Okay, I confess, I have not gonne to the Marilyn Manson Show tonight and have decided for Fusion sound instead of horror rock. And believe me, I have not regret this decision. 
Do you actually know - what makes great musicians? No?! Okay - you take three of them, who know each other but haven't played live together in this form. Then you let them do exactly one rehearsal and put them on a stage same night to play together all this new stuff. And so what.... no lost soul in here does actually realize, that there is highly explosive experiment going on, which easily could get wrong at one point. I say - could....! Because of course it doesn't and each of the aprox. 200 guests in here, who luv the neat fusion jazz rock and what so ever, is totally enthusiastic about the clever and well done arrangements. And so we are able to enjoy three worldclass musicians, who are playing a set, that we get the impression everything below these talents is small and nothing worth it. 
Oh by the way, I do not see very often the Nightclub here so crowded as tonight. Actually I wait aprox. 20 minutes just to get in. And that's a very good sign.

Alrighty.... Jazz Police, that is David Gilmore, -


no,- not that one from Pink Floyd, but he owns the same name by coincident. And I presume, fans within the Jazz circle, know exactly of whom I'm talking of. You find his name on over 50 various productions. And he is known for his work with Bozz Scaggs, Isaac Hayes, Wayne Shorter, Bill Evans, Joan Osbourne, Madonna and Joss Stone, just to name a few. In 2001 David released his first solo record. And beeing 43 year of age he has reached more than most other artists.I must admit, I do not get to see and hear such a great guitarist very often. Many of the played tunes tonight are from his recordings. 

Okay, I presume, I don't need to say much about  Will Calhoun, do I....? 



This guy is known for beeing the most complex drummer worldwide, he is the grooving heart of the Hardrock Band Living Colour. He worked with Ron Wood from the Rolling Stones, is a member of rap idol Mos Def and was musical director for Harry Bellafonte and Herb Albert. Will toured with jazzlegend Pharoah Sanders and worked with the african legends Salif Keita and Sheik Tidiane. 
Furthermore he was in the studio with Jeff Beck and makes the duo headfake together with bassist Doug Wimbish, who he joins the stage with also in Living Colour. He's leading a jazzband with Greg Osby and Jean Paul Bourelly and is touring with various solo projects. For me Will Calhoun is one of the best drummers around. And what impresses me most, is the fact, that his love for music and his talent goes from hard rock across worldmusic to fusion jazz, just about everything. 

Last but not least, the third within the threesome is also no unknown in the genre, and is featured quite a few times yet on my website.

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So I actually have featured Vic already several times, and will do it again and again and again. Just for a reminder: Victor Bailey the bass legend you can find on over 600 albums - from Jazz to rock and more. In the past he jumped in for Jaco Pastorius in the mega band Weather Report, was a member of Groover Washington and the LL Cool J's Group and also joined tourbands of Madonna and Sting. Apart from that he worked with Mike Stern, Bill Evans, Michael Brecker, each of them a big name in Jazz for himself. And Vic's got some solorecords out as well well worth to have a listen to it.  I luv the way he's playing the bass, his attitude, his general way to perform. 

One thing is for sure, when three such outstanding musicians come together, actually nothing can go wrong anymore. 

The promoter has put the event under the slogan - Jimi Hendrix 65th Birthday, which is indeed today. But some guests here have missunderstood about this and expected a whole lotta Hendrix music. And of course it ain't. Only one tune is played during the second set tonight with a little dedication. That's it.
Apart from that it's a well done mixture of fusion which those musicians have adopted so well. Yep, it gets down very well... And I personally hope, that one or the other of the guys or all three of them will be back soon. I'll be there  then again as well

Some  Aftershow snapshots you find in the