Okay, let's get it straight again. Back in the Seventies and Eighties Thin Lizzy were mainly Phil Lynott and noone else, though there have been so brilliant musicians as Brian Downey, Scott Gorhma, Gary Moore, Snowy white and others in the band. It was mainly his huge aura and his unique voice, what made this band. But well, that's history and the legend was buried for many years. When some former Lizzy musicians reformed under the same name in the late Ninetees, there were many critical voices drawing this reunion up to financial reasons.
Well, you can think what you want, and let's face it, there have been quite a few more rockbands who had lost their original frontmen and  and got themselves new ones - more or less successful. So this is nothing new. 
With this new Thin Lizzy it was like in old days, that the line up changed all over again. Only Guitarist Scott Gorham has always been the famous rock in the shore - as we say so. So, when this reunion came along, it was John Sykes, fronting the band. He himself belonged to the frist Lizzy era only in the year 1983 recording one studioalbum 'Thunder & Lightning' with the band and 2 live recordings. In each case, this first reunion tour went pretty well, as the audiance was very curious and wanted to know what this is gonna be like without Phil Lynott.
The second Trip did not go that well, but still okay, also the third tour. The result was, that Scott Gorham and John Sykes decided to split about 3 years ago. But against the thought - this is it again, - the phoenix has risen up once again - with the grey eminence Mr.Gorham and yet another line up.  

With him is original founder member Brian Downey(Drums), Keyboardist darren Wharton, who had also been with the band in their very first Lynott era. And Bassist Marco Mendoza was with the band in the second chapter with Sykes fronting. And we got two new guys, who is guitarist Vivian Campbell (Def Leppard) and there is a new frontman - Ricky Warwick (formerly the Almighty). However, it's actually him, where many people have doubts whether he would fit in into this band, as his output seems pretty different.. But as we say so: you should always convince yourself, before you judge somebody. 
Our Theaterfabrik is well filled with about 800 People of all generations. And this audiance is as curious as back then in 1998, when Thin Lizzy had reformed for the first time - many years after Phil Lynotts death. 
However, obviously Scott Gorham and Co. has once again managed to pull all the old fans and a young generation to check 'em out, at least here in Germany - for right now.

Support comes from the Supersuckers, a Punkrock Band from USA, who kiddin' themselves ‚The Greatest Rock’n’Roll Band on Earth’ and this since 1988.

It's only singer Eddie Spaghetti and guitarist Rontrose Heathman left from the original band, and their latest album 'Get It Together' came out 2 years ago. And they do not really fit in with their cheak punkrock to the classic rock of Thin Lizzy. In the beginning the crowd doesn't show much affection. But what a surprise!!! Within their 45 minutes set, these american Smalltown heroes can manage to wake up the crowd and make 'em sing and jump along with them. I personally have to say, I knew this band only from the name until now, but respect: whatever the Supersuckers do up there, is good. And as I've often mentioned before, Punk music does belong to my little passions anyway. 

Eddie Spaghetti reminds me a bit on the Eagles of Death Metal singer Jesse Hughes and not only from the visual aspect. Yeah well, maybe Jesse own a little more sex appeal. But our luvable Big mouth here has got about the same humor between the punk rhythm.And last but not least I have tos ay, this band has cooked the audiance soft and made 'em boiling in the truest sense of the word. 


Thin Lizzy, the third edition  – are one - right now...

And very soon, you find out, that newbe Ricky Warwick and Viv Campbell have managed to change Thin Lizzy to an - almost - Heavy Metal Band. Halleluja, that's all I can say to that. I mean, not that Lizzy has ever been a softrock group, but thanks to the additional hard guitar riffs of Campbell and the hard rockin' aura of the - now - third frontman of this group, the former rocklegend receives a metal stamp. And the grey eminence Sir Gorham has accepted the much harder strategy. 

Let's put it that way. You can't draw any comparison with the untouchable Phil Lynott (god bless him). Because there ain't any...
But we can compare the Sykes era to this new line up here, because it's different to the past chapter which is closed. I think, Sykes gave Lizzy a rather sophisticated note, while Ricky Warwick puts a straight through the bone mark onto the flagship with many tattoos, a mean look and much sweat. And there is something else. While John Sykes always refused to play the track 'Whiskey In The Jar', that one is nowadays inclduded on the setlist next to many other smashhits from back then.

Gorham and Campbell share the guitar parts, whereby Viv is now able to play some great solos and not just the boring one's as in Def Leppard (that's what he apparently said within a statement). For bassist Marco Mendozw Lizzy means - Job is Job and fun. And he truly makes a good job, as he is a brilliant bassist, who also works hard on his solocarriere. He's got 2 soloalbums so far, and I'm sure, he wants to make more. On stage he's got a somehow arrogant aura, but in reallity our Speedy Gonzales takes care for the good mood in the band and is a great character.

And though Originaldrummer Brian Downey looks a bit more life experienced, he did not forget anything of his drumskills. Same for Darren Wharton, who probably sees the Lizzy job as a filler before his own Dare album will be released sometime in april or may. 

Towards the end of the show, the band changes the set a little, shown on two versions of the setlist,- guess why?! They are playing 'Killer On The Loose' and leave out 'Bad Reputation' and the encore 'The Rocker'.

It doesn't matter really, as the 110 minutes are very well filled. So, let's capture the whole event in one go again: Thin Lizzy 2011, as I mentioned before, are not comparible  with anything in the past, but they are a brilliant liveband, who have delivered a great show tonight. You just have to give them that much.This has been first class entertainment thanks to a fresh motivated rockband, who pay tribute with all these old Lizzy songs to Phil Lynott, but on the other hand they try to pull a new young audiance as well. Whatever happens after this european - and then US tour is still up in the sky, as well as the question: will there ever be a brandnew Thin Lizzy album. 
But hey -  let's just enjoy the moment, and I close this dialogue with: it's been a wonderful night out with a great live concert and entertainment. And just let not think any further right now - Amen. 


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