Live Review 599

Tonight we continue our chapter: Bluesrock guitarists, who have not yet been discovered by the big wide world, but only by insiders and friends of the sophisticated blues. Although David Gogo is an always returning guest here in Europe, where he uses this opportunity to play the local clubscene up and down the countries. - On the other hand he unfortunately belongs to these highly talented artists, who play their butts off and still hasn't managed to climb up a little further on the ladder of success yet. Let's call it the average ignorance of Bluesrock or the leaking musical generell knowledge of people over here. We will never know for sure. But well, we had this topic before in quite a few concert reviews.
Nevertheless, musicians like David Gogo are truly worth while to be checked out, as they do deserve the attention very much. With only 42 years of age, this canadian guitarist has already released 10 albums so far. And back home he was nominated for the Juno Award and won the Maple Blues Award twice. 

One thing is for sure, this good man definately belongs to the blues scene. And to repeat myself, for real fans and Blues lovers, Mr.Gogo does already belong to their record collection for a long time already....
Well, a real blues patriot never gives in, even he's gotta play the small clubs for another 150 years. And because David thinks, Europe is a better place for his music than Northamerica, he's putting his main focus onto here. First because Europe is apparently more open for Blues and second because of all this bureocratic stuff like visa and financial matters. - 
Besides his solo trips, Mr.Gogo did play with Johnny Winter in the past and supported Albert Collins and other great Blues legends. But of course his main focus is his own baby. And that's why we can be sure, that he will return on a more or less regular base. 

Tonight Munich's Garage Rockclub is honoured to welcome David Gogo and band. Some 100 people have found their way to this place to convince themselves about the talent of this canadian musician. Oh, by the way, not to forget to mention his european backing band, who is Jasper Mortier (Bass/Voc) and Ronald Oor (Drums), both from the Netherlands. These guys have a musical carriere on their own, but are playing with David for quite some years now.

You can feel, that these 3 guys do know each other very well, and they are perfectly tuned to each other. Though David himself mumbles about some mistakes he plays because of sore fingers. Well to be honest, something like that is only human, but nobody is bothered and has even realised. - He is good in what he does, no doubt about that. But compared to some other Bluesrocker, who are playing themselves in a highly sweating trance condition, he rather goes for a more laid back blues variety. His songs show an average length of about 4 to 5 minutes, exept the jamsessions and the medley. 
The tracks of the new album‘Different Views’ go down very well, show a lot of drive and some of it you could almost describe as hardrock. 

Inbetween we hear a Cover of the classic tune ‚Hoochie Coochie Man’, also performed with a harder edge. 
And inbetween David knows how to appreciate a delicious nip on his whiskey glas or a whole bottle Becks at once. - cheers...

It's obvious that he also enjoys himself and during the whole show he seems to somehow very impressed by our fairy animal - the bavarian Wolperdinger....

Never mind about the broken guitar string, which at least gives David the possibillity to perform a song on one of the other three guitars, celebrating sort of a premiere. Afterwards the string gets exchanged on stage while we get entertained with some funny anecdotes. 

No, there's nothing to complain about David Gogos gig here in Munich. He's a great musician and an amusing entertainer taking care for a good night out, one of these occassions you like to remember for a longer time including Jägermeister and well.... what can I say.... - Wolperdinger of course......

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