Everybody interested in movies and entertainment has heard off Cucky the murderdoll. You know... this little cheak plastic figure with glossy silver glimpse in it's artifical eye and this dirty grin, teaching every behaved nun how to be horrofied, when killing everybody close. Well, our Murderdolls here have not much in common with Chucky, but they certainly do teach me to be horrofied tonight, though in a little different way.
It took Joey Jordison and Wednesday 13 over 7 years  to dig their baby  the murderdolls out of it's grave to once again transfer themselves into many little chuckys. That's only what's up to the visuall aspect. The, already released and second bible 'Women & Children Last' shows even a  8 years  gap to the debut 'Beyond The Valley Of The Murderdolls'. Reasons are given with other jobs, whether it's Slipknot or some solo efforts - however. But how is it said?: Blood is thicker than water . that's what both major dollies must have thought. And here we go - the way between sunny Californa to Iowa has quickly become a narrow bridge  from Garden Eden to the underworld, which is splattered with a murder-fresh energy and even more Rock'n'Roll. We have waited long enough, but now Chucky & Co are polishing his teeth, in the truest sense of the word.
And the Murderdolls have stopped by, here in Munich at the Backstage Halle, the second rendevouz on their european tour. We got 350 fans of the sophisticated Horror-Punk, who again consist of 50 Slipknot freaks, maybe 50 Wednesday 13 fans and about 250 screaming Hell brides. Wherebe those ones have mainly attended the event to see their absolute dream of sleepless nights - Joey Jordison. Holy shit, with such an obvious luv, all these females here do show within our mausoleum, even Brad Pitt and George Clooney would become jealous. 

But before the super gau of this hysteria reaches it's highpoint, swedish Melodic Deathmetal heads Marionette are trying to heat the fire for the headliner.....

But the mascerade in the beginning of their set  rather reminds me of the famous carneval in Venice, back in those times, when Casanova made countless females happy, or better bonged them down. Well I don't think, that's what's up to the intention of our young generation Metalband  from Scandinavia here. They rather go for acceptance of the audiance  on this tour trip. And mind me, Marionette are already going for 6 years now, but only have one album (released in 2008) out so far. I presume the fault for not beeing sooner over here, was this swimming free in their home country Sweden. On the other hand   Axel Widén, Mikael Medin, Anton Modig, Aron Parmerud, Linus Johansson and Jimmy Olausson are still pretty young... And they still have enough time to collect experience with learning by doing. They are still fighting for more popularity. And this fight includes jumps into the photopit to give the generell atmosphere a special note. But this and the musical performance are not the main problem, exspecially for singer Axel, who's name is not Joey Jordison. And all those ladies here dressed in posh noir' let him feel this by some not so nice ignorance. Shame, as these boys deserve a little more attention than just a slight polite applause. - However for all fans of this musical style who are still interested, many more infos about Marionette can be found at:

The rather long break inbetween gives all these Claudia Schiffers of Munichs underworld the chance to refresh their make up, just to make sure, and then hoping to catch a glimpse from their fairytale prince from up there on stage...

The fatal thing about this is, that the Murderdolls apparently have a similar intention what's up to make up. Because when storming the stage within their first attack a whole bucket of white dust is spilled over my head and my holy cameras. And here we are at this point, where I mentioned in the beginning of this review, that I will get tought how to be frightened.  But there is no time for swearing and tearing and bone shaking. Minutes develop to seconds, while we photographers are trying to ban the Murderdolls on our SD cards. It just has become a little harder because of a short blindness and cough because of the dust, and the fact, they apparently have spilled at least 3 bottles of Chanel No 5 over them, apart from the artistic Dior eyeshades. 
Halleluja, I truly don't wanna take an aroma bath right now. And apart from that again, we got sort of a Take That aura in here in a miniformat. And little Joey becomes an icon of the new beauty idol of Munich's lady world. 

Oh, before I forget, our little party combo here, does not only consist of frontman Wednesday 13 and Mr.Jordison only, who by they way does not sit behind a drumkit in this band, but handles the six strings right front of stage. (nice for all females) But up there are 3 more murderdolls listening to the names Roman Surman (Git)  Jack Tankersley (Bass) and Racci Shai (Drums)

And all together the quintet produces a constant steaming cloud. All the tracks on the setlist are taken from the yet released albums, whereby the focus lies on ‚Woman & Children Last’. What I do like about the music of the Murderdolls, is the fact, that there are still nice melodies despite the heavy Punkrock. And all that again sounds pretty similar to the music, Wednesday 13 has produced in the past with his solo band. He is doing a great job, a very good one indeed.....

Anyway it really does rock. And that's the whole point, ain't it?!  The average mood is boiling like a little hellfire, leading into an orgasm witht the new hymn 'Nowhere' from the current longplayer...

as there was no clip from the Munich show available on you tube,
here you find one of the Netherlands gig 2 days before

(c) GustavZomerschoe(vlinked from  You Tube)

Amongst many other tunes, we also get to hear the first single from the current release, named  ‚My Dark Place Alone' And while performing this tune it becomes obvious, that Chucky and Co are so called real Bad Ass Rock'n'Roller. With 'Death Valley Superstars' it is proved, that the dolls know how to dance, though it's not swanlake  but rather a charming Hardcore tscha tscha tscha. Also to mention is the song 'Welcome To The Strange', which is dedicated to Paul Gray from Slipknot, who has passed away in the fall. 
The set is closed by  2 encores and a very energetic 'Dead In Hollywood' followed by 'I Love To Fuck'. And the result are 350 happy people, where 250 girls have probably wet dreams tonight. The huge dust cloud rather reminds me on Popejj, shortly after the erruption ot the Vesuv in the year 79 after christs birth. And me myself is forced to a 2hour clean up of my cams and getting no sleep at all tonight. (Mind me, I always thought the biggest danger for my cams are Gwar, but now I know better) Apart from that, Chucky has surely left a long lasting impression here in Munich. So the only thing left to say, is: Hope it doesn't take another 7 years for the next horror punk dust and perfum attack... we luv it....


Wednesday 13 
...and yes, he can smile, but only if he wants to....
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