Long live Rock'n'Roll, but to repeat myself... Melodic Rock has never been as dead, as it is today, - at least what's up to the western world. In Japan for instance they seem to be more tolerant, though I'm not sure, whether this is more due to the fact that the music and the musicians rather seem pretty exotic to the people there. On the other hand, I don't think - they are living behind the moon in Japan.
However, you can excuse the fact, that there are only about 50 people here at Munich's Garage club tonight with many things. Maybe it's the january hole, where many people hate going out in the evenings, when it's freezing and uncomfortable. Or is it due to the fact, that Munich is known to be a difficult place anyway for many artists. Or is it simply due to the fact, that Fair Warning have been too long away from the scene on the morbid Melodic Rock sky. 
Jesus wept, If I remember right, I have seen this lot playing live last time in the early ninetees. And I remember only wagely about it. But just to get it straight, the bands has been off the shore only between 2000 and 2005. But I assume, that their liveactivities before and after, have mainly concentrated on their second home country Japan. That's maybe why they have been almost none existend over here.
Well, last summer their latest and sixth release 'Aura' came out. And this one still gets promoted here. The Line up of Fair Warning is still Tommy Heart (Voc)  Helge Engelke (Git),

Ule Winsome-Ritgen (Bass) and CC Behrens (Drums.For this tour they have also recruited iklas Turmann of the Uli Jon Roth band, who comes in for Henny Wolter, who is currently with the Rock Meets Classic on tour. 

Tonight we are here in Munich, the first of 3 dates in Germany, Italy and Switzerland, before they head over once again to Japan for a headliner tour. This here is, what we call sort of a warm up. Although the poor situation here ain't no power push for the musicians, but of course we are professionell and don't show any frustration. In addition to that, there is this somehow odd location, which doesn't provide a crytalclear acoustic, does it?! But well, we are used to that over the years. And because it's not the band's fault, I spare out further comments on this. We have to cope with it, that's it. Apart from that, Fair Warning 2010 are offering us a Best of.... of their back catalogue (see setlist)

And at Songs as ‚Burning Heart’ , ‚I Fight’ and ‚Get A Little Closer’, just to name a few, we get some nostalgic feelings. What's up to the skills and talents, first thing coming up to my mind: you've got a great guitarist boys. Apart from that, there are these little mistakes now and then, by not meeting the correct tune a 100 percent. Not sure, whether this is due to a lack of live routine, a bad hair day or, like I said before, the local circumstances. Never mind, because most of the audiance here, don't recognize these bits and pieces anyway. The average mood in here is okay and is enjoying a nice litte De Ja Vu and one or the other beer, and this without any high expectations. And this is good so, otherwise  we'd have gone home with very mixed feelings. 

I personally presume, that the band has been influenced by the local circumstances to a certain point. Because I'm pretty sure, if we were at the bottom of the Fujijama right now in front of 2 - 4.000 fans in the audiance, then Fairwarning would blow up like cherry blossoms in late japanese spring time. To be honest, I slowly wonder, why Mr. Heart and Engelke have never thought about moving their whole life to the land of Smiles, which would probably be much more luxury. But well, these are speculations, and don't belong here. I think, this band is literatually just at the wrong place at the wrong time in another musical era, where people do not appreciate Melodic Rock anymore, exept you enjoy a cultstatus (which they don't) or you simply play in Japan - Sayonara.....