In the right beginning I have to confess one thing. I'm not sure, what I did like more tonight, the brilliant guitar playing of Vinnie Moore or the funny stageshow of Pete Way. Huge talent meets great amusement. The rest is history, in the truest sense of the word what's up to the almost original line up.

To take it ahead, U.F.O. have never belonged to the first class ligue of these 70s rockbands. Although they took care, that two songs went into rock history - 'Doctor Doctor' and 'Only You Can Rock Me'. Thank you Mr.Schenker. 
Some of us right now say, that it ain't no U.F.O. anymore without him. But on the other hand, there have been so many line up changes over all those years, that it rather doesn't matter, whether a moody M.S. on a constant ego trip stands up there on stage and the internal stress is strongly feelable, or somebody else plays the lead without a psycho war. Sorry, all you Hardcore U.F.O. fans. But personally I prefer a cool Rock'n'Roll party with a happy band up there, than a fucked up ego trip. (I don't mean that personally Michael, you know I like you) But when the chemistry ain't right, then you should give it a go once for good, and not maybe get back together one day for a third time because of money and a soapy de ja vu. However, I don't think this will ever happen again.
Apart from that I also believe, that U.F.O. will eber rise up again to former fame. But that's rather due to the current business situation. And they are not the only one's. 
Original drummer Andy Parker has returned, and there is our funny Rock'n'Roll monster a.k.a. Pete Way. also an original. Paul Raymond came in the band almost from the very beginning and last but not least Phil Moog, who has ever been here. Only Vinnie Moore is the new guy, the baby in the band.  

Although, they are still alive and kickin' ass, as we say so. I have no clue what the situation somewhere else is, but Munich's reputation to be a hard place to play live has become true once more. Just about 150 nostalgic fans have gathered at the Metropolis club to exchange memories. Whereby I've got to put this to the fact, that tickets for the upcoming mega events, like Ozzy Osbourne (only german show) The Who, Aerosmith, Bryan Adams, Meat Loaf and Genesis are so highly priced, that there is nothing left for the smaller events.  


One thing is for sure, this appearance of U.F.O. develops into a little diamond concerning the brilliant performance of Vinnie Moore, who is more than just a substitution for Michael Schenker. Help me, he is soooo good. Phil Moog as a singer, have handed the frontrole to Pete Way, who is a great entertainer, and it doesn't get boring for a single second. 

Andy Parker back on the spot, and Paul Raymond the eternal man in the background, - very posh, very british. But it is Pete Way, the Rock'n'Roll animal in his absolut outta trend look of the eighties, who draws our most attention. He seems, like he is out of this world, flying high. He is moving in such a funny way, that, Rudolf Chametowitsch  Nurejev would get jealous, if he was still alive. And Pete even drops down on the floor, keeps playing and seems to fall asleep - almost. But of course he doesn't. 

Jesus.... for some time I have the impression, he won't get his bones up again. But don't worry, Pete gives himself another energy push up and jumps up offering some deeper view at his backside!!!

However, U.F.O. still belong to the sort of bands, who can put out another 10 albums, but at a live concert, people still wanna hear one thing.... Just look at the setlist, then you see. Yes of course they introduce the 'Monkey Puzzle' from 2006, the latest release. But it's 'Lights Out In London' and of course 'Doctor Doctor' which will be there forever. Never mind. - Fact is, - Vinnie Moore takes care about the musical quality, Pete Way for the entertainment aspect and the rest belongs to it, like the roof to the church. And we are still no pensioniers - yep Phil....
What else shall I say.... this is Rock'n'Roll and nothing else.

PS: and just to make sure.... No Pete is still in a pretty good condition, I can asure you ...... Cheers and see you soon again...

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