Who to the hell is.....? The older metal fans under us know very well who this English rock export is. Even it gets on your tits, you readers out there, however, I have to stretch out a again a bit further into the past, when I’ve seen this lot supporting Motörhead in a small village in Tyrol in 1986.

It was a long time ago indeed and the world has changed. But not only this but also we ourselves have changed. And thanks to my habit of taking pictures everywhere I am and I go during the past 25 years, many memories got stuck in my brain. Over all it's funny, confronting all those guys visually with the past. Oh how we laughed. Best example: view Diary at the aftershow pics. 

However, Onlslaught were founded in 1983, and released their debutalbum 'Power From Hell' two years later. Stylistically the band leans on groups like Slayer and Venom. And they wrote lyrics concerning dark and satanic topics. With the song 'Death  Metal' they created next to Possessed kind of a new image. And the 80s thrashmetal scene took them well off. With new singer Sy Keeler the second album 'the Force' came out in 1986. Onslaught went on tour supporting Exiter, Girlschool and Anthrax. The same year they played at the Dynamo Festival and went with it's headliner Motörhead on tour again.
In 1987 an EP with a coverversion of AC/DCs 'Let There Be Rock' was released, and the album 'In Search of Sanity' came 2 years later, with a new singer again. In 1991 the band seperated, and it took 13 years until drummer Steve Grice, guitarist Nige Rockett and singer Sy Keller got back together. This march the reunionalbum 'Killing Peace' has been released. And now wr finally got them back including the fact, that the traditional thrashmetl is not dead yet. 

Like so often, three supportacts are opening up the evening. the first one is
Predatory Violence , who I missed, because of time reasons.But I'm at the spot for the number two Hateful Agony’ and three who is Zerfetzer’ . All three of them are young and energetic, trying their best to put on this kinda music to the next generation. I have to admit, those youngstern have got some potential, though it ain't fully developed yet, and it still needs tons of experience and practice. But the will is there and the pleasure to play. And of course the chance for a live gig, even it's just vor about 150 fans, like tonight. 

When Onslaught hit the stage you finally realize the difference between a beginner and a professionell. But like I said before, these supportacts are young and just trying to break free. And like we use to say so: what ain't right now, can still be one day. Main thing is the fun aspect. 

Onslaught don't hesitate and start off with the title track of the new CD 'Killing Peace'. And yes, it shoots off into the system. Great, and it seems like time stands still, - yeah not quite..... Because Onslaught do not sound outta fashion at all compared to so many other old bands from the past. In opposite to other musical trends, thrashmetal always has stand the test of time, ready to continue. 
Next to the founder members Steve Grice and Nige Rockett and singer Sy Keller, there is Jeff Williams on bass and Al Jordan on leadguitar. And although they are all round their early 40s they seem fitter as some twenty year olds. 

Here you feel the magic, which came back straight away after beeing reunited and also the fact, that this here is true thrashmetal and not some weird noise polution. The program includes some new stuff, but also the old classic tunes (see setlist) which go hand in hand with not exeptional breaks. It sweeps you away. And that's my dear friends, - that's how it should be. Everything else would be boring. 

I for my part are nicely surprised. The only minus, I have to complain about, is the short stage time of just about over an hour. But having four bands on the bill, it probably doesn't allow any more space. The headliner went on stage at 10.30 p.m. 
Anyway, at least I know, it won't take another 21 years to see Onslaught live on stage, because they will be back in December with some other acts for the Xmass Festival tour in Germany. And I'm truly lookiing forward to that one as well.....


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click on the pic below for Onslaught live with 'Killing Peace'   (linked to You Tube)