As we all know, there are good and bad concerts, those where we throw ourselves away because of enthusiasm, Show, which we leave furiously, because they are dreadfully bad and Gigs, we just take as they come because they are only average. And then there are these concerts, where we could cry, but not because they are good or bad, It's more or less because they are real sad. Yep you read right. 
Here at the Alannah Myles Concert in Munich, the aprox. 200 guests are first of all shocked about the visual sight. Exspecially the one's, who have experienced the canadian rocksinger live on stage before at her high times with her biggest smashhit 'Black Velvet' storming the international charts. Jes.... what a success this back then 32 year old beautiful woman had. And besides that, Alannah could have easily gone for the election of Miss World.-

But as we all know, times are changing and Alannah Myles could never repeat the success of 'Black Velvet'. Her greatest Love is still music and ... yeah well her kitty. Some years ago, she suffered a horse riding accident followed by a car accident. And the wrong treatment by some chiropracticm took it's toll to clue her to a wheelchair for another few years. - Within these hard times she had sworn to herself to get back on stage no matter what. Well she has kept that and she is back on stage, but the question is - how! Miss Myles is supported by swedish singer Liny Wood from Stockholm. Unfortunately I have missed out on that due to time conflicts, but I've been told, that this lady is worth a listen for her emotional interpretation of melodic singer-songwriter ballads. All infos for this artist are available at: :

As already discribed, it gets very quiet, when Alannah Myles comes on stage with some helping hands. And everybody is deeply touched. She can't really walk, not really updside. The black curly hair has gone for a brunette short hairstyle. And her legs are skinny as the one's of a child in the sahelzone. She is seated on a chair in the middle of the stage, from where she pulls through a 2 hour show. She can't lift her head and sings with her look going to the ground. Alannah's first action is to tell the audiance the reason for all that, just for avoiding anybody to ask questions. And she says: "if you don't like what you see, then close your eyes and just listen". But I think that most of us are too polite to ever ask any question. 

In the beginning she's fighting with her mic stand which doesn't suit her. At some point she throws it away and wants to have another one. Meanwhile she sings with only the mic itselves, which is difficult for her to hold all the time as well as drinking out of the water bottle. It's not only the walking and her head, it's the whole body motoric not working properly yet. Just her voice is still the same as it used to be. Only now and then there is a little false tune inbetween, but I'm not quite sure, whether this is an intention or she can't manage the key anymore. Miss Myles is surrounded by some phantastic musicians such as Dragoslav Tanakovic, handling the Keybord, Gitarre and Harmonica, Leonardo Valvassori on Bass, young canadian singer Donny Anderson and last but not least drummer Dale Harrison. 
The setlist shows almost every song, we know by Alannah Myles, whether it's the first opening track After The Goldrush’ or Sonny Say You Will’ and other's. She has also included a coversion of 'I Can't Stand The Rain' originally penned by Ann Peebles in 1973. 

But in the end, everybody is just waiting for one song and this is of course 'Black Velvet' It's the last track before the encore...

Black Velvet

'Still Got This Thing'

My personally fave  ‚Still Got This Thing’ is ending a rockconcert, which doesn't invite people to party, but rather to a carefull listening, thanks to the missing physical energy of an Alannah Myles, who formerly had been a bunch of energy and sex appeal, jumpin on every box neaby and down again. Only the voice reminds us on the old times and on the former live of an - now elderly pretty sick woman. Because of this situation up there on Stage, the so called sparkle is missing desperately. 

I for my part can't really decide, whether I have liked this concert here or not. As I said before: I have a hell of respect that Miss Myles does pull her thing through. On the other hand, according to her condition and the visual aspect, we all ask ourselves afterwards, did we like this or rather not? I wish her with all my heart, that she is still getting much better as today. 
But however, at least her song 'Black Velvet' has gone into the books of music history.