Live Review 580

...and once again, one of these old School Metal bands from a long time ago, are rollin' along, to celebrate a Dejavu of nostalgic soundwaves. And of course to convince us, that they are still very much alive and still know how to rock. Yeah well some of those kind of metalband, who I've grown with, can really manage, other's not. Can't tell you what the reason is for that. Howevern Annihilator have started of in 1984 in Vancouver, Canada, and since then have gonne through many hights, but alos depths and even more line up changes within the global Heavy Metal landscape. From back then, there is only the boss himself - Jeff Waters left, like a rock in a stormy sea, holding the line. The rest of the group, has changed almost continously over the years. Exept Jeff himself, showing off a new trendy haircut and seems at least 10 years younger as he's really is, there is also Dave Patton, who visually reminds us more on a punk then a Heavy Metal freak, and is at least 15 - 20 years younger then Jeff -. yeah well, I guess so.- Both towers in the band are accompanied by bassist Al Campuzano and drummer Carlos, who are named on the official myspace page of the band - as touring bassist and touring drummer. So I'm not pretty sure now, whether these two really belong to the band now, or they are only employed for this tour. .

This trip leads Annihilator throughout half of Europe with many stopps, but not in Munich. Fortunately the small city of Wörgl in Tyrol, a western part of beautiful Austrial ain't that far away and easiyl to reach. And it is indeed the only austrian date for Annihilator. Support comes from english group Sworn Amongst and norwegian metalheads Svolk. But I have to say sorry, as I've missed them, because of the way from Munich to here. Hope you forgive me.

In each case, here at the Komma club in Wörgl, about 350 metalfans have gathered to check out Annihilator. Many of these kids see this band for the very first time, and only a few, like myself know the canadians from back then in the Eighties. .
However, Jeff Waters and his boys meet more than every expectation with their performance. And you can't talk about an elderly wrecked rockgroup who have passed their best days a long time ago. No, if I didn't know it better, I'd think this here is a young - New generation hardrocking Metalband. But it's not, at least what's up to mastermind Waters and the music itselves. But that one again is timeless and still sounds fresh and straight between the eyes. This here is a big party and everybody is jumping along with the rhythm. Whereby I've got to say, that Annihilators thrashmetal is truly good enough for socialicing, as the music is pepped up with lots of melodic passages, which stick in your ear, despite the thrashy aspect. 

Clown Parade
Plasma Zombies
King Of The Kill
The Box
Hell Is A War
Set The World On Fire
The Trend
The Fun Palace
Crystal Ann
Alison Hell

As you can see on the setlist, Jeff has put up a great mixtures of old and new tunes. One of the highlights is certainly 'King Of The Kill' from the year 1995, or the great 'Set The World On Fire'. 3 new songs are getting introduced from the just released new studioalbum - the opener 'Ambush',- 'Betrayed' and the song 'The Trend'.

Waters and Patton are sharing lead vocals which makes a nice change as well. I should also mention the animal performance of drummer Carlos as well. The Metal bonfire is closed down with Annihilators, probably biggest hit of their entire carriere, and what could this be then 'Alison Hell' Without this song  an Annihilator concert would not be an Annihilator show. It's as easy as that. 

So 90 minutes of nostalgy, but also brilliant Heavy Metal entertainment come to an end, and nobody here regrets the money for his/her ticket. This here has been pure party without any mentionable weak spots, with a great band, who nowadays is miles to much underrated. Shame, because Annihilator are still a great band. No more comment to that. I just hope, in the future, when the band comes back again, there will be a few more fans, discovering Annihilator again for themselves. Hey, Alison Hell ain't not dead yet for a long time.....                 Some Off Stage Snapshots you find in the Diary

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