...and no, I repeat it for the 150.000 time, this here is not Alvin Lee from Ten Years After, but Albert Lee, who belongs to the world's best guitarists, according so several sources. If you name Eric Clapton - Mr. Slowhand, so you should name Albert Lee - Mr. Fasthand. Because I honestly want to say, that there ain't many other guitarists on this planet, playing with such a speed and high quality standard. That's what makes Albert to someone really special. 

I have already more than once reported about him on this website. That's why I spare myself to explain again his carriere.
you can read it.

And actually he doesn't really need to play such shows anymore, like tonight at the Rattlesnake Saloon here in Munich. But he still does it for many years - 2 nights a year together with his band Hogarn's Heroes. For me it's a must every time, this band is here. That's also the reason, why Joe Bonamassa and also Good Charlotte have to play without me in different venues tonight. 
The Ratllesnake Saloon is next to the Oklahoma, one of our two Countryclubs here, only with one disatvantage, that the first mentioned one, is much further away from my home adress, than the other. But never mind... Comfortable Country aura is awaiting it's visitors including many nostalgic Cowboy and southern states relicts. It almost seems like a little museum. By the way, the food is delicious, I can only advise you, to have a meal there. Whoever likes american/mexican food is at the right spot. And every time I am here, I'm fascinated by female boss Gabi, who handles everything so easily and always with a happy smile, no matter how crowded the club is. 
Enough ads, and back to Albert Lee & Hogan's Heroes, who are playing here tonight and tomorrow night again . The place is crowded as always, and it's not only Countryfans gathering here. The band plays a mixture of old fashion Rock, Countryrock, Blues and Rock'n'Roll, and the centerspot is of course Albert Lee, who sings, plays guitar and also the keyboard. The rest of the band is
Steelguitarist Gerry Hogan , Drummer Peter Baron, Bassist Brian Hodgson and  instead of Pete Wingfield inow Ezio Pace is handling the Piano .He has also produced the new CD ‚Like This’. 

It's always the same view, when Albert Lee starts to play. People shaking their heads in quiet amazement ending up in enthusiastic applause. He is, without doubt, one of the best beeing voten five times - Best Country Guitar Picker by 'Guitar Player', nomiinated twice for a Grammy and won it once for best Country instrumental performance. He received the Gold Badge Award from the british academy for songwriters, composers and authors. And he received a lifetime achievement award from the British Country Music Association. 

Although english born Lee, who lives in the states for many years now, is still very down to earth, and underlines his status and talent rather with his nice and quiet mentality. He shares the stage with Clapton and Bill Wyman on the big stages in the world. But his heart belongs last but not least to Hogan's Heroes, who he luv's to play most. You can feel it. Albert Lee is, like I said before, one of the very best one's, whether he's playing the Royal Albert Hall in London, or like tonight at the Rattlesnake Saloon. Accompanied by some other first class musicians, whereby Ezio Pace makes quite an impression on piano, this appearance once again  a sparkling diamond within ths jungle of countless events. Please go and check it out, next time Albert is here in town. He  definately will be there , as long as he's able to stand on a stage and play and return to the Rattlesnake Saloon  for two nights a year. 

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