Mr.Sandman bring me a dream... Make him the cutest that I've ever seen etc. etc...We all know that song I guess, - thanks to the Chordettes - bless 'em... But well that was way back in 1954, and we are here today right now... And the only thing I do combine with this track is the name - Sandman, because at one occassion Mr. Boltendahl did compare himself with a Sandman while looking at a picture of himself. - Well and whenever I do look at this photograph now and then in a while, I automatically remember at his comparison... It's as easy as that. But stop hold on.... don't take the lyrics to seriously, just to make it clear. But what's up to the first words, well... there is some distant comparison to....
Well we better leave that, as we are here not to analyse a personal study, but rather review the almost annual visit of our german krypt architects here in Munich. So let's start
off to our happy go lucky graving philosophy of our scottish highland ghosts and their march through Munich, where the highland fog here at the Backstage venue let's us expect some Nessi nostalgy

But for right now, Sandman ain't ready yet, as he wants to catch up with his lost beauty sleep. So his bardes start to take care for the 
neccessary comfiness within this castle. 

First of all it's not like announced Sister Sin filling the opener role, but a combo named Downspirit, who founded themselves not as shown on their website in 1009, but in 2009 - that's what I presume. Otherwise they'd look like the spooky figures on Grave Digger's latest release. 

But as these attractive gentlemen still don't show any wrinkles, their physical expireing date still hasn't been over gonne. And they proved, that they are able to give birth, as Downspirit had their very first baby about one year ago and named it 'Point Of Origin'. So here we go - following the slogan - you've gotta have the luck - and there they are having the job  to open for Grave Digger on this tour. 
Maybe we should mention, that this golden nugget has been created by Cedric 'Cede Dupont (Freedom Call/Symphorse) out of his wish to mix up Bluesrock and Heavy Metal to a well shaked and stirred Pina Colada - on the rocks of course. It does taste pretty well with a shot of 95% spirit. And that one again listens to the name Steffen Lauth, who is wearing a neat tie  and owns a shape just like Markus Schenkenberg, trying to wake all the bavarian sheep up. Respect - he seems to manage, thanks to his cheak announcements inbetween the blues-metallic songs... (how was that with longing with her hands through my legs etc?) Okay forget it, though mind me... Rock'n'Roll and Sex belong together as the butter to the bread. Without it tastes okay, but with thi icing it's even more delicious, also it's more or less only concerning the stage matters nowadays. But as we say so: the eye always eats as well, exspecially the one's of all the females. On the other hand the tune has to be right as well. Otherwise a Schenkenberg without a Six pack is like an alcohol free - Sex on the beach.

But no scare, in our case, Downspirit have stand the test as the opener for our pseudo scottish clans. Sing along songs with a solid instrumentation  and a pretty chlichee talented frontgigolo, who could easily be my son. So what else do we want, including the offer for a free CD for every girl lifting her top for a sec. - But no luck for that in Munich.  And the nicest thing is, Downspirit don't sound that much german, - you know what I mean. So get off for a energetic adrenalin push and a longlasting effect and ready for the next action here.

Voila’, the homely steaming bath has won a lot of heat during the past 40 minutes thanks to the Downspirit ashes reign, which should show us the beginning of an eruption of a volcano. At least it should do so, as yet it is not sure, whatever follows next.
Hmmmmm?! difficult to say, as with Orden Ogan, who have jumped in for Grand Magus, I do a little hard to find out this special little something, as the opener has definately got. 

Pardon me my friends, this doesn't mean, that this here is bad, what we got served on a plate right now in this moment. But there is still this fine little difference between a proper normal food dish and a delicate goodie. And that one again doesn't need neccessarely have to do with the music in first place, though of course that's the non plus ultra.
But let's start with this band Orden Organ, who come from a part of Germany we Bavarians don't really love. However it's the other way round as well, but don't let us bent around the boots too much. We are all Germans tonight and there should be some national patriotism.
Back tot he action, presenting itselves in a very powerful folky-metal way. Due to the successful start of the opener, Munich's crowd has come closer to the edge of the crypt or better stage. This again doesn't make things easier for taking pics for us photographers due to not beeing able to move much around. The luxury of a pit ain't  there, so what? We paparazzis have to help themselves and as we say so: in an emergency case the devil eats flyes. We all gotta be selfmade men and women. - Help yourself, then god is helping you... But most times it's more you and yourself... just to mention besides.

