Okay, Rick Vito once was in Fleetwood Man.. and so what?! Nothing really, as his time within the Rocklegend has been pretty limited from 1987 to 1991, where he had come in for Lindsay Buckingham.
So just putting the focus on this fact, would be not enough, I fear. And it is indeed not fair that as a solo artist he has never reached the status, as he used to have within Fleedwood Mac. In fact the meanwhile 61 year old musician can look back onto seven high quality solo recordings and also one Best of... But all those longplayers have never received the echo, they'd deserve. That's why Rick Vito has gone for countless jobs with other artists. There is almost no Rock dino  he has not worked with. Whether this is Bob Seger, Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, Rita Collidge, Hank Williams Jr.  just to name a few, or John Mayell, who he played with live on stage for quite a few years. 
Lately and next to his solo activities and sessionwork Rick is now a member of the Mick Fleedwood Bluesband. And with them he has released the album 'Blue Again' 3 years ago: One year after this he came out with his very own Best of.... Since then not much has happened. 

That's why we ask ourselves, why he comes out now from his musical Nirvana to embark on an european clubtour? 'Just for fun and the offer' he says within the interview before the show. But in fact, he doesn't like touring anymore as he used to, but would rather prefer a job in Las Vegas, having a deal for 30 or 50 shows in a row. Same as Cher, Santana or Prince did in the past. But unfortunately Vito ain't that famous and nowadays lives in Nashville Tennessee and works from there.  However, he still couldn't resist the chance for this trip here, because now and then he is still challenged what's up to touring. Though the last visit to Europe lies back quite a few years. So it's about time to remind people, that he's still going. But let's face it, who still does know Rick Vito?Maybe some Die Hard Fleetwood Mac fans or one or the other specific music lover, who is into that kinda Bluesrock and american AOR. And it is actually said, that Germany is doing pretty well with these things, but then again - not. And sometimes it's tricky, what's up to Munich's infamous difficult audiance. One day the place is crowded like hell, the other one it's completely empty. And this has got not only with a lack of popularity to do or the fact that next morning starts another working day. 

In our case here, not even the slogan - was with Fleetwood Mac once upon a time - doesn't help. And so there are only about 40 freaks filling our Garage Club here in Munich to see Rick Vito 2011 live on stage. 
But those few get what they deserve. As always during the week, showtime is set rather early to 8 p.m. which is pretty sensible for us working ordinary people. No supportact given, So Rick Vito and his both band mates are starting to their 2 set show, each part containing 45 minutes with a break in the middle. His performance is dominated by the Bluesrock which is good on one side and bad on the other, as his solo backcatalogue includes soi many great AOR Mainstream Rock tunes...

Vito is accompanied by bassist Lenny Castellanos, who he also plays with in the Mick Fleetwood Blues Band and who lives on the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii. And there is drummer Kyle Jones from Memphis Tennessee, who he has recruited just recently. That musician has already received an Emmy Award for Best Music Composer/Arranger.

Vito himself plays 4 different guitars, whereby 3 of them are slides. And still - every instrument sounds different. I can't describe it better, as I'm not a technician. 

As the setlist shows, Rick has gone for a healthy mixture of Fleetwood Mac songs, such as the opener 'Looking Fro Somebody' or the Mick Fleedwood track 'Red Hot Gal', solotracks, covers of Traffic's 'Hole In My Shoe and more. The very end of the gig is dominated by Peter Green's 'Albatross'

Let's put it that way, whatever Rick Vito has offered us here is nice and beautiful Blues rock Entertainment, which is best to listen while sitting at the bar enjoying a good drink, and  not for young rockers and Party Animals, also containing a slight nostalgic review - once upon a time... etc. It's a concert for calm enjoyment, which you think is good and well okay. 
Yeah well, maybe next time then again with the Mick Fleetwood Bluesband live on stage over here - who knows. 
Time doesn't stand still - exept during the last 180 minutes...

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Rick Vito -
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