Wauw...now some memory is coming back... Memories 30 years back... At that time, somehow middle of the Eighties, I did my two very first interviews in musicjournalism. One of them was with Golden Earring, the other with Luther Allison - the Blues legend. I presume, I don't have to say, how nervous I was back then. But all went smooth and well, and it was the beginning to countless more interviews in the musician's world 'till this very day and hopefully many more to come. - Well, good old Luther passed sadly in 1997 and he didn't just leave a musical heritage but also nine kids. But it was only one of them, the youngest one in the Allison clan, who has adopted his father's way of life and has become a professionell musician. 

Next to many cooperations with his dad, he himself has recorded so far 13 studioalbums and 3 live recordings. But what's most important, is the fact, that he could get out of the shade of his dad. - While daddy Luther went mainly for the Blues, Bernard is also going for a lot of funky influences and much more.

I myself have seen Bernard twice on stage so far. And I have to say, both times I did like it very much. - Well there is one big difference from last time seeing him playing to tonight. The snake hat is missing. And that one has a special story to it. First he had denied to wear this hat, as he thought, it's only his dad who is privileged to wear it. But fans gave him a hat with two cobra heads facing each other. And they had told him, that the second cobra is the one of his dad, accompaniing him since his death. Bernard accepted that and wore this hat for a long time. In 2007 he decided to put it away again, as he thought, it's about time for a change... 

Bernard still wears a hat, but a different one and not so spectacular. Tonight he and his band are guests in the Garage Rockclub in Munich, and about 100 Fans have turned up to enjoy a funky bluesy groove. So what can we expect? - A healthy mixture of Blues, Rock, Funk and even Soul, short described - a real cross over. 
But first of all people to appreciate the early show time of only one act devidign their set into two halfs. Unfortunately there is no setlist available and the show seems like one big jamsession. The Line up of Bernard's band is: 
Toby Lee Marshall (Keyb.), George Moye (Bass), Erick Ballard (Drums), Michael Goldschmidt (Git) and Jose James: (Sax/Perc./Voc)  -

What else to say?! All just mentioned names are brilliant musicians, each of them on his instrument, giving the boss a decent backup on a high level. The band is touring in support of their just released DVD/CD - Live at the Jazzhaus - And while Bernard is giving his best including some excellent solos, the other's have still enough freedom to show their skills as well. All this is performed neatly giving the event  a charming character, without too long speeches up there. The mood is great in here and we celebrate a nice party. And mind me, over all, Luther's spirit is sailing across, who is probably very proud of his son.....

Bernard Allison, 46,
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