holy christ including all Ikea furnitures. there they are again, our best export in matters moshpit virus. That's the best way to describe this band in one word. Somehow more understandable you'd call the style of Clawfinger "Crossover". Twice I've checked out those guys live on stage yet. And both times I really did like the show, which probably produced more energy than a high voltage system of a trainstation. If you're a photographer then you best take a good zoom with you , because taking pictures from the first row is like a suicide attempt in form of getting squashed to marmelade including the loss of your camera. Moshpit it's called this dangerous area. But singer Zak Tell even ecourages the fans several times during the show to keep this pit moving round and round. So beeing a rather quiet spectator of the show I rather prefer the sidepotest a little back to watch the crazyness and take my pics. 

Support comes from some belgium goodies, who listen to the name 'Cloon'. If you look at their website you can read: ' what happens, when Tool, Faith No more and Primus are put on one stage together with Frank Zappa and Tom Waits?'. My first thought about that is: that's gotta be a weard bunch of guys. And it is indeed, but with a certain kind of strategy. Most of all it's frontman Tom Claus catching our attention, with his funny hat. After a little scepsis in the beginning my ear gets caught in a certain way, trying to become familiar with this asymetric sound. To make it short and painless, Cloon do exist for about 5 years including 2 Demo CDs and one EP. Supporting Clawfinger now on their european tour the band takes as a chance and hopes to open some doors for themselves. And even their performance is a bit unusual, it is definately worth a while to have a listen to them. You can't deny a certain state of entertainment within their show. Everything else is a matter of taste, as I always use to say.

After the break, the rather mild aircondition develops within seconds into a heavy hurrican, and our Munich Clawheads are not to hold back. Almost sold out , 600 freaks are stomping on each others toes and ram their heads into each other. . 'Live Will Kill You' is the slogan in this room and also the title of the new album, which rather tends to go back to the roots compared to the CD beforehead - 'Hate Yourself With Style'. We've been told  - 'we only play new stuff tonight' - from up there, but noone takes this seriously anyway. But who cares in the end, the battle of Waterloo has reached another top and the condition gets critical. No surprise actually, because Clawfinger produce such a huge pressure up there with their music and their aura, that you can truly feel it. If you hold a broken light bulb into this taifun, it probably would flash lighter than a christmastree under the midnight sun. 

Clawfinger produce a crossover sound, like I said before,what the guys once described out of a joke as samples, loops and no guitar amps.No, it's definately not that bad. 'Cause live on stage, the elk is still playing his soccer game personally, if you know what I mean. Only a few times, there are some side effects put into it. 
However, the explosive mixture is underlined by the all overwhelming stage presence of Zak Tell, who proves with his almost acrobatic jumps, that he is still fitter than a 20 year young sportshoe. 

During a Clawfinger show stagediving develops into high energy sport, and I've even seen bassist Andre' Skaug jumping from a high box down into the audiance in the past. Not so tonight, whether it's because he ain't that well or the fact, that our amps here are not suited for such a thing. But never mind, the audiance takes care for the right atmosphere anyway. 

The encore, how could it be differently... is still the slogan: 'Do What I Say'- And this my friends they definately have to say twice here tonight. 
What a great show..... - thank you very much and please come back soon again.....

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