40 years Accept - to get it real straight - almost unbelievable, but true indeed. Yeah well, there is noone left from this stone age line up, not even orginal shouter Udo Dirkschneider himself. - Back in time the history of this band became interesting in 1976, when the line up feat. Udo, Wolf Hoffmann (Git) and Peter Baltes (Bass) did get established. In fact it took another 3 years until the release of the same titled debutalbum. The rest is history, and I don't have to tell real Accept fans the story again. Accept split and reformed over the years a few times.
But this time it is so damned different, because after some more festival dates in 2005, Udo has finally decided to concentrate on his own baby U.D.O. only. And everybody thought: that's it with Accept. Bury them and give your blessing and long live the memory and the music. 
No, no way, because such an institution as Accept doesn't drown so quickly. And yes, now they are back again, refreshed with a new frontman.
But this my friends and musiclovers has got it's risks, as a singer and frontman always is the brand of a band. And to substitute such a brand without loss of popularity is the biggest challenge for a group 
Accept 2011 (and already in 2010) have reformed by coincident. And this coincident is named Mark Tornillo, who fell from the sky like the egg of columbus - suddenly and unforseen. The signs were put on - storming the Bastille - with the risk of accpeptance. There is nothing to loose, so what? And here we are - charming, youthful and with a hat and lots of fresh energy. The venues are well filled on this tour, though I believe, that's because people are curious and wanna convince themselves whether this band is still rockin' or not. Our Tonhall is well filled with about 2.000 people.
Anyway, take off comes from a local band named Nasty Nuns.

These Glammetal youngsters have one EP named 'Too Much Is Never Enough' introducing the disc here and now. They don't have too much time to do so, only the usual 30 minutes for openers. On the other hand, it is probably a big honour for them to open for a band like Accept. The boys in the band gave themselves soundfull names as far as Julez Gun (Voc), Nikki Nine (Git), Vic Nasty (Bass),  Mr.Evil (Git) and Vight (Drums) just as their american idols used to handle it. And it is Nasty Nuns blond curled frontangel pulling most of the attention onto him. Musically the group leans also on to the late Eighties US Sleaze rockers. And those just seem to celebrate a second spring, at least in some circles. 

There is not much more to say, - it's nothin new or innovativ, what these guys put out there on stage, nice to look at, and I mean... what still not is, can still happen... It's the ghost of times and a little luck - that's all they need in one or the other way - positively or negatively. But we all don't know the future, do they. However, it's been an experience for both - the band and ourselves in any way...... 


Number 2 comes from Sweden, Nyköping, whereeven this is situated in this country - never mind...

Steelwing  are a young band as well, not only what's up to the age of each individual member, but also what's up to the birth of the band, which happened sometime in 2009. They were discovered from austrian tour promoter Rock the Nation, who had started a newcomer contest. Steelwing and greek rockers Suicidal Angels were the winners within 1.200 bands. Well you've gotta have a little luck as I said, because nowadays talent is not enough to survive in the Rock'n'Roll ocean. The Sweds got their chance with this supportslot for Accept, after they released their debutalbum 'Lord Of The Wasteland' past year. To get it straight, they actually did support already Blind Guardian, Sabaton and Alestorm in the past. So this job is nothing new to them.
And also within this band it is mainly frontman Riley, who pulls the generell attention onto him. Despite to his rather small shape, he looks cool with his sunglasses and the sexy stripy socks including the spandex. That again reminds me on a fashionable aerobic maniac, if there wasn't the long hair and the oral sound thunderstorm. anghaarmähne und das orale Klanggewitter.

Although Steelwing doesn't show something extraordinary, they are a highly energetic Heavy Metal combo, who takes care for the increase of everybody's adrenalin. Not bad at all, that's my impression and obviously also the opinon of the audiance. 

But these scandinavians have to think of something more, so they don't get swept away again from the magic carpet, they have just landed on... So be careful and keep going....

Mark Twain  has said once: to be successful it takes two things - not knowing anything and selfconfidence. 

... and this is exactly for what guitarist Wolf Hoffman, bassist Peter Baltes, guitarist Hermann Frank and drummer Stefan Schwarzmann went for, when they first met Mark Tornillo (TT Quick) and decided to set new sails to the flagship. They didn't know whether it would work out after so many decades with Udo to send the ship out without it's old captain but with a new flag into the Ocean of Rock'n'Roll. 
On the other hand there was this selfconfidence saying: who doesn't dare, doesn't win... yeah yeah... I know another clichee phrase, but it meets the point, as Klitschkos right fist onto the wisdom tooth of his opponent. 

The roulette is twisting again. and there is only red and black. The ball is shooting off to a kamikaze flight onto the Heavy Metal nerv of the resent time - and goal! Accept are back again, that's for sure. And Mark Tornillo, who looks and sounds a bit like Udo, does stand the test.Well of course the comparison between those two come up, whether you want it or not. And very soon those similarities vanish into nirvana, as Tornillo has an individuall personality, not taking it to the front within an Accept show. No right now, the temple is built by the 3 towers, Hoffmann, Baltes and Frank, who are not only physically much taller (also with Udo, who again owned a huge ego relavating the visual size)

Now without Udo Dirkschneider, for right now it's the three of them who are the recognizing fact no. 1. In any case, the audiance here seems to accept newbe Nark Tornillo, though I'm not a 100% sure, whether the generel enthusiasm is up to him or more or less to the well known melodies of 'Metal Heart', 'Princess Of The Dawn' and 'Fast As A Shark' or 'Balls To The Walls'. 

Never mind.- It's a fact, that we do celebrate a hardrock bonfire here. And I have pulled out already a fave from their new album 'Blood Of The Nations', which is 'New World Comin', sticking in the ear straight away.- The sparkle is spreading  from an energetic band, who obviously has a lot of fun up there playing to the crowd. And this again reflects  immidiately like the famous ping pong effect between band and audiance. 

However, I myself am pretty weary, as I have seen Accept in the past many times till back in the early eighties. Hmmm, to explain it the right way: many rockbands have changed their frontmen  for a new one, some stayed that way, some returned in the orginal line up. So that's nothing new. But it takes care, that in the case of Accept there will be some doubts left asking whether it stays that way, or is this only another chapter one of more to follow. We won't know 'till something happens. 

One thing is for sure. When Udo Dirkschneider performs 'Princess Of The Dawn' or the famous scream with 'Fast As A Shark'  with his U.D.O.
Band, it still sounds much more original as it does with Accept 2011. Which again doesn't mean, that the new singer ain't as good as Udo, but he's different - performing the new stuff from the new album great, but I guess we all have to get used of him singing the classic tunes.So let's wait and see whether Accept will carry on that way and Tornillo gets accepted by the fans a 100%, just as Brian Johnson did in AC/DC after Bon Scotts death- But that again will take a while. On the other hand - you can't wish much more as this great success on the Heavy Metal de ja vu, this band currently experiences, can you?...


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