This Band, - how shall I describe it best, is sort of a phenomen, and this not so much because fo their great music, but because of the fact, that I do hardly know any other rockact, who have not changed a wink  from the visual aspect. No clue how come....
But when you watcht the up there on stage, it could have also been in 1989, the year, when I saw this outfit for the very first time at the London Marquee. Yeah well, maybe if you take a real close look, then you might spot one or the other wrinkle. But apart from that D.A.D. are still the same, visually and also physically and never getting boring a single second. 
Every now and then when these danish guys find their way to Munich, Germany, I'm really looking forward to their show. Or let me describe it the other way round - I have never seen a bad show of D.A.D. within the past 21 years. 
And no, there is no new album since 'Monster Philosophy', which came along in 2008. But who cares. Times have changed anyway. In the past artists only went on tour with a new record to support, nowadays they take most chances to present themselves where and whenever they can. Most of all because of catching up the low CD sales with ticket and merch sales. Though I don't have the impression that they are doing if for the sake of money only... In their homecountry Denmark they are one of the most popular Rockacts filling huge venues and festivals. Here in Munich they have still to put up with our Backstage Halle and aprox. 400 fans.
Two supportacts will take care for the increase of the temperature in here - hopefully...

Starting off with Eschenbach....

Eschenbach is a small town somehwere in Germany, but I assume these boys are named after their founder Phillip Eschenbach. The band gets produced by Stefan Weidner who used to be the bassist and leader of the Böhse Onkelz. Well, you now could get some weary thoughts about this. But as the band doesn't seem to follow the path of BO we forget about this now. They do exist now for 5 years, but it took until 2009 for a full selftitled album release. Our eye catches immidiately singer Riichy Schwarz from Munich here, who gives a rather interersting contrast what's up to his exotic look but performing in german language. - Eschenbach's music is decent rock, nothing new, but listenable.

They don't make a bad impression and probably go pretty well down on all Deutsch-Rock admirer. Just take care boys, that you don't get on the wrong path, if you know what I mean.... 

Second strike is Pussy Sister from  Baden Würtemberg in the west of Germany.

And as their name says, this here is one of these Next Generation Glamrock Bands, who try to continue the heritage of Poison, Mötley Crüe and Cincderella. As it is very common in these circles the bandmembers are listening to such phantastic names as: 
Alex Sex (Voc),  Marc O (Git), Mr.Coma (Bass),Vital Roxx (Drums), Ray Crewl (Git) and auch Chris Nadd (Manager and Boss)
At least these paradise birds can already look back onto 3 albums and 1 EP since 2005, And they slowly start getting a name in the scene.

They move very selfconfident up there, just as Faster Pussycat or Pretty Boy Floyd used to back in the past. And our boys here copy those idols 'till a certain point what's up to choreography and look. Most of all it's singer Alex who builds up the atmosphere by storming across the stage, sitting on the edge or climbing up the balcony - to wake up the still a little laid back audiance. 

In any case it is received very well by the crowd. And the average generell impression of Pussy Sissters is a decent one and reminds us elderly generation on the Glory Times of Glamrock, but with a youthful, fresch energy. So Pussy Sisster is certainly a rockband you should note in your memory. 

The Headliner is of all offering us a funny contrast first 

While guitarist Jacob Binzer and bassist Stif Peterson and also drummer Laust Sonne are dressed up nicely, - Jesper Binzer doesn't seem to care about fashion design and he appears in the almost same outfit as he wears in day to day life. But he knows exactly, that there is no need, as his body language and performance doesn't need any visuall addition. 
D.A.D. start off with the explosive 'Evil Twins' and carry on immidiately with 'No Fuel Left For The Pilgrim'. Both songs come from their, what I think are - their  2 best albums. That's 'Everything Glows' from 2000 and their break through longplayer 'No Fuel Left For The Pilgram from 1989. And both songs get the temperature boiling in here so much, that the containre almost gets castrated. 

During the first part of the show, there is not much talking and the music flows from one track to the next. First later on, Jesper does comunicate with the audiance in his best english mixed up with some little german. Jacob's guitar solos hold the scale with Stig's Bass art on 2 strings. The exotic instruments are already legendary. And all that without moving an eye twinkle, but not standing still on one spot either. 

What I always did like about this band is this special mixture of Hardrock meets Punk in a not too serious way. Yes, and even the Blues is adapted by D.A.D., at least what's up to the cultsong 'I Won'T Cut My Hair'  what a great tune. Within the Setlist allmost all pearls of the group are included - from 'Everything Glows until 'Sleepin My Day Away'-

And guess what... both songs - once again, are coming from the two albums, mentioned above. Whereby D.A.D. have a backcataloge of 10 studioalbums, 3 live recordings and 5 compilations. - I personally miss my own fave track 'Kiss Between The Legs'. But as Jacob had told me before the show: 'it doesn't really fit into the set as it's only sort of a bonustrack.' - Well, who cares, as this gig once again fullfills all open wishes. 
And though you have seen this band a 500 times or so, it never gets boring. For all out there, who have never experienced them before, I can only advise you to come along next time, when they are here or in your town. You won't regret a single second - guarantee included.

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