and if the world gets really old, however, humans will always be kids. They destroy their toys with violence, like children usually do. When everything is put in pieces and there's nothing left, then mankind is seeking happily and plays with all those pieces. 

That's how it goes,, though in constant changing shades. To describe it more simple... Grave Digger belong surely to the oldest german Heavy Metal Bands and they are celebrating their 30th anniversary next year. Yiippiieehh time goes by too fast, doesn't it...But the clock did never stop striking musically and this band created tons of toys - oh sorry, music I wanted to say, throughout the years. They put it together, ripped it into pieces and build it up again in a total different way. But don't call all this destructed bits, like mentioned above in the intro. Let's better name it scales of experience, which are used again and again in different ways to spin the red line on and on. One of the latest inches are named 'Pray' and came out in the past fall. But we ain't all nons, as Main digger Boltenthal has booked the almost eternal youth for himself, and only slight silve shimmering shows, that he ain't 21 anymore. 
But who cares, as long as the motor, the fitness and the inner attitude is alright. And we are 25 again and play Monopoli or singing an opera in a high F 'till the deep C as long as some of these bits and pieces are put together in an exotic, creative new way. 

I'd call it an eternal refreshing of the aging cells. And yes, whatever the Rolling Stones can do, we can do as well what's up to the dejavu.  However I would say, let's talk again in another 15 years. We name it gallows reprieve. But stop, I truly doubt, that this has anything to do with the new Grave Digger album 'Ballads Of A Hangman'. 
And like we keep saying - we are here and now and right there, and we feel very well and are in a good mood,and everything else is as interesting as a wet dessert flea. 

Okay, okay, I confess, I'm late again, because just before this event, I flew to the moon for a bit...yeah well, not quite, but still 
(here)) so far, that I missed
the first supportact
Taletellersí and half of the set of the second support named 'Alestorm'.

But it is still enough for me to get a wagely impression of the heirs of Nessy. To get it right, these youngsters are not really from the Loch Ness area but rather from the little pretty town named Perth in Scotland. where they desperately try to defend their reputation of beeing the pirates of the Cari... eh sorry, the north atlantic ocean. And this is called: 'True Scottish Pirate Metal'.
Captain Cook waves hello, and Peter Pan, who's real name is Christopher Bowes, stands his man with a powerful beat on his keyboard and his Jolly Roger message. He is accompanied by Ian Wilson on drums, tim Shaw on bass and Dani Evans on leadguitar. (and none of them has a 'Mac' in his name or wears a skirt) so you see, everythign is clichee. 'Captain Morgan's Revenge' is the title of their first full album, and with that one, they are about to concquer the world. And somehow the circle closes itselves again what's about the Pirates of the Caribian, because though the pirate Henry Morgan was a british pirate, although not from Scotland but from Wales, he lived and died in the 17th century on Jamaica. 

Our scottish pirates named Alestorm have dedicated their first release to this famous pirate. And you can't over hear those folk lasting influences of the highlands.The front of the Backstage Hall here in Munich is conquered soon as well. One  musical cannon bomb is thrown after the other, what shall I say?! And all sailors and smutjes in here have peeled off their metal-potato skins and fry themselves to smashed potatoes. Very nice, and that's how it shall go and be. Captain Blei and  his Alestorm Bounty Crey can't wish anything better than that. Respect, the battle lasts 45 minutes and then Jolly Roger is sailing off again to the next island. I for my part could easily imagine, that we get to hear more of these scottish pirate-boys in the near futures. Ahoi and all the best...

Alestorm live in Munich


Well, and now compared to the just appeared young generation, our golden gir.... no boys of Grave Digger are stumbling on stage and start their powerful senior coffee chat and these mid fourties boys, prove, that they are actually still very active and powerful...

And that's exactly the reason, why I take the word stumbling back. Because obviously there is no need of proteins or viagra or what so every (whereby of course I'can't look into everything and everybody) But apart from that, there is definately nothing missing in these teeth crowns. They show coolness up there, youth and a whole lo of energy, and it seems, as they just walked they short way from cologne to Munich, without walking sticks and wheelchair of course. Respect my dear friends. the peppermint tea stays in the draw, and the Hangman philosophy gets our bones rolling. No surprise at such a slim and gracefull shape (so what Manni) By the way, he gets introduced as the man with the most beautiful christen name in the german language, which is true in a way... *lol*

All Clips live in Munich

Itís Showtime for the youth and grown up sportsmen, Swanlake dancers, wheelchair drivers and rheumatism sufferrer within this Metal mausoleum. Oh sorry, not to forget the next generation of Hard Rock. Because at Gravediggers musical bunch of flowers, every earthworm forgets his worries and feels like Tarzan and Jane and Superman. the so called True Metal (I still hate this expression) so let's call it mellow marsh music for Headbangers, is straining chilly into your ears and cares about the bones, thanks to some spicy lemon juice. And because as we say, sour makes happy, the chain reaction is doing well with a powerful aloha from the cemetry, which has still enough space do dig around....

The Silent Revolution is calling for the last Supper and you hear Excalibar making noise in the Valhalla (but be careful with your artifical hips)
The Rebellion of the reaper is doing a prayer, that their won't be a Heavy Metal Break Down for a long time because of possibly Alzheimer illness, Parkinson desease or even some youthful ingorance. The only thing missing, are the pyros, like written in big letters on the setliste. And you don't need glasses to read this. But well, this again is probably an order of our beloved town authorities. 

'Silent Revolution'

Apart from that the bass drums has made a deal with the snares to boykott the usual solo stint, with a big piece of cake gone for the recepie of uncle Stefan. (where have you been later on, by the way?) But though the missing solo stint is ignored, our Golden Boys of Heavy Metal, including silver-hair, Balu, Winnetou, Long John and not to forget the new and sixt wheel on the Rock'n'Roll Rolls Royce, are diggering the graveyard here like mad and with all their heart and energy.  The oven is heated within  minutes, and you certainly don't need a hot water bottle in addition...

'Last Supper'

That's it with this year's  annual cuddly hours for the aprox. 350 bavarian nostalgic fans of happy hardrock melodies in our little livingroom here. And now we head quickly back home in our cradles to have a decent nap, like seniors usually need to keep fit and healthy for another 15 years. And so we Oldies can still take a powerful bite on some young artifical limbs, including some alcoholic lubricants... Cheers....


 PS: and in the Diary you find some Bedtime Snapshots...