Sex and Drugs and RockíníRoll, well apart from the drugs - we leave those one's out, - this musician transfers as none other this clichee, - Whereby many of you musiclovers out there will ask once over again: who the hell is this now?  Well, - and there we go again within our chapter: a musical genius, who ain't known to the masses. But mind me, this Australien guy, or even better Tasmanian is going now for more than 30 years. In the past, Rob Tognoni did indeed have some hitsingles back in Down Under. But times have changed and trends have moved into many different directions but unfortunately not so much into the corner of straight and dirty Aussi Rock'n'Roll. But Rob, who counts 50 years young now, beeing unbelievably a granddad yet, has never stepped away from his path. He's got 10 albums in his back catalogue and there is yet another one to come, probably in October this year. 
There is one thing all those australien rockers seem to have in common. They are hard workers at their live shows, Whether it's Angus Young from AC/DC, Angry Anderson from Rose Tattoo, Jimmy 'Barnsey' Barnes, or as we got here - Rob Tognoni, who we enjoy here tonight at the Village Club in Bavaria live on stage. He ain't no stranger to this place,and keeps returning every year again and again... 
And not just to this place, but to many other's here in Europe, where he has put his focus on what's up to touring.
Mr.Tognoni returns about 3 times every year to our continent taking another part of it every time he's here..

One time he is touring Germany, another time in East Europe, most of all Poland and  then again in Italy or even Great Britain. And he's got different musicians for his different trips. In our case it's Frank Lennartz (Bass and Mirko Kirch (Drums). And according to Rob these two are his favorite guys.
Our Village is pretty well filled, mostly with insiders, who most of them have experienced this artist live in concert before, not me though.
For me it's a debut, but I actually do feel already the energy of this man within our smalltalk before the show (see below)  in every way. Whereby I've been warned before  about his extensive
and exhausting liveshow. 
No setlist needed, as he plays and does what spontainously comes up to his mind on the spot. Only the first song is fixed and maybe the second. Afterwards everything is open... And both other musicians are able to react within seconds following the right key...

This here is a whole jamsession with lots of improvising.... Jesus wept... this is nice!!!!! And that's exactly what you can think about a great Rock'n'Roll party, including a tribute to good old Jimmy Boy - Hendrix... But that's something most guitarists  do on this planet anyway... And fit as an olympic athletics, Tognoni wastes himself like none other...

You can see, that this stage here is too tiny for him and his movement. That's why he steps down and gets in touch with the audiance and shares his skill, his aura and has espirit, underlined with the rather hardrockin' rhythm. I guess, I don't have to mention, what great guitarist he is anyway. And no, he's not a pure Bluesrocker, as many of us think in first place, but rather a hard rocker. AC/DC were his mentors, back then at Bon Scott's time , when he had shared a bar stool  with him - Got bless him -   for one or the other beer. The music is the drug, accompanied by much sexappeal. And I presume, he knows exactly about his effect on women. Which again doesn't mean, that men don't go for his explosive Rock'n'Roll thunder either.  

I try to hold tight in tune and picture what I get, and I do get the bill in the truest sense of the word - very close - and closer and even closer... me slipping down, but still holding my cam up - no matter what! I give myself up and receive a highpoint  and then....
well we ain't that far yet, but I have to confess, it's got something to it. And the rest of the audiance around me has their very own amusement. Well my friends - have a good laugh then! On the other hand I have to admit, it's got something to it, to film a musician from downside up :-))) I can't remember at any other chance to do so. 
Never mind and don't give a damn on conventions. That's how it should be, as Rock'n'Roll and sexappeal do belong together anyway... And that's what I've just recently experienced at the show of Little Caesar. And I'm a lucky bitch  to get to see 2 musical highlights within such a short space of time one after another one. . Remember as I told you before in reviews - it's those Gigs - having this special little something... - and in our case here it's an almost 130 minutes long love affair  including a short break.

However, I can only advise you, note this name here and move your butts  to one of Rob Tognoni's explosive Rock'n'Roll Shows next time he's around. At least 10 highpoints are guaranteed and no regrets - I promise, otherwise you can multiplicate me through the holy Kamasutra of all australien aborigines.

(click onto pic below for a. 15 Min.  small talk - as Streaming Audiofile in WMP - starting with a 30 Sec.Music-Sample)