indeed. The headliner and Ian start getting ready for stage time- And I catch up with them for the last 10 minutes, just enough to take some live shots. I won't judge 'em this time, due to the shortness of my presence. But like mentioned before, - whatever Deep Purple is for Demon's Eye, that's Motörhead for 'Dead Means Nothing'. 

And here we go, Ian comes on stage, takes first of all the mic and  says hello to Munich's music lovers, before he climbs behind his drumkit. 
Off we go with a lot of dry ice. But whoever thinks, that this is gonna be a pure Deep Purple camouflage is wrong, because the setlist also includes Whitesnake tunes as well as songs of Jimi Hendrix. Over all it's a colourful bunch of melodic flowers, and the jamsession goes ahead. - The poorest guy here on stage is certainly the original Demon's Eye drummer Andree Schneider, who's job has changed tonight to become an additional background singer because the seat behind the drumkit is occupied. Only for one song inbetween Andree returns to play drums to give Ian Paice a little rest. Although I don't think Ian really needs a break. Despite 58 years of age, he is in an excellent shape and shows once again what genius he is on his instrument. 
I also should mention guitarist Steve Curly, who has not only adopted Blackmore's hair and dressing style, but also his guitar playing style. And even the physical movements are almost perfectly copied. - In fact there are so many similaritys, that Ritchie should ask himself, whether there ain't another son of him on this globe, he doesn't know about :-))) Anyway, Stevie-Boy is great player as well, that's for sure.  
„There Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City“, originally penned by
M. Price, D. Walsh and made famous by Bobby Bland and Whitesnake is one of the highlights here. And this young generation also let this masterpiece sound brilliant. There is so much heart and soul in it, that I ask myself very often, what have musicians done differently in the past to give music eternal life. You can really feel the emotion in those tracks, Robby, Steve & co try to transfer to the audiance. But most of all Ian Paice shows us his talents within this small place. And you can realize, how much fun he has still got in what he's doing after all those years. The vibe is jumping on to the band and is passed on to the audiance. - "Nothing serious, but just a lot of fun" - Ian explains this stint to the fans, who might feel this way like he does. But for Demon's Eye it is probably the most serious and important thing in the world. 

It's been a happening, we will talk about and even longer remember at. And maybe sometime in the future, there will be another chance to get this connection between the next generation and their idol. But 'till then, there will be some smoke on the water rising, and Demon's Eye will show up on their own again, like shortly for some dates in Ireland. 
Meanwhile - see you all soon again, and Deep Purple maybe soon in Wembley,London....

Diary for some Off Stage snapshots