Long time ago, that I've seen the former Climax Blues Band guitarist live on stage. In fact, it was in December 1990 in London at the Hammersmith Odeon at the Night Of The Guitars. That was two years after he split with his band, who's biggest hit, probably everybody ou you out there knows - 'Couldn't Get It Right'.
Since then, much time has passed, and quite a few things have happened. Pete Haycock had moved to Germany meanwhile, and he started concentrating on studiowork only, which he kept doing for about 15 years. About 2 years ago he went round the corner in Frankfurt to a club, just to have a beer or two. And coincidentally he had bumped into a jamsession of Glen Turner and friends. That was it, to change his mind bringing him back up onto stage. Pete recruited Glen, who, by the way both are from England and had moved to the city of Frankfurt. And these two guys formed their True Blues Project. Well done, because it would have been a pity, if such talents as Pete Haycock and Glen Turner would continue their jobs in a more or less underground. 
Meanwhile they have found their right line playing together....

And the first result of what they've done so far, is already available for purchase in form of a live CD. It's entitled 'Pete Haycock & True Blues, feat. Glen Turner' and it includes some own tracks but also many cover versions of well known tunes played live last year all over the place. 
And that's what we get here tonight at the Village Club in Habach. (The club is located on the way from Munich to Garmisch towards the austrian border on the outskirts of a little village. Aprox. 30 - 45 minutes drive from Munich).
In this neat small place many well known names in Rock,Blues, Jazz and Worldmusic have already played here. But it's a working day today and also tomorrow, one of these days, where the average guy doesn't go out because of getting up early in the morning. That's why we count only about 40 souls, who can live with a hang over the next day, just to experience a great gig. And that's what we truly do for the next 2 hours, with a small break inbetween.It's Glen Turner who draws th main focus  on himself first. Seated out of what so ever reasons, he takes care for a brilliant intro on guitar and lead vocals and the song 'Roadhouse Blues'. And from this point onwards the foursome take us to a journey into the past with lots of different Blues Rock and Rock'n'Roll pearls. At some songs the vocals are handled by the bassist, who's name I've forgotten, please forgive me. I only know, he's from Stuttgart and owns a large studio - thanks for any  hint!!)  

Haycock himself is getting into his solos with lots of feeling and the meanwhile 58 year old Englishman shows, that he is still a brilliant guitarist.
He also entertains us with amusing anecdotes, like the one below in the clip. 

'Die Story of Pete's Guitar'

Like I mentioned in the beginning, the set is interrupted by a 30 minutes break. And thanks to it's variety it ain't boring for a single second. 
But like I have often experienced in the past, once again I could cry, when I see such firstclass musicians up there on a stage in front of so less audiance, though the deserves so much more. No, it's not the location, and only little by the fact of this middle of the week timeschedule. It is more or less a lack of musical promotion of this band and their product. A band who is not known to the younger generation, only to us elderly, who have experienced the carriere of the Climax Blues Band as well. 

One question I forgot to ask Pete in the interview aftershow. Why don't he play his biggest hit 'couldn't Get It Right' anymore? And there are quite a few more good songs from his past I do miss. Or is it due to the fact, that he doesn't wanna be confronted with his past? Who knows...

In each case I have to say, that my trip to Habach and the Village Club was worth while. And I leave very late past midnight with the feeling, that I have once again experienced a great night out. And I believe, I'm not the only one.
Last but not least I do hope, that Pete Haycock and his band will get a bit more attention in the near future, and his name gets familiar to a larger audiance. These guys truly deserve it....