Barney looks like 21, just escaped of the twen age, but in fact he's already 4 decades old, or should I say young?- which again doesn't mean, that he don't feel like 20 something. Barney is a vegetarian, since he's 14, doesn't smoke and luv's his occassion pils or english dark lager inbetween. And.... he's got two passions. One of them is named Aston Villa, Birmingham's premiere leage club, the other carries the name Napalm Death. And with both, Barney, who, in normal life is a pretty calm guy, can very neatly get rid of his surplus energy and power and even aggressions. 
And jesus wept.... that's what he's doing with all the guts he's got within himself. Well, mind me, I've never experienced him in the fanpit at an Aston Villa home match, but I did quite a few times in the past at a Napalm Death show. 

                                                                      click soccer ball 

First time, I saw this band live in action, who are often named the founder's of grindcore metal,  back in 1992 in London, when Barney was just about 3 years in this band. Just to complete the correct info... Napalm Deaht are actually going since the early eighties. But I presume, that it was Mr.Greenway in the end, giving them this extraordinary  brand, where they are well known for over the past years. Before Barney's contribution, it was probably the constant line up change, which prevented a solid individuality, which again doesn't mean, that they didn't have already a stable name. 

Anyway, I remember very well Napalm Death's last visit here in Munich, where the appeared in a package of 4 bands, playing third, in the sold out Backstage Werk next door to here (1.200 fans). And very soon it turned out, that all those kids had come along mainly because of them. When headliner Moonspelle entered the stage, there were only about 50 lost souls left, wich again was probably quite demotivating for the portugiese guys. In fact, it was Napalm Death who where the secret stars of that night. And the question now is: are they gonna conquer all the kids again tonight at the Backstage Halle fitting in aprox. 600 people?! 

But first of all, it's a young band named „Die Letzten“, (in engl. - The Last One's)  from Bavaria,coming on stage.....

They were founded in 2006. And since then, they have won some competitions and battle of bands, and made themselves a name in the biz. Respect, when you think, that none of these musicians is older than 17 years of age. Although their music ain't anything innovating or new, but it's actually they way to perform, showing already some routine. So I can easily imagine, that, within a few years including lots more experience and live work, they could make their way.  I conciously say - could - because, nowadays bands split as fast as marriages and you never know. Right now, Die Letzten remind me a lot of Metallica - sort of... But as I say so: you also got to learn and work on your own individuality.So carry on and try your best, that the new generation of Heavy Metal is secured.  


Meanwhile our living room here is well filled, though not sold out. Maybe it's the current Octoberfest in this town or the beautiful weather condition - hell knows... But it's still about 300 freaks who have turned up to check out Napalm Death once again and get rid of too much body power. 

I think, I don't have to explain Napalm Death's sound, which belongs to the hardest stuff you get on this planet, what's up to musical art. But, and that's the dot on the i.... there are several kinds of sound carpets within this genre, the one, which reminds you only from the name about music, or the other, like in Napalm Death's case, -where there is in fact some straight structure. Mind me, a structure, you need a lot of understanding and luv and an open mind for everything. 
I confess, in the past even I did a little hard with Barney & Co's acoustic art. But every time I see 'em again on stage and listen carefully, I catch a little more up with the structure. And what is even more important at a Napalm Death Gig,- these guys put themselves into such an abstract power dimension, that their cascades of sound waves swap automatically over the crowd's heads. Let's put it that way, the rhythm and the power is more infecting us, than a flue virus. And Barney, with his circling marathon, which reminds me on a furious lion in a cage, takes care in addition for the overflowing adrenalin in the audiance. He almost seems to me like Dr.Jeckyl and Mr.Hyde - off stage a cuddly laid back teddybear, and on stage a mad maniac a.k.a. One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest... destroying himself into his own intestines.

The song material consists of old and new stuff. And I suggest, you better read the lyrics on the CD cover, because it's rather hard to catch everything (exspecially for us german speaking people) what Barney is presenting us up there. But it doesn't play a main role here anyway. Most important is the fact, that the power and vibe jumps over, five times multiplicated or even more, so that our adrenalin level doesn't suck down inbetween. Like I said before, you can think about this music whatever you want, but when Barney, who looks so a-typical for this stylistic, and who's tattoo's are probably the only aspect, reminding on Hardcore, - shoots off, accompanied by Bassist Shane Embury (since 1987) , guitarist  Mitch Harris (since 1990 and Drummer Danny Herrera (since 1991),then you get truly pulled away by this power machine, whether you want or not.
Well done boys, your match has also carried me away... But, although my positive resonance,  I'm, beeing austrian myself, have to mention one little thing in the end... - Dear Barney:  I was very delighted about the recent victory of Rapid Vienna over Aston Villa in the European ligue qualification, last round in the group games....  so what? We got somethin in comon, don't we?!......