And once again many question signs can be spotted on the faces of even more music freaks. Pardon me,- who are the Bacon Brothers? No surprise though, as this european concert trip the very first one for the brothers from Philadelphia. And for those, who know, or at least recognize, who is shown on these pictures, show doubts and ask themselves, whether this guy here is once again one of these singing Hollywood actors, who star on the big screen is sinking, and who now desperately wanna try to catch up with a musician carriere. Best example for this species is Kevin Costner, who actually has drawn a rather big (curious) audiance, but didn't meet the expectations what's up to his vocal skills. But with his look and aura, some easy listening country tunes and an excellent backing band, he did pretty well. Juliette Lewis rather goes for a very excentric punkrock style, delivers a brilliant stage show and knocks on musical edges tastewise. Whereby Jared Leto and his 30 Seconds To Mars pull a young audiance, probably more because of his look as with his music, most of all what's up to the girls in the audiance. - Actors like Bruce Willies and Johnny Depp, who both are still very successful in the moviebusiness take their musicianship rather as a hobby and a little gettaway from their usual jobs. But there is this third species. And those are actors like Depp and Willies, who are compared to the first mentioned one's also very successful, but using their little free time for the music, who they love doing, not for their carriere and not because of financial reasons. 
I guess, Kevin Bacon does belong to these last kind, probably thanks to his nine years older brother Michael, who is a wellknown composer for TV- and Filmmusic in the US.- Already in his childhood years, Kevin got influenced a lot by Michael and learned how to love music. But their ways seperated, when Kevin decided to rather start an acting carriere. It took until 1995, when both found back together for starting something together, as far as their free time did allow it. And this one again allows aprox. 60 shows a year. However, the Bacon Brothers have released 6 albums within these 15 years, whereby five of them just appeared on a home distribution. First the magic six entitled 'New Year's Eve', which came out 2 years ago, has now been adopted by an official german label. So it's time for a very first visit in Europe to promote this record and introduce themselves. We got half a dozen dates here in Germany. And the only gig in the south of the Country has been put to a small town named Memmingen. Although I'm not sure, whether this has been the optimal choice, as the figure of the audiance is a small one with only about 200 guests. And those again, seem like - next doors neighbours, who don't go for a certain musical taste, but just want to spend a good night out. - The Bacons themselves are pretty down to earth, no superstar attitude or anything like that. That's the impression I got during our small talk before the show. It's rather a polite discreation. And I got the feeling, exspecially Kevin does enjoy the fact, that there is no yellow Press hunting him or fanatic movie freaks. Although he jast has filmed another blockbuster entitled 'X-Men_First Class', coming to the movies sometime this year. But instead of resting or going on a vacation, he sees a true challenge taking together with his brother, the Bacon Brothers to Europe and try to establish the band over here. 

Strike 8 p.m. Cy Curnin, the former (and now again) frontman of the british New Wave Eighties Band The Fixx hits the stage. 

The 54 year old musician, who lived in the USA for a long time and now is situated in France, is promoting with this supportslot hiw own baby - the Cy Curnin Project, who he has released 3 albums so far. Last time he toured, was supporting Midge Ure on his Europe tour.
And again this is a solosting, only him and his guitar on stage performing an acoustic set. Yeah well, that's a special story. One one side this kind of playing truly shows, if a musician is really talented or not. On the other hand, such a one man performance is not everybody's cup of tea, turning often into boredom during the set. But Mr. Curnin knows about this problem. So first of all, his set just lasts for 30 minutes, and second, his music is a rather easy one, including great lyrics, a great voice and much english humor, just right to make his supportshow very entertaining. 

One thing is for sure, up there is a 100% professional , who knows exactly what to do. So let's wait and see, whether this second spring for him (and the Fixx) will be a successful one and the sun wills shine bright again.

Originally it was said, the Bacons hit the stage at 9 p.m. 

But they seem to be inpatient. Because the guys hit the stage just 15 minutes after Mr Curnins show was finished. Ready, steady go... and all that not in an exploding spectacular way, but rather laid back, dressed in the same shirt and jeans, they had worn before during daytime.- Hmmmm... how shall I describe it best? It's like starting off in a sophisticated calm way, Michael Bacon on guitar and Kevin's face is hidden for minutes behind his harp.


Not too good for us photograhers, who only have time during the first 3 songs to shoot pictures and catch the scene on a SD Card.
But thanks god, Kevin soon exchanges his intrument to a guitar and to percussions and over all singing. Whereby he does share the leadvocals with Michael. Have a glimpse at the rest of the band as well. Because here we got the - Who is Who session musician's first league. And this is: Bassist Paul Guzzone, Gitarrist Ira Siegel, Drummer Frank Vilardi and Keyboardist Charles Giordano, who all worked with artists like Whitney Houston, Rod Stewart, Cher and Bruce Springsteen in the past and still do. All these guys have become good friends over all those years, due to cooperation or just the business. And each of them gets introduced by Kevin and gets his brief solostint. 

On the setlist only 2 coverversions can be found, which is George Harrison's 'If I Needed Someone' and the encore of the show - 'The Last Time' by the Rolling Stones, and as Kevin introduces this track: - a song by the Glimmer Twins. Whereby mind me, this is not quite correct. Because this song is a very old gospel tune, first adopted by the Staples Singers. But as they never got any royalities out this piece of music, and noone owned the rights, the Rolling Stones took the song, changed the lyrics and developed a hitsingle in 1965. And they truly did right. - Anyway, who cares. We are here at the Bacon Brothers and not at a Rolling Stones gig, so let's get back to the present. 

But the highpoint of this 90 minutes show is another song entitled 'Only A Good Woman' (from the 1997 album 'Forosoco') Jesus wept, what a great tune!!!!! performed by an overwhelming Kevin, who does show his acting skills what's up to physical expression. And I start asking myself: is there anything left this man is not able to do? He's a brilliant actor and a good musician, though brother Michael is even better. But no surprise, as Michael is much longer a musician, concentrating only on the music..

Not to forget the Single from their latest release 'New Year's Eve', which is 'Go My Way', one of these tunes, you just remember, when you heard it once. 

Towards the end of the set, this mixture of Pop-Rock'n'Roll, Blues, Soul and even some Country does get really fast and ends with the, already mentioned cover of 'The Last Time' within the only encore. 

Well, over all, I got the feeling that this performance has been an increasing scale, going up and up and up during showtime. 
This here is one of these - still - hidden diamonds, which still needs to be discovered by a wide audiance. And I assume, these guys want to reach this goal, without the help of a famous name, because otherwise the pressure of expectation would be too big.
So you rather watch out for this small, but fine Cross Over band from USA, who has just started to conquer the world.     

Click on Pic below to listen to the Small Talk with the Bacons
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short instrumental)