There are things in life, which are almost as good as Sex... This is, what Mr. Ron Young, singer of Little Caesar from Sunny California said, tonight live on stage after a very long abstinence here in good old Europe. In fact this is the very first show for this band in Austria at all. And whatever happens tonight, it is definately not what the band expected and even less the audiance. But don't let us talk around the spicy chocolate cake. We are actually heading towards the good damn best show this year, when not even for the past 6 months. And I don't overdo it my friends. Whereby going to aprox. 3 to 4 concerts every week  I should have enough comparisons. But this here lets Casanova look like a catholic choirboy beeing damned to celibacy.

Let's describe it that way: positve surprises are even nice, when they come in of a sudden. And let's face it, this band, who's been away from the scene for such a long period, we did not expect even a tired easter egg to be honest. But we have been curious, exspecially the one's who still remember the group from back then. And in the furthest corner of our grey brain cells  we still remember also the great cover of Aretha Franklin's 'Chain Of Fools' performed by one of those L.A. stright forward Rock'n'Roll Bands named Little Caesar. And indeed, they landed a Billboard Top 100 hit smashhit with that very track. Unfortunately, as it happens pretty often, this success didn't last for too long as the business is hard, and there are only a very few one's, who fight for their continuing existence and then still surrender out of financial reasons or whatsoever.... And then if you also loose the believe in yourself and the music, then it's probably better to try something else or play chess in your backgarden. - It's also a fact, that Grunge and Alternative Rockmusic, evolving in the early Nineties, has killed many of those straight through the eyes Heavy Rock Bands, as in our case  - also Little Caesar.

But as we say so... never say never again... and it was actually Ron Young, getting his former band mates together again and take another try to rise up as phenix from the ashes. About 2 years ago, Little Caesar released the album 'Redemption' ( the 5th studio recording under this name at all) And that one connects neadless on to the former pearls ‚Little Caesar’ 1990, ‚Influence’ 1992 and the Earl Slick produced CD ‚This Time It’s Different’ 1998.
Well, and it has taken another 24 months for these american rockers to promote 'Redemption' also in Europe. And as we have to start on a small level again, why not combining the promo with some sort of vacation on our old continent here, which means 10 shows within 14 days.Which again means - mixing the usuful sensible thing with the pleasure part. 
And to repeat myself... same as we don't expect too much, the band does take it easy first of all as well, starting off, by getting stopped by police about 3 times from Munich Airport to the small town of Kufstein Austria for a check. - But who cares, that belongs to Rock'n'Roll as the band comments later on. 
Well Little Caesar do look a little different compared with back then, when they headed out with long hair naked upper bodys to show all their tattooes and live the Sex and Rock'n'Roll lifestyle as many other's of that kind. What can I say? The hair has gonne but the tattooes have stayed, and mind me, we all get older, don't we. It's more the average attitude, which is important and they way we feel like, that's what guitarist Loren Molinare stated within our small talk, still owning this cheak grin round his eyes. It is actually him, who does start a marathone up there on stage, that the Ironman on Hawaii degradetes to a little walk round an old oaktree. 

Apart from him and frontman Ron Young, there are still Fidel Paniagua on Bass, Tom Morris on drums and the only newbe Joey Brasler, who came in for the original guitarist Apache. So however and far wrong from all visual sights.... One thing is for sure. this evening won't be forgotten for a long time, thanks to the fact that we experience here and right now a concert, which leaves us almost speechless - or no ....stop hold on.... which actually makes us jump along, sing along just as we used to do in our wildest Rock'n'Roll heydays. Forgotten is our back pain and rheumatism or other deseases. This is it, this is what it really shall be....

And not even the Q-West Club in Kufstein has probably seen this before. Don't give a damn thing about age, never mind the ordinary look and don't give a fuck about image care and long hair. Up there hurricane Kathrina takes it's toll, blowing us away 300 miles an hour and gets the place dancing an extraordinary jungledance. And I slowly start asking myself, in what condition these guys were, when they were 20 years younger then right now. This is so much power and energy, what we get blasted on our heads. 
The whole philosophy is put into songs such as  ‚Same Old Story’
fromt their latest CD ‚Redemption’or  Real Rock Drive’ and ‚Sick And Tired’ . 

We experience a timewarp back into 1990 but with the attitude of the present. And yes of course wo do get the anthem straight way - 'Chain Of Fools' I guess, without this track a Little Caesar show ain't complete :-)))

Oh, what am I talking... - but just to make it short and painless. Little Caesar are shooting their straight american garage Rock'n'Roll without time to breath onto our heads and waste themselves and us 'till the limit. And all together we experience one huge nonstop multiple orgasm. Holy shit - I just don't find any more words to describe this... yeah well let me say this..... I really have seen many good concerts - musically and what's up to the stage presence, the sound condition etc. But it is this special little something, which gets the atomic nucleus melting in a positve sense of course.... if you know what I mean by that... So when a liveshow really lets me jump out of my nutshell, then this means much - very much indeed. And to be honest, and I haven't experienced that nutshell leaving for almost one year since the gig of The Brew in Munich by seeing aprox. 120 shows every year. 

That's why I say: Respect of what Little Caesar have offered us right now and here. This has been non compromising Rock'n'Roll pure - with much sex appeal and as I said before - this special little something...
Hey and to repeat myself again and all over again: 


That's why Little Caesar play another 30 something minutes after the encore - till the point of no return - or better  - nothing goes anymore... 
And I myself start to pray: Jesus wept...please let this band experience a second spring and let them come back very soon...
And last but not least -  before I forget, there is only one thing I don't share in Ron Young's opinion.. There are still things in life, which are better than Sex at one very right moment.... about the rest of the time it' still up to whatsoever...:-)))))

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