Live Review 610

Last time I've seen this musician live on Stage was about 2 years ago and that again in front of 12.000 fans. Tonight I see him again, but only in front of 40 - 50 guests. No, don't panic, it's not, that someonce could drop that dramatically on the popularity scale. And the just mentioned facts are quickly explained within one word.. yeah maybe two - and those are - Peter Gabriel. For none other then him, David Rhodes plays the lead guitar for about 30 years now. And he'd be stupid to quit that job. But as many other musicians Mr Rhodes has had of course also the natural longing to do his very own thing and develop his personal ideas and creativity. And he has indeed not only played 'Sledgehammer' and 'Solsbury Hill' only for the past 30 years. David, who by the way is a passionate bee keeper, is responsible for quite a few TV tunes on Discovery Channel and National Georgraphic as well as various movie and videogame soundtracks. 

But the London born, had to reach the age of 54 first to finally release his very first soloalbum 'Bittersweet'. And that's the one, who wants to be promoted, though this is gonna be a tough one. And mind me, the reason for that is surely not the current carneval. It's more or less due to the fact, that nobody really knows the name David Rhodes. Compared to Gabriel bassist Tony Levin, who also has a King Crimson past and meanwhile owns a decent reputation of his own name, little David has still got fly out of the hive. -
And I have to say, that this current tour was almost cancelled due to economic reasonst. But David wants to pull through and play his solo shows, and even it's only for 10 people - despite the fact he doesn't need to... Respect of what a character he is..

Not sure whether he's been told, that Munich is a pretty difficult ground with it's even more difficult audiance. But he's cool and is looking forward for every single person, turning up because of him to this show. This gig is the very first one of this mini tour throughout Germany, but it is definately not the start of his solo - live activities. So David has already introduced his new baby last year, supporting Cindy Lauper on an US tour. Now in round two, he purely tries to defend his honeycomb without a different bee queen. He is only accompanied by Drummer Ged Lynch and Bassist Charlie Jones, and it's plainess defining the stage - 3 musicians, 3 instruments and the usual amps and pedals - that's it.

And very soon, it's obvious, that the music is truly bitter sweet. Mind me, and David can sing, that's for sure. - Bitter sweet because, his compositions are partly melancholic, partly happy but often ending into pure desperation. The structure is pretty much the same. Most of his songs start rather quietly but become louder and louder, 'till the reach some sort of peak and then again slow down untill they fade in the vibes of the venue. At some points the audiance ain't even aware, that one piece of music is finished and David has to show 'em by moving his head. That again causes slight amusement. 

On the setlist below you find all songs of his debut CD and 3 more tracks. And though all songs are written bei David, they do show a very slight relation to Peter Gabriel's stuff, showing this certain excentric note. A note you've got to understand to really appreciate the tunes. 

This is pure extravaganza, just one or two nuance's more calm and laid back, compared to the bombast of the big boss. David Rhodes music ain't neccessarely made for dancing along but more for an enjoyable listening. Call him singer-songwriter or a musical poet - never mind. But it's a fact, that despite this living room atmosphere here, we enjoyed nice entertainment. My own personal highlights amongst all these musical pearls, are the tracks:  ‚If It Could Only Be That Easy’ and ‚Crazy Jane’.


And this small but neat flight of the bumble bees comes to an end. Let's wait and see, when David will be around next time, whether as a guitarist in a huge band machinery in front of a mega audiance, or  rather as a busy working drone within the big hive of music busines, or as the bee king leading his own honeycomb.

The honey tastes sweet no matter what. It is only a question of the right marketing and a certain open minded musical horizon of all those music lovers out there. Because if that one would be larger, then many of these brilliant musicians, who still work in the underground, would have a better chance to prove and show their talents. But as with many other things, there is this saying in the room: what the farmer doesn't know, he wouldn't even taste - as we say so here in Germany. Sad but true.....

For some anecdotes and a little talk with David Rhodes
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