Yiippiiieehhh, here he is again, our mexican Speedy Gonzales of the Vampire Rock'n'Roll. Four long years he hasn't been here in Munich. And last time I saw him at this occassion, it was in the smallest venue of the Backstage organization - the club, in front of a very small audiance. But times change as we know, and in Titos case it's obvioulsy not negative at all. 

Be honest, this man still lives somehow a bit from his success he had in the cultmovie 'From Dusk till Dawn' back in 1996. You surely remember this smokey dark Titty Twister Club with it's strange characters. And in the middle - Tito and his band singing about some angry cockroaches, while Quentin Tarantino and George Clooney fight against some Draculas. Great stuff, and we still luv to watch those scenes over and over again. 

Unfortunately, or should I say thanks god, here in Europe we do remember the movie much more than back in the states. And so Tito's carriere got stuck over here, while in the states it's more or less memory. During the past years Tito Larriva always used to come here across the ocean. But the tooth of time lost it's sparkle as well of course with the time. And last time I saw him four years ago, there were only about 75 souls here in Munich checking him out, as I mentioned in the beginning. 

I have been looking forward so much for today, not only because of the gig, but also to see Tito again, as I do like him so much personally in his nice personality. And he plays his music with so much heart and soul, that every time it is a pleasure to listen to him.
So once again I make my way to the Backstage. But this time it's not the small club, but the biggest venue - The Werk. When I arrive, first I think I'm at the wrong concert, when I see the long queue outside the building. Holy shit.... 

But it is the right show indeed. We are at the Tito & Tarantula Concert. 1.200 people fit in this location. And I guess it is close to a sell out. I truly ask myself - how come that there is such a hype suddenly. What is the turning point for god sake. To be honest, I don't have the slightest clue. 
But never mind. It's a fact and a pleasure to see, that the venue is absolutely crowded with well mixed audiance - old and young dudes gathering here. 
After the warm up of german rockers
Jenson, who I miss most of it, Tito & his Tarantulas climb up the stage just after 9.30 p.m. to start their set....

Tito looks cool in his – Pirates of the Caribean – Style including sunglasses. Yep vampires don't like the light, do they.... And we photographers get to feel it at this mystic foggy atmosphere, where we are trying desperately to catch some decent images.

Yes okay, it starts a bit slow and takes some time to break the ice. But then the increase of the general vibe on the scale is not to stop anymore. The audiance is infected by enthusiasm. And at some point in the front even a moshpit is formed, in which the action explodes. Tito offers us this time lots of new music. His new album 'Back Into The Darkness' has just come out. Yes, we have to get used to these new tunes first, although they still own these typical heavy.slow style with a latin touch. The single 'Monsters' meets the nerve of the audiance best. 
What's up to the band, some things have changed over the years as well. Exept guitarist Steven Medina Hufsteter, who was with Tito last time in Munich as well, the new guy is drummer Rafeal Gayol and the new girl is Lucy LaLoca, who could be taken out of the movie from then, what's up to her look. 
I personally dun' know about those two. But I guess, I first have to get used to the current line up.

I personally still remember guitarist Peter Atansasoff, who started the band with Tito in 1992. But that was yesterday, and we are here today on april 30. 2008 at the Backstage Werk, where the general mood is getting better and better and reaches it's highpoint at Titos biggest hit so far 'After Dark' from the first album 'Tarantism'
Some Beauties in the audiance get asked to join the band on stage and dance along the vampire dance, like once upon a time in the horror movie. To be honest, some of them show a certain similarity to.... yeah okay, forget it.....

The encore - of course..... ‚Angry Cockroaches’ –  a great tune, which is everything what Tito is. I luv' it. - The band comes back twice for an encore. And with lots of cheers and applause Tito finally leaves exhausted but happily the stage. 

So to take a fazit - let's put it that way.... I have certainly seen better gigs of Tito, which doesn't neccessarely mean, that one was a bad one.... But maybe it's also because of the fact, that this has been the first show, a jetlack or whatsoever.... But if you look back at the average mood and vibe and feeling of a real enthusiastic audiance, which has never been so big before, giving back so much resonance, then we surely can't complain.
A little later after the show, Tito tells me behind the curtain: "we were sh.. today.."  - Hey hey.... let's face it and I bet every vampire of the northern hemisphere - that nobody of those 1.000 spectators thought and realize this. - So what..... 
I luv' ya anyway.... 


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