Live Review 624

German Premier league Soccerclub Schalke 04 aginst Inter Milan in the quarter final of the Champions league... yeah well, and if this match would have been lunch time today right here in Munich, then Micha would have definately gone there, though he hates the FC Bayern, who owns our Allianz Arena stadium. Unfortunately it's not the case, but the event is taking part in the city of Gelsenkirchen up north in Germany. So let's stay with a TV backstage at the hospitality area of this venue here. But even then broadcasting has probably been dismissed, as a liveshow can't be postboned on that short notice. And I presume, Micha doesn't want to miss out on the show . Beeing a proud owner of an annual home game ticket, his need for soccer is probably fullfilled anyway. 
And before I forget, last but not least Schalke has won against Milan tonight - respect. 

Well at this early state of time we don't know this yet, and we are curious, in how far In Extremo have changed things with their new tour and their latest chapter 'Sterneisen'. Micha himself is only dead sure about one thing, and that's the fact, he definately will go on for another few years, what's up to his musician's carriere, though the magic 50 ain't that far away anymore. And if one thing would never find it's way on a stage, where he performs, then this is a teleprompter to maybe refresh his grey brain cells. 'Before this happens I rather quit', he confirms within the amusing little smalltalk before the show, and he also says, that after the past acoustic tour, he didn't want to head on a rock stage again, because he had discovered his love for chansons. Apart from that  everything is relaxed and cool. Thomas from the german middleage rockband Schandmaul has popped over for a visit just to take care of friendships. - Well, and Sebastian's spectacles with a strength of at least 10- I personally do like best. Therefore I get a little thank you later on (see below)

First of all it's pseudo Irish rockers Fiddler's Green we get served on a plate, who are trying to boil us 3.000 middleage and backpipe freaks up with their pre dish. 

In fact these guys from Erlangen,Bavaria have gone for a rather outstanding choreography, and some real inhabitants of the green island could take a piece of the irish cheddar what's up to orginality. The new album 'Wall Of Folk', of the 1990 founded speed folk group will first be released in September, But only a idiot would ignore the chance of supporting In Extremo. And Fiddler's Green are definately no idiots. Their music is a mixture of own creations, but also irish folk melodies going for the typical polka rhythm. Adn that again is fronted by singer Ralf'Albi'Albers, who looks like a bilance bookkeeper presenting us the energetic irish dance aerobic, whereby in the end, Rock'n'Roll has the last word. At songs such as 'Saloniki' and 'Folks Not Dead' no chicken leg stays on it's spot and Albi's collegues Stefan Klug on harmonica and Tobias Hendl on the fiddle and also the rest of the gang take care for a great party mood, which can't get any better, not to forget the pretty phantastic drum construction.. self made - I guess. 

Of course you have to thave a faible for this irish kinda music, but I think, there is noone in here, who doesn't. The only thing missing here is a nice Guiness lager to make the atmosphere complete. But that one can't be provided, so we have to stay with our bavarian beer in a plastic beecher. 

Never mind, it's been great and the average mood in here has increased to a level, - In Extremo could only wish for their upcoming fire magic. So let's finish this with a typical irish rhyme
"May we be in heaven half an hour before the devil knows we are dead.”

if Micha already knows, that his soccer club is experiencing a triumph of success tonight? But in case - not, this is better anyway, because who know's whether he' then make a speech up there on stage concerning the whole soccer philosophy.

That again, might not be that good, because I bet, in here are probably quite a few FC Bayern fans (and they don't like the victory of Schalke, exspecially against Milan) - However, thanks god, this is not a topic in just this moment and some impressing fire arrows are shooting out of the dark in the back toward stage to open yet another live chapter by In Extremo here in Munich  during their Sterneisen tour. Nine songs from the new CD are included in the program, only interrupted by the usual hits such as ‚Erdbeermund’, ‚Vollmond’, ‚Horizont’ and ‚Spielmannsfluch’. For the rest, please check setlist below.

Visually they don't seem to have aged at all, but yes, as we know Rock'n'Roll keeps us young and youthfull. Onle the average Haute Couture has received a slightly more puristic touch and Mr. Rhein prefers  nowadays to keep his shirt on during the whole show. This is still done by our both backpipe - pipes - Flex and Boris - so at least the females in the audiance have something to look at. Therfore  Micha's hairstyle rather looks as if he's just got up from bed this morning. Dr.Pymonte, as always Mr.Skinny in the round, is presenting us his neat strypy shirt and Lutter doesn't move a muscle in his face as if he wants to say: my name is Bon.... no sorry....  Lutter - Kay Lutter...The still newbe Specki goes for a rather seaman's look and my absolute fave Sebastian should really think about, whether keeping his sexy eyeglasses on on stage. But well, this again probably doesn't fit into the middle age atmosphere. (Jes... why didn't I take a picture backstage before the show?!) That how far the concern goes what's up to the generell look of our Middle Age Rockband No.1, which, to be honest, is very nice for a camera lense as well. 

This description about the physical visuality has got it's right, because as we always say: the eye eats as well, though the music comes first of course. But this dish has got at least 10.000 calories, when not even more. 

Also the pyro magic has got something to it. And we can say thank you to our local munich authorities, who have apparently closed their eyes. Because usually they are pretty strict in that way. (and Micha don't try helping to put up the pyro anymore, it could get dangerous.)

"hmmmmm... well  what would be the current score at the soccer mathc?!

For two hours we get turned up by In Extremo's middle age Rock'n'Roll nostalgiy and the band gives their last shirt to the first rows of fans... no sorry the last water bottle, and Micha comments: great, now we got nothing to drink anymore up there. - Well I assume, Munich's stage hands don't let them dry out up there. 

The acoustic bonfire is closed with a true reign of gold, and at this time it's for sure - the miracle of Gelsenkirchen has happened, which means 2 : 1 for Schalke. Whether Micha has celebrated a party or not later on, - I don't know. 
But one thing is for usre, at our next rendevouz, he definately get's a FC Bayner T-Shirt, but not before I have reached a certain secure distance:-) 
And that's it again with In Extremo live in Munich 2011. For everybody who has missed this evening here, - there are enough open air festivals and other occassions to follow. Long live Soccer, In Extremo and most of all staying healthy. And then we see again - sometime in a not too far future. 
Only one thing at last, and I have said that before quite a few times. With this lovely instrument, which is called backpipe, I will never 
be in love within this life. Apart from that: 1 : 0 for In Extremo.   

The nicest smile tonight -  merci!

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