Okay, there we go again, everything at the same time at the almost same place, but thanks god at different show times, otherwise this monologe below would not be here. Great that we got our Backstage here in Munich. First of all this location is only about 15 minutes away from my housedoor, and second the place contains 3 venues and not only 1, where things are happening all the time and most of it, of what's on in Munich. And it is indeed geographic point where the 3 venues are placed to make if possible, most of all for us journalists, ti visit 2 or even 3 concerts at the same time, just as tonight. At the big Backstage Werk our german no.1 dark sounding instrumentalists  Deine Lakaien are finally playing. - Finally - because they were supposed to play there just before christmas, but the event had to be postboned to now. And in the smaller venue the Halle, we hungarian philosophy in form of Zoli and Co, or better known as Ektomorf. For both acts I got a photocall, so let's start off, because there are some support acts as well, who I wanna mention at least briefly.

zumindest einen Leitfaden haben wir gefunden

Let's start at the Halle where Ektomorf get supported by 3 acts, who is first of all Gorthour’s Wrath, an Extemmetal Band from Croatia http://www.gorthaurs-wrath.com/ , followed by Basanos from Vienna  http://www.myspace.com/basanosband  and  Brazilain metalheads  Korzas http://www.myspace.com/korzus
Unfortunately I can't tell you much more about the threesome, exept the bitter fact, about the missing light conditions. And most of all, our caring security has once again put up their own law by not allowing photographers to use a flash, though tourmanager Joey doesn't have a clue about this, when asked afterwards. I myself only use a flash, when there is no other way to get a decent pictures, and that's what the situation is right now at the supportacts in the Halle.But right at the very moment, you don't have a choice anyway, so what? I put my cam away again, after checking, that the situation is hopeless. Even a blind guy would have recognised, that it was impossible to shoot pics without flash for a print quality. Find some sad examples below for prove.  

So let's move over to the almost sold out Backstage Werk with more than 1.000 goth fans and night owls, who walk their bats tonight.
There are signs shown for not using flashs by taking pics (I mean fans with pocket cams) and please no filming either. So the high concentration of smart Mr. Veljanov does not get disturbed by doing his frontman duties. Throughout the evening it is noticable, that fans behave and follow the rules, maybe alos because of keeping the dakr and rather quiet atmosphere ahead in here.
But first of all it's pretty Vic Anselmo with her innocent eye glimpse and clear voice to start the party and warm up the hearts of all those grand kids of Count Dracula. 

The 26 year old style icon comes from Riga in Lettland and has put out her debut album 'Trabbed In A Dream' in October 2008.
Her songs get described as film music for dreams and her performance impresses a lot of affection. Here in Munich she does play a solo stint and accompanies herself only on keyboard. This can be very impressive, because nothing his more difficult as entertain people alone on stage. But on the other side, such performances carry the risk of getting a little monotone after a while. Everything else is a matter of taste. 

I for my part, can say, that this is not neccessarely my cup of tea, but most of the audiance does obviously like Vics mystic inspired voice and songs. And that's most important, ain't it?!!!

After another short exchange between Werk and Halle and yet another resignation about no light at Korzus, I head back  for the third time these 2 minutes from front of stage in the Halle to the photopit in the Werk, where Deine Lakaien invite us for dancing with Vampires at 9.15 p.m. 

Ernst hello!!!!  - it's me right here in front of you in the photopit. But unfortunately he doesn't catch my eye, as his keyboard and Apple notebook takes all his attention. Apart from that the boss of the trek does nicklect his eyeglasses on stage because of the visual aspect despite the risk not to discover your old journalist pal right in front of you. But never mind, you've gotta take care about a certain image, and I do understand. For me myself it's a little hard to get used to because of the direct comparison, but I have to confess, this dark green aura surrounding you up there has got something to it, no doubt about that. And though there is not much light either, it is rather easy to catch a few great images with my cam. I'v got one hour to check you out up there. And this into the ear flowing - 'Over And Done' is still one of my favorite tunes from all of your songs. We find 9 tracks from the new album 'Indicator' on the setlist, and those one's get accepted pretty well by the audiance. Singer Alex and keyboarder Ernst are accompanied up there on stage by Tobisas B.Deutung
on violinchello, Robert Wilcocks on guitar and Yvonne 'Ivee'Leon Fechner on fiddle.
Geige begleitet.

No clue, why Deine Laikaien have been placed into the gothic corner musicially. but well, music is music and this one here does certainly not belong to the happy go lucky category. It's more or less serious avantgard music with spheric sound clouds getting you shiver with this feeling: the haunt of Baskerville meets the ghost of Canterville,- just kiddin' - better described as the dying of leaves on a wheeping willow in late fall. Well you've gotta be in the right mood for that. And most of the fans with their black in black Haute Couture do show indeed more photogenity than the band on stage. 
It's only me, not receiving the whole pleasure of this sad dark swinging moods, as I have to change venues again. One thing is for sure, Deine Lakaien are more up to date than ever here in Germany, and I'm looking forward to yet another comfi chat here at home in Munich without any suicide attemption. 


So I swing myself back again to the Halle, where Ektomorf just shoot off this very moment...

And as I said in the beginning, this hungarian band consists mainly of Zoli Farkas. And he is very selfconfident indeed, not only because of his huge talents, but also because of his look, pulling dozens of girls like honey to the bees. And though Ektomorfs music does belong more or less to the very hard stuff and is more for hard men then soft girls, there are astonishly many females here tonight checking Zoli out. And obviously he does appreciate it-.
Metallica are his declared idols as well as country icon Johnny Cash. That's why you hear Cash tunes right through the boxes before and after an Ektomorf show. And during the acoustic part of his show, Zoli pays tribute to the great artist. 

The new album 'Redemption' gets promoted here. And compared to the funeral mood at the Werk next door, in here slowly a real dance on the volcano is developing. To enter the moshpit is dangerous and you better got a life insurance, as the survival within this madness is not guaranteed. 
Me myself is heading up to the balustrade within the Backstage Area after shooting pictures to watch the rest of the show from there. The hungarian battle is taking it's toll, most of all piling on the exhaustion of the audiance. It's like a multiple orgasm in this mega moshpit, and Zoli himself up there gets a sparkling eye glimpse because of so much love and affection. 

Obviously it's been one of the most successful shows on this tour for him and he gratefully shakes hands with his fans in the end. And I bet, this has been definately not been the last time for Ektomorf here in Munich and it won't take long for them to be back again.
In that sense: Viszontlátásra + Jó éjszakát!

Further pictures at: metalhammer.de


PS: Result of this evening: Metal battle meets wheeping willows, highly delightes untio deadly upset. But usually comparisons are drawn to each other. And tell me: what's better than musical varieties in a straight- bended relationship... yeah well maybe apart from Freddy Star etc... But thanks god, this is as far away as the earth from Jupiter. And now beam me home Scotty for the digestive of all musical arts. Good Night...

........oh well and below you find a little chat with Zoli
(just click photo for a Streaming Audiofile  via WMP )