By the way.. - this guy might seem a bit familiar here, as he is borrowed off 
 VanCanto/In Legend....for this tour only.

Unfortunately Orden Ogan haven't got a setlist on stage, of which I could have taken an image. But principally the musical flower bunch is put together with the albums ‚Testimonium’, ‚Vale’ and ‚Easton Hope’. Not bad, what the five piece is pulling across the potato acres...  And they are still fighting for their acceptance. So singer/guitarist Seeb is asking the crowd to film with their mobiles and cams whatever and as much as they can and put it on You Tube - no matter whether it's good quality or terribly bad. And no you tube channel will get deleted  that's guaranteed. Well, you tube is one of the last platforms where you can really promote a video and an artist visually as well as acoustically. And though many media does not appreciate this due to copyright reasons, there is one thing for sure - just because one videoclip no album less is beeing sold. And in the end it is indeed promotion. So here we go - and there is the clip below and I hope that one does reflect a little bit of this performance.  

And there we go again and the magic is finished. Orden Ogan clean up the Highlands in our Backstage Hall to make place for the allmighty scots-german Clan philosophy of Grave Digger.....

Yiippiiehh, Sandman ist ready for action and is pulled out of his Birkenstock sandals by checking this great crowd here.  

Well, that's somehow different, than a few days before close by at another show, where only about 250 souls have gathered to check this here out. Tonight there are 3times as many people here just behind the woods-cemetry to join the damp-neat party of the Gladbeck Metal Clan and to satisfy themselves. The title of the latest chapter of the - meanwhile 30 years old chess partie - entitled 'The Clans Will Rise Again' is to be taken seriously here. Here they are like a sunshine over Loch Ness with the postal adress of Urquardt Castle following the path of the Mac Gregors and the Mac Intoshs, never mind - as long as there is a Mac shown in front of the name - or not. The Canterville ghost is appearing  on stage leading into a powerful dance leaving many traces. Whereby the first chapter is completely dedicated  to scottish history and clan individual caro pattern heiling for the law no.1 - much later then the things themselves the name of the things is passing. Grave Digger are holding up the nostalgic of this era, which started off aprox. 300 years after christ's birth, right up and proud - wrapped up the usual Heavy Metal cocoon. And within seconds that one develops into a colourful butterfly. 
So all we can say here is: Ce'ud mile faílte which is galish and means as much as you're welcome. ... 

But right now it's the entertainment aspect in hardrock holding up the flag. And the Munich clan of the Mac Weiswurst and Mac beer, want only one thing, and that's rocking along until the fog is stirred off. And that's what they do sweating out within all their not existing scots cilts. Shame, as looking as such clothes the first thing coming up to our mind is: what is underneath to be found?! Just kiddin' - we here want to know first, whether the brickly bones of Mr. Boltendahl and Co are still able to do it. And indeed they still seem to be free of rheumatism  and make their single sword dance. 

To devide the musical dish of our grave designer  it is short and painless explained: Part one is dedicated to the Clan topic and Sir Simon Canterville  and later on in a different shirt worn by the Club boss, they work themselves through the Hangman and the rest of the back catalogue. 

And right now the audiance here is developing into a heavy thunderstorm  size 10 like the Titanic is castrated by an iceberg. The star sparkle  doesn't end and Grave Digger have lost their believe in the average opinion, that the Munich audiance is a difficult one. In our case here it is definately not. And we all receive a multiple orgasm - right at this very moment. 

I think that evening has just been perfect a postive atmosphere a animated party band in a very good mood and an enthusiastic fan crowd and most of all the powerful vibe. the pott is boiling and tastes deliciously . And we all got satisfied  including scotisch salmon nicely spiced and bombastic served. The hangman is drunk and the aftershow meet and greet is a pet cemetary at it's best....
And then again it's one more time .... Mr.Sandman bring me a dream.... Make him the cutest that I've ever seen ---
- here..

Some  Pre- und Aftershow Snapshots can be found at the Diary