Live Review 620

24 studioalbums, 8 live recordings and 5 Greatest Hits milestones, that's what Savoy Brown's back catalogue looks like, starting off in the year 1967. Whereby it has to be said, that within all these 46 years of the band's existence, from 1965, - Savoy Brown has always been mainly Kim Simmonds. Because no other group has changed their line up so often as them. And so it's a little challenging to say, that this is literatually a one man project  of a guitar genius. But we don't do that, as there have been many brilliant musicians participating on Savoy Brown over all those decades and contributed their input. And this is, what Savoy Brown is all about. The absolute highpoint of the carrier, Kim Simmonds probably experienced in 1972, when the album 'Hellbound Train" was created, and showed off as a real masterpiece of the early Seventies in Rockmusic. - This kinda music has got one big advantage compared to other trends, as it privileged itselves over all this time and even nowadays it sounds fresh and timeless. 
Most of all, Savoy Brown don't sound british, but rather very american.

Simmonds a through and through english man who had moved to the States during the, just mentioned high times of the band is nowadays living in Upstate New York and doesn't miss good old England at all, Why should he, as his home country never showed any respect and attention to his music compared to America, and also Germany and Europe. Although Simmonds has never forgotten his roots.-
So well, let's face it - Germany is a good ground for Bluesrock Bands, so that's the reason, why Savoy Brown now starts to put a more concentrated focus onto our Country here again. We over here, don't agree really that Germany is the best place to be, but compared to other places on this globe, older and also half forgotten rockacts still have enough chances and possibillities to play live on Stage here, though only 50 something fan relicts from back then have gathered to celebrate a nostalgic dejavu. - That's what it is tonight here in Munich at the smallest of the 3 Backstage Venues - the Club. Next door, same building, right at the same time, a bomb is exploding at american Nu Metaller Ill Ninò's show. Compared to Savoy Brown, about 700 kids are there, to bang their heads to total exhaustion. 
Here at the club there is a rather calm atmosphere and Mr. Simmonds starts his early without support act at 8.15 p.m. 
‚Meet The Blues And Head On’ - starts an aprox. 90 minutes review onto 40 years of  Savoy Brown.
In his band of 18 months now, there is  Singer, Sax player Joe Whiting, Drummer Garnett Grimm and Bassist Pat DeSalvo. And those 
4 guys do play very well together indeed. 

There is actually one little change compared to past performances, when Kim managed all guitars and lead vocals by himself. Presently he only sings about two or three tracks, the rest is left to Mr.Whiting. And there ain't any marathone tours anymore, but only concert trips with a length of about 2 weeks or so. Simmonds says: "I only play for fun and as much as I like nowadays, and I don't want it to become stress anymore. And fortunately I can afford to do so'.- 

Back to the action here and a program, which doesn't leave any wishes open for the true - still to be fan. What we got here is the wonderful 'Poor Girl' sung by Simmonds himself and his own favorite Willy Dixon Song 'Wan Dang' - and we get to hear a brandnew song named 'Voodoo Moon' which will be included on the next studioalbum , due out in October this year.
The highpoint is the extensive long version of Savoy Brown's masterpiece 'Hellbound Train'. Hereby the mastro shows all his skills and talents of true guitar art. - The set is closed down with the suiting track 'Leavin' Again'.-

No, we can't complain really. This has been a clear and straight performance what's up to classic Bluesrock. And everybody in here should be satisfied. But I say - should - , because due to the average and rather very laid back atmosphere in here, the sparkle ain't jumping really, and the party mood is leaking. But how come? Well - the older generation , is hard to get out of their homes to see a good show, and the youngsters are asking pretty innocently: who the hell is this? - and rather get mad next door at Ill Ninò and Co.                 Some snapshots are available at the

PS: ... and as the clock hasn't strike 11 yet, - Il Ninò have just started their set after 3 supportacts, and I snap a little of the cake from behind, as there is no getting through to the front. 

 Ill Ninò are here to promote their fifth album 'Dead New World', which came out late last year. And with each european visit they are playing a bigger venue. I can remember very well, seeing them at the 59:1 club here in Munich not too long ago in front of 100 souls. This time it's seven times as many kids, and the place is boiling and the dreadlocks are cutting the air molecules. Nu Metal it's what they call their style, but I wouldn't put it too much into this draw... About 40 minutes I enjoy Ill Ninò's musical massacre to catch some slight impressions of these boys. Sorry no pics here, exept that one above, taken with a pocket cam and a short visual/acoustical impression below. 

The Rest of this next generation Heavy Metal battle takes part without me, as I'm heading home to nurse my slightly damaged hearing aid...:-)))